23 Jul 17, 14:05
Retired command chait: 4 real. No one may say anything if otherwise. Am at sherbourne and shuter, and only until 11:45-12
23 Jul 17, 14:04
Retired command chait: Very tired. Going to drop off. If wanted, not walking.
22 Jul 17, 06:34
louisa: 想要写信呢]
22 Jul 17, 06:33
louisa: emma.watson-fordumbfans@gmail.com is it this??
22 Jul 17, 06:33
louisa: can anyone tell me her email
22 Jul 17, 05:59
louisa: im looking for her address/email address.. really want to write something to emma :)
21 Jul 17, 21:28
Alonso: Emma que estes bien y Ariana que no se le Olvide mi Encargo besos a mis fans...hahaha
21 Jul 17, 21:24
Alonso: Emma ademas me gusto el Film La Colonia en el que actuas .Me identifica la Historia ...
21 Jul 17, 21:18
Alonso: Emma dile a Ariana por que demora con el encargo de Atlanta...
21 Jul 17, 21:11
Alonso: Resolver este caso de mucho Misterio para algunos...
21 Jul 17, 21:10
Alonso: 2) Igi Llayma o' 3)Villarrica , y por que?!...Bueno tu Papa que le gusta Investigar estas cosas te puede ayudar a . ..
21 Jul 17, 21:03
Alonso: Emma ,Adivna cual de estos Volcanes Siempre me han llamado la Atencion: 1) Lonquimay...
21 Jul 17, 20:58
Alonso: para que juguemos a; donde esta el lobo ha haha...
21 Jul 17, 20:55
Alonso: Te Invito aqui, se parese al Sur de Escocia pero no hace tanto frio como aya y hay mas Vetacion y Bosques...
21 Jul 17, 20:50
Alonso: Hi Emma ! ...Adivina donde estoy, o ya saves?!...
21 Jul 17, 10:05
ollie: thank you
21 Jul 17, 10:05
ollie: hi i'm ollie i'm 14your my favorite actress ever, i love your work .here is my wwf fundraising page http://wwf.worldwildlife.org/site/TR/PandaNation/Panda-Nation?px=12200454&pg=personal&fr_id=1591 :)
21 Jul 17, 08:38
haseeb: hey i want to know that how you entered in acting field
21 Jul 17, 05:32
Havoc__________________: Are you there?
21 Jul 17, 05:31
Havoc__________________: Hello
21 Jul 17, 05:31
Anthony: Hello
20 Jul 17, 20:37
Retired command chair: Surely you can make something happen. Singing is from deep within. Power belting.
20 Jul 17, 09:36
Enes ürkmez: I can not reach you.But maybe you will reach me.If you want to reach my mail enesrkmez@gmail.com
20 Jul 17, 09:28
Enes ürkmez: You are a world famous person. You will not even see my message. but you are so beautiful..I watch movies almost every day.I wish i could see you.
19 Jul 17, 15:56
Retired command chair: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
19 Jul 17, 15:56
Retired command chair: Please do that. Would be Sunday at best. If even.
19 Jul 17, 15:56
Retired command chair: If you come soon, you're implicitly canceling a wrong thing, in terms of its order of things. Which wouldn't be a problem.
18 Jul 17, 22:11
Retired command chair: Keep it classy, ALL of you. All the little people out there. God's children. Amazing grace. Butterfly toffee ferris wheel.
18 Jul 17, 22:10
Retired command chair: Keep it classy. Asking only after apparently selfish opportunity. Zang. Running in place. Doing skip rope. To do what? Outrun me, when you "change your mind"! AAAAH! NOT THIS TIME!(&thisdidn'tworkout)
18 Jul 17, 21:56
Retired command chair: You are totally fantastic. I like. I'll never forget the first time you showed up. Was hysterical.
18 Jul 17, 21:50
Retired command chair: I don't mind if you mainly just take a few pictures, whatever, whatever is good for you, no problems. Or if you want to elicit a response... YOU may touch me. This is all right. I can see it all now.
18 Jul 17, 21:49
Retired command chair: I'm excited. This was so bad you could even NOT be you, and the next time... don't worry about your outfit is what I'm saying
18 Jul 17, 20:57
Jajwa: How could time run so fast ..
18 Jul 17, 20:56
Jajwa: God, I remember I used to chat here 12 years ago </3
18 Jul 17, 20:55
Jajwa: Anybody here?
18 Jul 17, 03:46
robinson: emma
18 Jul 17, 03:43
robinson: hi!
18 Jul 17, 03:43
robinson: hi!
17 Jul 17, 20:33
td: I love emma watson
17 Jul 17, 20:32
td: hey
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