10 Nov 13, 21:37
sofia: hi, cantiknya blog awak, saya suka sangat. jom singgah saya pula :)
29 Oct 13, 11:04
iklankerja.my: iklankan kerja kosong disini.percuma!
16 Jun 08, 01:59
supernova: helloooo.. sis... click on the word bidazzle
14 Jun 08, 20:30
sis: Bro! no more blogging? how to find u next time?
13 Jun 08, 04:22
supernova: okies okies... i will tink about this seriously... and OEI... u forgot bracey. But tmd.. u got car but no *******,,,, wth!
12 Jun 08, 22:15
ah pang: next on ur shopping list is a watch. u jia lat liao. how to buy car like that. u tell me!! car more impt! must fetch me and yong huat lei!!!
1 Jun 08, 13:22
supernova: wea....nvr notice ur name....oops
28 May 08, 17:38
sis: ??? did u see the charity show? nvr saw my name? :D
27 May 08, 01:28
supernova: conversely i slept most of my sunday away...dun say so much... have u donated?
26 May 08, 23:42
sis: sad. but quite glad to see ppl caring. even hk spca comes in rescue the doggies and meows. :(
26 May 08, 14:15
flyflyworm: Is the lack of sleep causing you to blog quite actively on a Sunday? WORLD PEACE...
23 May 08, 18:04
flyflyworm: pagoli.blogspot.com
23 May 08, 18:03
flyflyworm: flykite.blogspot.com
23 May 08, 18:02
flyflyworm: singandsong.blogspot smoother?
23 May 08, 17:50
sis: hee
23 May 08, 17:50
sis: seems ok but sound not very smooth. Able to refine it?
23 May 08, 02:32
supernova: rant and rave.... go google lah.. one is to complain/whine and one is to praise/recommend.. something like that
21 May 08, 23:36
sis: what does it mean? hee
21 May 08, 18:26
supernova: rantandrave.blogspot
20 May 08, 00:03
sis: very 80s leh...haha... its a blog my encounters with many diff level and sectors of ppl. but will be more on my point of view rather then on the incident...
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