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27 Jan 18, 23:22
Kally: Church meetings, sermons, seems to be a supermarket thing all religions do, why not start up a talk in church where as it goes along the conversations go back and forth, to me I understand the Bible of jesus times, as just that, meet in the stone building synagogue someone Jesus Apostles start of and the questions start flying, but today we have the 40-60 min limit ask no Questions, and move on, not very science like, we advanced science by collaborating with all in their field meeting discussing what may or may not work, what is understood by current understanding expanding and finding the solution, how would science go if the head scientist stood up dictated for 30 minutes, then said sermon finished, and questions ask between your selves then send the group leader to me and I'll say yes or no, Faraday is a good example a book binder by trade, but by looking listening and learning from science letcures as a note taker, he began to put forward his observations, NO way they said
27 Jan 18, 23:35
Kally: When faraday demonstrated wireless, the so called scientist in the room thought it was a joke, such a humble man was Faraday, rejected Knighthood, he looked ask thought and put forward his findings, If so called churches would be the same, the bible is the said word, here is what this passage means, no with current Google tech you can search what hundreds of other people are saying, what professors say is the understanding of the Greek word back in Jesus time, back and forth between the church members, with the Pastor oversearing the discussion, then every 0ne would be able to come and understanding the method of how we came to the finding, then put the finding into a printed form approved by all, This Bible passage says this and has this meaning, a new commer can then say how did that come about, well read this about how after 10 weeks of Sunday disscussion in the church, we all came to the understanding of this, and here is the short X page finding of the meaning of that Passage
28 Jan 18, 00:03
Kally: Churches today a just a business dictatorship, they all have a similar progression, but come up with different meanings- doctorins, seventh day adventist is just one, Sabbath is and will all ways be Saturday, Just finished reading Sabbath of Christ written by and EX SDA, explains why Saturday is not the Sabbath, but everyday is the lords, one of the best books so well researched and put together, you come to the only conclusion that no one day is the Sabbath, will SDA stop teaching that you much church on Saturday only, NO, to much hierarchy and loss of face.
28 Jan 18, 13:59
biblianut: Attending a Church is not the be all and end all when it comes to Biblical knowledge. It is good to have fellowship with like minded people and necessary, but I look on it as an extension of worship of our daily walk. There are Churches that do have bible study groups, I have attended many. Even so time is limited and there are a lot of things that aren't covered that one wishes so. My experience is to seek out much material and reading from informed sources such as Biblical Training.org, N T wright, C S Lewis, to name a few. We have a great source access now with internet. I believe there is going to be a final "Spiritual Revival" (I don't mean Revival Centres crap) and outpouring of the Holy Spirit soon and herald in the return of Christ and literal kingdom here on earth. Don't just talk about it, go out and make yourself available to God and be a part of the revolution that began 2000 years ago by the death and resurrection of our Savior.
1 Feb 18, 01:53
Kally: This is a type of church people I think should be christians, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOlL3DDh28Q, or how a church should be run, here in modern times is it necessary to have mega churches, some good points made in house movement
1 Feb 18, 12:11
biblianut: House movements can be ok and I am for them, but the danger lies when there is no knowledgeable person/persons to teach the truth. As mentioned above, "It has become apparent that unless the church is constantly exploring the meaning of Jesus’s death, constantly wrestling with the early biblical texts which refer to it, it is all too easy to get side-tracked, to settle down with a half-truth, or even to follow paths that ultimately lead down blind alleys...........". This is why cults, such as Revival come into existence. The first Christians would most likely to have given everything to be able to have the luxury of buildings to worship together in, let alone air conditioning etc. You must keep in mind the beginning of the Church was in a time of different cultures , idolatry, paganism etc as it is today. It is impracticable now to not have the 'mega churches' due to population etc. Consider also the 'Universal Church' and it is Jesus who has the authority over all.
3 Feb 18, 18:30
Kally: What does In the Spirit mean, and Pray in the Spirit, if pray in the spirit has meaning to speak in tongues?, then it must have a different meaning when your in the spirit. Pondering Neddles
3 Feb 18, 21:47
biblianut: This topic is well covered in "Please Consider" on this forum. http://forum1.aimoo.com/revival/Please-Consider-An-examination-of-Revivalist-teachings-and-doctrines/Praying-in-the-Spirit-Ian-Thomason-1-1020834.html
3 Feb 18, 22:44
Kally: Thanks
9 Feb 18, 21:17
Kally: Very quite here
9 Feb 18, 21:18
Kally: Pondering again
10 Feb 18, 18:27
biblianut: My latest on forum. Short review. No comments yet. http://forum1.aimoo.com/revival/categroy/N-T-Wright-Surprised-by-Hope-1-2473176.html
12 Feb 18, 21:49
Blake Oakville: There are still pedophiles operating in pacific towers beach resort Coffs Harbour his name is john Buckland he was molesting kids with Scott Williams
13 Feb 18, 00:05
Kally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DffLXPdbdMA&feature=youtu.be
13 Feb 18, 21:45
biblianut: Mmm, I wonder what concept the same sex marriage crap of today would have on CAI back then. Could it all happen again? :confused:
13 Feb 18, 21:57
Kally: I say when the vote was on, let them be, voted for SSM, like jesus said give them your testimony, dust your feet off and move on if they don't want the Gospel, Jesus never told up to hound then, jail discriminate against them, un christian like, Reminds me of the pastor from Sydney every year hounding the gays march, not christians to me, by all means go preach the Gospel, but to start name calling , your going to hell, totally wrong
13 Feb 18, 22:00
Kally: RCI is the same, Pauls words NO LOVE no Jesus in you, forget about the tongue speaking, Love is better, fornication in RCI out you go, the smart one left in 95.
15 Feb 18, 00:06
Kally: .
23 Feb 18, 22:10
biblianut: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4k4vfFMcJ_U&ab_channel=ACValues . Now in Γαλήνια ευδαιμονία..
3 Mar 18, 00:30
Kally: Every ones gone, must have missed the meeting in the sky
3 Mar 18, 21:21
biblianut: You must have!
7 Mar 18, 09:47
biblianut: I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen; not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. C.S.Lewis.
20 Mar 18, 19:46
anon: Biblainut, C.S. Lewis was quite a brilliant fellow. What a vivid imagination he had. The gospel clearly captured his imagination and according to his quote became the lens through which he saw everything else. Plenty of atheists will tell you they see things much more clearly without a religious story to make them feel special and righteous. And without an assumed religious morality to ease the mental and emotional burden of determining right and wrong. Religion is fueled by the human desire for meaning and purpose plus comfort to accept their circumstances and assurance that they will be resurrected and live forever. But alas religions are at best an outsourcing of thought and at worst a self centered indulgence. I feel you deserve to know the truth. I wish I had better news for you.
20 Mar 18, 22:11
biblianut: Your view anon. Come up with better news I'll listen. "He that is not born of God cannot see the Kingdom of God". John 3:3.......... I've listened to much worldly views and conclude they have only criticism and no nothing about Christianity in it's written form.
21 Mar 18, 21:21
anon: Ive been there done that and now see it for what it is. If pure Christianity only exists in its written form then its fiction.
22 Mar 18, 10:08
biblianut: Sadly, the bible tells us "that many are called but few are chosen". Is that fiction?
24 Mar 18, 06:03
biblianut: There are seven features of human life, which can be observed across different societies and times. I name these ‘vocations’, though they are often present as inarticulate aspirations and impulsions. We know them in our bones…. The seven are Justice, Beauty, Freedom, Truth and Power, Spirituality and Relationships. Our modern word ‘religion’ doesn’t get near this complex of categories, which may be why many today leave ‘religion’ alone. The point about all seven, to put it crudely, is that we all know they matter but we all have trouble with them. (N T Wright).
24 Mar 18, 10:40
mothman: Yes bibli it's all fiction. You can't prove Spider-Man exists by quoting from a spider-man comic... you really don't seem to get that.
24 Mar 18, 22:41
biblianut: Who want's to know whether Spider-Man exists? Batman does though, hey? :biggrin:
27 Mar 18, 20:35
anon: mothman - really love that "You can't prove Spider-Man exists by quoting from a spider-man comic". Brilliant. There are so many takes on religion and most claim to be singular-exclusive in relation to truth. Religion is an expression of the human need for that 8th "feature of human life", PURPOSE (not sure why Bibli missed that one). Humans just can't bear the thought that the human race is an accident of nature. How arrogant!
27 Mar 18, 21:14
biblianut: No, it wasn't me that missed that one NT Wright was saying , it was mothy and you apparently. Read it all in context to what he said. It is likes of yous that are the failure and arrogant in such things.
25 Apr 18, 11:54
biblianut: To all those Men and Women whom have served and are serving in the armed forces. May God bless you all. "Lest we forget"
30 Jul 18, 22:54
Kally: not much happening
8 Aug 18, 01:25
Nes: Hey, anyone around?
8 Aug 18, 01:25
Nes: I found a few links to other threads, in one thread
8 Aug 18, 01:25
Nes: But I couldn't access them
8 Aug 18, 01:25
Nes: Why is that?
10 Aug 18, 22:20
biblianut: Notice on top of page. Aimoo.co has been refurbishing this forum. Hopefully all will become active again soon
7 Sep 18, 15:37
mothrust: http://revival.aimoo.com/today
11 Sep 18, 10:30
Grace_and_Rest: hello there - found this site a couple of weeks ago - the letters are really insightful - how were they accessed??
11 Sep 18, 18:56
mothrust: Which letters?
17 Sep 18, 16:43
Paulpom: Some misunderstandings concerning the revival centres ( fellowship & church) they do not believe in hell as traditional churches do, they believe it in the same concept as the JW sect do, can any body explain what that is.
17 Sep 18, 16:50
Paulpom: For those who are unaware the RCI are now called the RCC ( revival centre church's) I think it's to do with the royal commission into child abuse & the rules to do with charities non profit organisations any suggestions.
19 Sep 18, 23:10
mothrust: Wow. I didn't know about the royal commission. The story is horrendous. The Revival Church's culture is horrendous. I've also seen child molesters given a pass... speak in tongues and all sins are forgiven. I think fucking not.
21 Sep 18, 20:42
Paulpom: Evening readers, I have only recently been commenting on this site most of my comments will be on NRM & cults I really have no interest in formal religious organisations as they really don't influence follower to do or believe in exaggerated claims, so my criticism is against cults, the revival groups RCA,RCC, & revival fellowships. I have an extensive understanding of their Theology having been involved in their organisation for 20 years & finaly leaving 20 years ago , since then I have counselled hundreds of members & exmembers.
23 Sep 18, 14:51
Didaktikos: G'day, Paul. I think you overstated (and overrated) your capacities :) Ian
25 Sep 18, 11:12
Blue: Sounds interesting Paul. How have you found the general psychological state of ex-members?
23 Oct 18, 13:18
Rosella: last summer i installed linux on my xbox one .I like to play games on XBOX one and Learned about Linux. Some one think Linux Mint is a "Windows Replacement", i think that is the wrong mindset to approach Linux with. No one thinks of MacOS as a "Windows Replacement", because it's a different experience, and thats what Linux is as well. You can approach Linux as a new experience, not as something analogous to using Windows. Honestly, Linux and MacOS have more in common than Linux and Windows, since Linux and Mac are both based on Unix.This is my point of view. What is your opinion?
25 Oct 18, 17:53
Paulpom: Answer to blue, I'm friends with many ex revival centre ( plus break away groups) members including ex pastors the majority have no problems, some stay involved with fundamentalist / charismatic groups & still have problems fitting into normal life, those that go to no church are by far the most satisfied.
12 Nov 18, 16:34
kurtlee: any updates in mrs mole ?
12 Nov 18, 16:43
kurtlee: and is there a new forum to be moving onto now?
18 Nov 18, 11:37
jfcrew: kohl.tumblr.com
18 Nov 18, 11:38
jfcrew: kohfi.tumblr.com
18 Nov 18, 11:41
jfcrew: does anyone have Hollins email or a church email? have something they might be interested in
23 Nov 18, 21:50
anon: @Didaktikos there you go again with unnecessary criticism of other people's capabilities (in this case Pailpom - who is apparently providing great help to many cult / ex-cult members), just so you can remind all comers that your grasp of all things theological is superior to theirs. Being an authority on theology is not the same as being an authority on god. Being an authority on god requires logic and reason, and unfortunately your past posts in this chat room have shown a deficiency there. You zealously protect your particular "take" on Christianity without understanding that by all reason and logic, the god of the bible (and all other gods) are created by man(kind), "in the image of" man(kind). Anon
30 Nov 18, 06:16
Blue: Bravo anon. Well said.
2 Dec 18, 18:07
Dale Hatton: To all here that used to chat with my Dad Ralph Hatton, letting you all know that he passed away peacefully this afternoon.
4 Dec 18, 06:24
Blue: Thank you for letting us know. So sorry for your loss. RIP Ralph :(
16 Dec 18, 06:25
John: Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent. Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is He neither able nor willing? Then why call Him God?
23 Dec 18, 17:53
Big girl: I used to be here a long time ago. sorry to hear about your dad Ralph. He was one of the kinder members. X. Sea urchin used to be on here, but she also passed away a long time ago. X
23 Jan 19, 22:30
STE: Sorry to hear of Ralph's passing. I enjoyed his presence here about a decade ago during my time of questioning Revival. I remember Sea Urchin fondly as well. Good times!
26 Mar 19, 15:42
mouth: Alan Cairns, former revivalist paster has been jailed for sex crimes with young girl he baptised
26 Mar 19, 15:44
mouth: http://www.oneperth.com.au/2015/09/27/pastor-alan-cairns-jailed-for-sexual-conduct-with-girl-he-baptised/
24 May 19, 19:35
Sam: Hi
11 Jul 19, 20:12
Anon: Alan Cairns jailed! I wonder why god didnt stop him perpetrating those indecent acts - why god didnt prevent this (and other) crimes that result in so much suffering. The answer , my friends, is that "god" is a creation of the human mind. All gods!
20 Aug 19, 19:55
mothrust: Bingo
21 Aug 19, 11:17
Zub zub: https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2019-08-20/australia-cardinal-pell-child-sex-abuse-vatican What a mess.
3 Sep 19, 20:52
uncoolman: https://www.facebook.com/revivalchurches/
3 Sep 19, 21:16
uncoolman: Join the facebook group for any questions regarding this church :)
3 Sep 19, 21:35
uncoolman: I was once a member of the Revival Fellowship
3 Sep 19, 21:35
uncoolman: https://www.facebook.com/groups/341261709208/
19 Sep 19, 17:12
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11 Dec 19, 03:17
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29 Feb 20, 11:28
Ian T: Pete, Please delete my account and all my posts. Thanks, Ian
15 Mar 20, 20:40
interested: Why would you delete all that information?
4 Apr 20, 11:39
Ian T: Interested, because the site has run its course. So, Pete. Have at it and please delete my posts.
5 Apr 20, 23:21
uncoolman: How can they be no longer relevant to people in need who might come upon your articles?
5 Apr 20, 23:22
uncoolman: and delete them yourself. I don't have time to go through the whole forum ferretting away looking for your posts.
5 Apr 20, 23:35
uncoolman: Or I can give you the log in details and you can delete what you want as long as you don't delete work that you didn't author (I'm sure you wouldn't do that) but no, I'm not going to spend my valuable time deleting what I consider valuable content to those that may need and happen upon it. That's on your head and if you're so desperate to delete it and salt the Earth, then have the moderator keys and drive it into the ground.
5 Apr 20, 23:51
uncoolman: Ian is now the global moderator of the forum. Dark days indeed! (joke)!