21 Feb 19, 01:50
whatsuppp: heyy
14 Feb 19, 01:56
walker texas ranger: ok chris
13 Feb 19, 08:53
NYC: Its Ok walker lets just start fresh all over
13 Feb 19, 05:00
walker texas ranger: sorry for giving you a hard time
10 Feb 19, 04:37
walker texas ranger: ok chris
9 Feb 19, 13:22
SophDenis: Hello
9 Feb 19, 06:18
nYC: thank you walker if you just give me a shot to be come freinds with everyone on here without judgeing me i will rtry and be more nice to you mate
8 Feb 19, 07:27
walker texas ranger: fine chris if that what you want fine you want me to be nice i'll be nice
8 Feb 19, 07:20
walker texas ranger: i have a godamn life
4 Feb 19, 03:56
NYC: i willl show you some respcet if you do the same with me be cox fighting wont get us anywhere
4 Feb 19, 03:56
NYC: walker look how abut this i will be nice to polpe and you if i get the same in return
3 Feb 19, 06:32
ECW: walker untill yor ready t be nice to me get a life
3 Feb 19, 06:32
ECW: you see this is why i dont like you wlker or should i say cordel
2 Feb 19, 09:51
walker texas ranger: mike if your reading this i want you to ben chris for 24/7
2 Feb 19, 09:50
walker texas ranger: MIKE GET IN HERE
2 Feb 19, 09:49
walker texas ranger: MIKE
2 Feb 19, 09:47
walker texas ranger: chris dont call me a loser
2 Feb 19, 08:47
NYC: You thank you for your help buddy but i can deal with this loser who always give me a hard time to try make freinds
2 Feb 19, 03:22
walker texas ranger: you stink this doesnt concern you
1 Feb 19, 22:09
Madonna: Hey yall
1 Feb 19, 06:05
yasiru: hi
31 Jan 19, 21:38
you stink: When you nod your head yes But you wanna say no What do you mean? hey
31 Jan 19, 21:38
you stink: walker texas ranger<be carful of what you say to new york
30 Jan 19, 23:14
walker texas ranger: chris im not doing anything wrong you are
30 Jan 19, 18:49
Liam: What's it like to be hermeneutics
30 Jan 19, 09:03
Supercars V8 Gold Coast: or better top gineing me a hard time you no good red neck
30 Jan 19, 09:02
Supercars V8 Gold Coast: walker stop givveing me a hard time before i have your ass baned
28 Jan 19, 23:48
walker texas ranger: i dont believe you for a second
28 Jan 19, 23:47
walker texas ranger: you think im gonna believe that chris
21 Jan 19, 23:46
Jonathan1122: Does anyone know who inspired her when she was a little child ?
21 Jan 19, 23:45
Jonathan1122: hey is anyone here, quick question about emma
13 Jan 19, 00:33
walker texas ranger: fine chris if that what you want fine
12 Jan 19, 23:30
Miami- Dade: wlker when your rady to be nice to me come and talk to me if not get lost
9 Jan 19, 19:51
Himanshu: Hi i have seen you in my dreams
9 Jan 19, 10:41
New York: easy walker you be nice to me and i will do the same
9 Jan 19, 06:41
walker texas ranger: dont come back in here either
8 Jan 19, 23:18
walker texas ranger: CHRIS PUNCH KICK CHOKE SLAM
8 Jan 19, 23:12
walker texas ranger: CHRIS WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME
8 Jan 19, 23:12
walker texas ranger: WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME
8 Jan 19, 08:30
MIAMI -Dade: thanks for everything walker you fat loser
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