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23 Sep 17, 22:47
biblianut: If church was committed to their "dogma", they do care about people. That's what Christian dogma is all about.
23 Sep 17, 22:49
biblianut: or should be!
24 Sep 17, 09:06
Blue: Never has been. That is why so many blind eyes were turned to child abuse, and why some churches think treating gay people like dirt is ok. Churches are arrogant.
24 Sep 17, 12:37
biblianut: Child abuse is rife throughout the world. I personally have not come across it in the churches I have been involved, Perhaps except in the GRC among some young people. Then it was only hearsay, but came from the victim. Churches have a role to play to support, nurture and reconcile people to God. Sadly, the human side of nature will not let the Church function, as it is ordained to do. Ministers and elders are there to teach and to guide believers in the things of God, not there for there own pleasures and desires. Members also must be supportive and give to the needs of others, not to criticize and point their finger to one that might err in their walk. My take, there are churches that leave a lot to be desired, but also most Christian churches do
24 Sep 17, 12:37
biblianut: battle on and keep warm.
24 Sep 17, 12:40
biblianut: (typeo
24 Sep 17, 12:42
biblianut: (type errors) ...most churches do the right thing. Tracy battle on and keep warm.
27 Sep 17, 21:24
Blue: Most churches protect their ass mate, like every other organisation on the planet.
28 Sep 17, 01:02
biblianut: did you know that "churches are no
28 Sep 17, 01:17
biblianut: Did you know that the function of the Church is not to try and work out people's mental and personal problems? Society has other organisations such as mental health care and experts in psychiatric work to cater for those needs. The Church is to call and make disciples of people who are willing to believe and follow in the things of Jesus Christ, ready for the coming Kingdom of heaven here on earth.
1 Oct 17, 17:04
mothy: Pete. If you actually think Jesus' historical existence is in doubt, then you're on drugs :) It's neither historical possible, nor historically probable, but historically certain. Are you up to the challenge of taking this discussion further? Ian -
1 Oct 17, 17:07
mothy: I'm certainly not up to the challenge of debating you about anything, but I'd be very surprised that you could prove Jesus existed. From what I know, as a layman, and casual observer, there is next to no evidence. Sure it's likely a carpenter named Jesus existed 2000 years ago, but outside the fictional writings of the Bible I don't think there's much to go on.
2 Oct 17, 21:43
biblianut: In a court of law, evidence can be based on the account of two or more independent eye witnesses. There are hundreds of independant eye witnesses recorded at the time of Jesus on earth. What more proof that Jesus did exist does one need.
3 Oct 17, 16:54
biblianut: Why is it that men believe in written history such as Nero, Mohammed, Constantine, to name a few, even Batman (Just kidding :D ), yet not willing to believe in Jesus? After all, it is from eye witness accounts that are recorded.
4 Oct 17, 19:07
Blue: And what if both the witnesses are lying in court, what then young Ralph?
4 Oct 17, 21:56
biblianut: Then one goes on other evidence that might correspond with the facts.
4 Oct 17, 21:57
biblianut: that's to see if the witnesses are lying or not.
6 Oct 17, 16:18
mothy: Can we put some of those witnesses on the stand?
6 Oct 17, 16:19
mothy: Hearsay evidence is "an out-of-court statement introduced to prove the truth of matter asserted therein". In certain courts, hearsay evidence is inadmissible (the "Hearsay Evidence Rule") unless an exception to the Hearsay Rule applies.
6 Oct 17, 16:22
mothy: There's a tad more evidence for Mohammed and Nero's existence than Jesus, especially if it's the 'magic' Jesus you're trying to give evidence for.
6 Oct 17, 16:38
mothy: But hey, I accept Nero existed and I can accept Jesus existed. Most probably a charismatic person not unlike any other church or cult leader. If you told me Nero could walk on water and control the weather, I might start to doubt a few things though.
6 Oct 17, 20:17
biblianut: But Nero claimed he was God didn't he? Why not believe that? Goodness knows why they believed that at the time. Maybe he did walk on water. hee
6 Oct 17, 20:20
biblianut: I guess in the end it all boils down to faith in what one believes is the truth..
6 Oct 17, 20:22
biblianut: none can really be sure but by reason and faith.
9 Oct 17, 23:29
anon: I agree with biblianut that "in the end it all boils down to faith in what one believes is the truth". Many humans have a capacity for faith in an all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful, eternally-existing, universe-creating, loving, benevolent but never-visible God who chose to communicate with the entire human race by inspiring a book to be written, concluding some 2,000 years ago and giving rise to the confusion of doctrines and interpretations that we call "Christianity". But that all sounds like a massive contradiction, doesn't it?
11 Oct 17, 22:11
biblianut: NO! :lol:
12 Oct 17, 18:34
Didaktion: Pete. Still doubting Jesus' existence, huh? Ian
17 Oct 17, 00:25
biblianut: Roman annuls mention Jesus quite a lot in time of Crucifixion. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=Romans+said+a+lot+about+Jesus&rlz=1C1GGRV_en-GBAU748AU748&tbm=isch&source=iu&pf=m&ictx=1&fir=VwUzW7awwVASvM%253A%252CxfVtrdohkCXjXM%252C_&usg=__zPqUCGREQEgM3cRWX25r_jniQtc%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj_3P6MnfXWAhUprlQKHcN3ChwQ9QEIKjAB#imgrc=VwUzW7awwVASvM:
17 Oct 17, 00:34
biblianut: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=Romans+said+a+lot+about+Jesus&rlz=1C1GGRV_en-GBAU748AU748&tbm=isch&source=iu&pf=m&ictx=1&fir=VwUzW7awwVASvM%253A%252CxfVtrdohkCXjXM%252C_&usg=__zPqUCGREQEgM3cRWX25r_jniQtc%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj_3P6MnfXWAhUprlQKHcN3ChwQ9QEIKjAB#imgrc=VwUzW7awwVASvM:
17 Oct 17, 00:39
biblianut: (oops)https://atheistforum.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/does-tacitus-provide-independent-testimony-about-jesus/
17 Oct 17, 00:43
biblianut: http://bede.org.uk/Josephus.htm
17 Oct 17, 00:45
biblianut: Notwithstanding the impact this event has on the world to this day.
22 Oct 17, 19:10
biblianut: I don't really care about trying to prove the existence of Jesus or not, It's my personal experience of faith and belief in him that gives me the only hope for the future. :quizzical:
24 Oct 17, 01:10
anon: Biblianut, I'd go further and say that Christianity is ONLY about faith and belief. There is no evidence of miracles, but confirmation bias (including ignoring all the bad stuff that happens) and FOMO (fear of missing out) keep most people locked in. The prevalence of religions down through history suggests that humans need religion, so faith in a god (pick any god) is a legitimate solution to a spiritual need. Thus, humankind invented or imagined many gods, each one created in the image of humankind. Some people spend a lifetime devoted to the study of one or more of these various species of god (theology). Yet every single one of these gods is invisible and requires faith, right? See the pattern!
24 Oct 17, 10:37
biblianut: And what's your goal in life and future?
24 Oct 17, 18:27
biblianut: ........."I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until that day".
26 Oct 17, 17:47
Blue: My goal is the same as it has always been, do no harm
7 Nov 17, 22:42
mothy: I corrected myself a few times and said a dude named Jesus existed. Could have been a enigmatic cult leader... or whatever. The magic water walking Jesus who flies and dies temporarily? Yes complete doubt.
8 Nov 17, 11:43
STE: MothandRust I think you'll make it in the afterlife purely on account of your awesome username ;)
8 Nov 17, 20:48
biblianut: STE, ha ha, good to see you do believe in an afterlife. :lol:
12 Nov 17, 15:43
Didaktion: Pete. The benefits of higher education should lead to a capacity for critical thinking. What happened? :lol: Ian
13 Nov 17, 19:19
Blue: He used it.
14 Nov 17, 19:19
Didakion: Tracey, given the subject was 'critical thinking', I doubt you'd be able to recognise such ;) Ian
15 Nov 17, 12:06
Blue: And it is a YES vote on same sex marriage fur
15 Nov 17, 12:07
Blue: And it is a YES for same sex marriage in Australia. Common sense reigns.
15 Nov 17, 21:33
biblianut: Common sense? Idiots.
16 Nov 17, 12:26
Didakion: Tracey, the gay marriage outcome had nothing to do with common sense. But everything to do with savvy marketing and the general inability of younger Australians to recognise a specious argument when they see it ;) Ian
18 Nov 17, 17:47
Blue: Well I hardly expect christians to have any compassion or sense of fair play. You need heathens for that :)
19 Nov 17, 12:10
Didakion: Tracey. And here we see yet another childish attempt at misdirection. Ian
19 Nov 17, 14:18
biblianut: Don't worry about it Tracey, The person who claims to be a Christian but lives in willful disobedience to Christ has a false or “dead” faith is not saved and is in danger of hell fire. Main thing, how do you stand?
19 Nov 17, 20:38
biblianut: Just looked up meaning of 'biblical heathen'. https://www.gotquestions.org/what-is-a-heathen.html. Can't see any compassion or sense of fair play in that.
19 Nov 17, 20:57
anon: Ah, the marriage law debate. Some people outsource their morality to others (religions, many of them, mostly strict and conservative otherwise from whence cometh their control over people?). Others choose to think for themselves and base their morality on their human experience and reasoning. This is called secular morality and fortunately its replacing religious morality in our society, l get their morality from religion.
19 Nov 17, 21:00
anon: Ah, the marriage law debate. Some people outsource their morality to others (religions, many of them, mostly strict and conservative otherwise from whence cometh their control over people?). Others choose to think for themselves and base their morality on their human experience and reasoning. This is called secular morality and fortunately its replacing religious morality in our society. Frankly I'm sick of religious people trying to force morality on the non-religious on behalf of their un-seen, un-speaking, un-provable and non-existing god.
19 Nov 17, 22:47
biblianut: And frankly I'm sick of people like you trying to force their immorality and ignorance on the religious, on behalf of your un-seen, un-speaking, un-provability that God doesn't exist.
20 Nov 17, 17:15
biblianut: Hmm, I must be getting old! :tired:
20 Nov 17, 19:57
Blue: What a horrible thought, outsourcing one's morality to religion. Religion is no place for the gentle or humble in heart.
20 Nov 17, 21:28
biblianut: Oh goodness me! :(
26 Nov 17, 22:26
Anonon: I left RCI due to being kicked out by what others said about 4 years ago
26 Nov 17, 22:27
Anonon: And am glad to not be brainwashed anymore
26 Nov 17, 23:17
biblianut: Still goes on to this day. Pointing the finger and gossip mongering among it's menbers. All about love of power, not love is power.
4 Dec 17, 21:06
mothy: I'll get time to reply in the holidays. I"m always amused to see how Christians will argue that slavery might or might not be okay or moral depending on context. It's immoral, if you're not sure. The god of the bible, a fictional collection of man written books, says it was fine. /eyeroll
4 Dec 17, 22:47
biblianut: Bottom line, does the bible itself reveal "that slavery might or might not be okay or moral depending on context"?
7 Dec 17, 06:41
Blue: Same sex marriage will be legal by the end of the week. Australia finally grows up :)
7 Dec 17, 12:36
biblianut: Makes me non Australian.
8 Dec 17, 09:33
biblianut: Gay marriage supporters are the real losers. They may have won this battle but the war has just began. In the end, we know whom has the victory.
9 Dec 17, 19:46
Blue: It isnt a war ralph. It is equality.
9 Dec 17, 22:29
biblianut: It's not equality to me, it's denouncing God's pure way of creation.
12 Dec 17, 08:52
Barbara: I am in this cult and it is run on doom & gloom also fear about going to hell,
12 Dec 17, 08:53
Barbara: I have been recently widowed no help at all from any of them.
12 Dec 17, 08:53
Barbara: also no fellowship like they preach about, none at all.
12 Dec 17, 08:54
Barbara: No help but they can send over $ 20to 30 thousand overseas to their assemblies
12 Dec 17, 08:55
Barbara: not one brass razoo to me when I asked for help when I asked the pastor for help.
12 Dec 17, 08:56
Barbara: had to go without food to pay the rest of my husbands cremation off.
12 Dec 17, 08:58
Barbara: Gay marriage nothing wrong with that Biblianut you sound like a homophobic
12 Dec 17, 08:59
Barbara: It is like my husband said for years anyone can write a book, that is what it is
12 Dec 17, 09:01
Barbara: They follow mostly new testament but they don't live by their bible by looking after their widows
12 Dec 17, 09:02
Barbara: yes I will be getting out of there as fast as I can.
12 Dec 17, 14:06
biblianut: Barbara, Sorry to hear of your plight. Best start of new life to clear yourself of the spiritual abuse of Revival doctrine. For what is worth, I'm not 'homophobic' (getting tired of hearing that word), but God's word still stands true. Thirty odd years I spent in Revival and now at peace in orthodox thinking. Walked away from Revival 11 years ago. Keep you faith in Jesus and don't take any notice of what they may do or say to you. There is a better life after Revival. Feel free to email me if I can help you with anything. Ralph.
12 Dec 17, 19:59
biblianut: Where abouts are you Ian? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twQxQvJOPG8. :biggrin:
13 Dec 17, 02:24
biblianut: James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.