15 Sep 18, 00:19
hes dangerous: He's dangerous, and nobody accepst his letter! He's wanted by Thailand police. RESEARCH HIM FIRST!
2 Apr 18, 03:25
Camile figueiredo: Gostatia de saber como faco para conseguir um laudo cirurgia de resignação sexual .valores
28 Mar 18, 05:19
Alex: AVOID his isn't actually qualified! He letters are useless!
3 Nov 17, 21:13
Albert Phelps: I woulkd like to stsrtt hormone therapy and later complete the transformatiuon
6 Aug 17, 05:02
Paula Gilson: Please can you help me!
6 Aug 17, 05:02
Paula Gilson: I want to continue to the next stage and have a Orchiectomy done.
6 Aug 17, 05:01
Paula Gilson: At this point I want desperately to get back on hormone therapy.
6 Aug 17, 04:56
Paula Gilson: Doctor who I was seeing left the practice and moved out of state. I was not comfortable with the new doctor .
6 Aug 17, 04:54
Paula Gilson: Hi, my name is Paul although I prefer Paula I am a 62 year old transgender. I have been on female hormones for over 6 years. However I stopped them last November. The reason I stopped was because my
16 May 17, 23:20
hussam hannoush: Am 47 years old, am from Jordan and I want to make sex reassignment surgery from male to female / vaginoplasty / deep vagina Please note that I can`t get a therapist recommendation in my country b
4 Apr 17, 12:58
Denis: I would like to discuss the possibility of doing online counselling sessions to help me with my gender dysphoria issues
5 Mar 17, 07:48
Roxy: So how many sessions does it take before a letter is given for surgery?
25 Sep 16, 16:15
Daniel Sorkun: I need someone to talk to , about starting my gender reassignment surgery's
4 Aug 16, 09:54
anonymous: you took my identity from me
18 Sep 15, 18:06
Robyn Byrne: I need help with Gender Dysphoria. :)
6 Aug 15, 21:21
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