18 Nov 17, 06:13
Lucy Capman: hay Sumit
16 Nov 17, 15:01
sumit: hi lucy
16 Nov 17, 13:20
Lucy Chapman: thaats where he mainly hinds out just watiting for any sings or red flgs happping here
16 Nov 17, 13:20
Lucy Chapman: if u do that Sumit or Dook u might find him there %90 most of the time
16 Nov 17, 13:19
Lucy Chapman: u can follow My Brother on Faceboook just put Chris Lewis in and look for his photo with Colour on him from the Color RUn
16 Nov 17, 13:16
Lucy Chapman: and Sumit trust me I know chris is at times too hard on everryone but he does try and meet new freinds as he doesnt have any in our street
16 Nov 17, 13:15
Lucy Chapman: trust me Mr Dook My Brother can be so sweet ones u get to know him
16 Nov 17, 13:14
Lucy Chapman: but yes Dook Chris still chats his u just dont see it he may have the same IP number but his screen name is deep undercover
16 Nov 17, 13:14
Lucy Chapman: he won even tell me what username he has as it part of his job
16 Nov 17, 13:13
Lucy Chapman: he cold be a god Mod someday Dook I just hope u just see it he does still chat here but his gone deep undercover to watch for any red flags that may need help
16 Nov 17, 13:12
Lucy Chapman: he is a Nice guy Dooks you just need to seee it im am on his laptop as he is out for the knight
16 Nov 17, 13:11
Lucy Chapman: you see Mr Dook he now works with Police so his skils can be put in use to help you peolpe if needed
16 Nov 17, 13:11
Lucy Chapman: and Mr Dook reallly u should think about giveing My Brother a go of being mod yes he may have beenn bad back in the days but he has changed now
16 Nov 17, 13:10
Lucy Chapman: him All the time and not trusting him but worse of two fewllow chttters named Sonda ad Denielle whre giveingg him a Hard time
16 Nov 17, 13:09
Lucy Chapman: HI Sumit My Name is Lucy IM am Chris's sister the reason why Chris Left this chat is he was always beeen bullyed by his fellow chatters all the time ad this Onwer Named Dook ad this Mods keep on Ban
15 Nov 17, 23:45
Emmaisokithink: Emma is hot
15 Nov 17, 23:45
Emmaisokithink: Emma is hot
15 Nov 17, 19:11
Alonso: bye Ema y saludame a Avril y Ariana... ;)
15 Nov 17, 19:09
Alonso: Si quieres Investiga y te llevaras una Gran Sorpresa...por que no me pagan el Dinero que me deven que son 90Million of Dolars...
15 Nov 17, 19:04
Alonso: Hi Emma!...Si,es verdad,a ellos les Preocupa mi Diligencia sobre el Asilo Politico, bueno Imgina por que les Preocupa ...
15 Nov 17, 00:02
Emmawatsonfreak: (Emma Watson) has the coolest (face) in the (universe)
14 Nov 17, 21:57
Alonso: bueno Ema que estes bien ...
14 Nov 17, 21:56
Alonso: pero se que le hago bien a Avril ,por eso nuestra amistad perdura...
14 Nov 17, 21:54
Alonso: creo que fue por Avril ,ya tiempo atras huvo mas que amistad...
14 Nov 17, 21:51
Alonso: Mujer divorciada y yo le respondi porque no si yo le hago bien a ella y ella a mi ,no veo el problema...
14 Nov 17, 21:47
Alonso: Bueno,es dificil creer e algo asi...Ademas me preguntaron si me casaria con una
14 Nov 17, 21:44
Alonso: Hi Emma!...y que del mensaje Divino,no crees en eso?!...
11 Nov 17, 12:45
goldtrios_hp: hi
10 Nov 17, 05:03
slytherclaw41590: Does any one know wher I can find Emma's fanmail address?
10 Nov 17, 05:02
slytherclaw41590: Hello!
10 Nov 17, 05:01
slytherclaw41590: Hey, guys!
10 Nov 17, 05:00
slytherclaw41590: Hey, guys!
9 Nov 17, 04:41
Cassie Bell: Mr Dook My Name is Cassie Bell Im am Chris's sister he as asked me to come innto this chat room to ask u is there any hopes of him helping out being part of your team ass a thing called a mod
9 Nov 17, 04:40
Cassie Lewis: im am Cassie Chris's sister im am on his laptop im am looking for the person whoo runs this fan paage i think he name is Dook
9 Nov 17, 04:38
Cassie Lewis: hi everyone
5 Nov 17, 19:27
i love emma watson.: hi
31 Oct 17, 18:43
goldtrios_hp: Happy howeens :)
30 Oct 17, 14:22
goldtrios_hp: Emma:your comics is good but today we are not ask or talk about sistem!
30 Oct 17, 13:26
goldtrios_hp: I see Emma! sorry about me
30 Oct 17, 07:27
the actual Emma Watson: Hi guys this is the real me! I just want to say i will not be using this website any longer i am very busy with my acting :)
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