31 May 13, 03:58
chef rara: tips for cooking more healthy :)
1 Mar 12, 11:54
sharin: how can i be part of the camp instructor?
1 Mar 12, 11:53
ziela: can i know how to join u guys ?
24 Oct 11, 15:30
Rio Ferdinand: Coolz New post ha. Can you visit mine to?
25 Sep 11, 03:05
Emily Sexy: I need you to helps me
21 Aug 11, 22:53
SEXY BOY: am i sexy?
5 Aug 11, 23:20
SEXY GIRL: hohoho glad i am here. i wish you can visit mine too
18 Mar 11, 17:54
joce: hello! i found your blog when i tried googling prezi(: i am currently studying in nie too and i am curious, can we sign into prezi with our moe account, i heard we could but i have no idea how to?
4 Nov 10, 21:20
mrguay: http://mrguaydota.freeforums.org
4 Nov 10, 20:26
Vennick: Mr guay i lost the piece of paper which had the link to ur interclass dota competition forum
21 Oct 10, 18:03
Bernice: DotA thru steam? In that case try out mafia 2, also thru steam.
20 Oct 10, 00:03
19 Oct 10, 17:49
mrguay: Sec 2 results updated to include 2C, 2D and changes in 2ABC marks.
18 Oct 10, 22:45
KEVIN: lolsssssss.....results out.
18 Oct 10, 21:36
TJ sec3: wa once again global culling blade. aww
18 Oct 10, 19:19
Terson: Hah! DotA under Valve won't be free, but definitely worth it!
18 Oct 10, 18:37
Benjamin: Global culling agahnim upgrade: cool down from once a year to everyday.....
18 Oct 10, 08:18
mrguay: stay tune for 2Exp SPH results here.... Global culling blade 2010
17 Oct 10, 18:56
17 Oct 10, 18:51
Alex: I knew that long ago. It won't be free for sure, it is under valve and through steam. but the good thing is less laggers and more graphically intense.
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