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30 Jun 17, 18:39
biblianut: "Safe Schools program (agenda of one person) does more harm to children, if not more, than
30 Jun 17, 18:41
biblianut: what's highlighted.
30 Jun 17, 18:47
Ian Thomason: Tracey. "Just because you clsim s religion does not mesn you live by it." Just as misrepresenting census data in an attempt to dismiss Christianity does not mean you understand it, eh?
30 Jun 17, 19:35
Blue: Ralph, the Catholic church has long claimed to be the only true church, their leader infallible. The catholic church has discredited itself with its dishonesty and its complete lack of care for the people wounded by its ministers.
30 Jun 17, 19:37
Blue: Mind you, even though I think George Pell is a complete asshole, it is a horrible thing to be falsely accused of sexual abuse. I guess those behind it felt that is the only thing that will make him pay.
30 Jun 17, 22:08
biblianut: Pay what ? I think they are just using him as a scapegoat. Lest see what happens.
1 Jul 17, 01:01
Blue: Pay for not caring about the people abused by priests
1 Jul 17, 11:24
biblianut: Point taken
1 Jul 17, 11:27
biblianut: Off topic. Is this true? https://www.dropbox.com/s/aqgooajl94nprxl/Miltary.mp4?dl=0
1 Jul 17, 13:55
Blue: That Australia had no business invading other countries at americas behest? Of course it is. The state of my friend after multiple tours in Afghanistan is testament enough to that. This Bernie Gaynor fellow is a bit of an egotistical twat though. Just another talking head making christianity look bad. Picking on homosexual and transgender people? Nasty little bully.
1 Jul 17, 23:32
biblianut: At least he has "balls" to speak out. Not like the weak fairies that can't see the cause to what's happening.
1 Jul 17, 23:33
biblianut: Or maybe they do but not saying.
2 Jul 17, 08:55
Ian Thomason: Tracey. The depths to your ignorance knows no bounds :P
2 Jul 17, 11:23
biblianut: Sorry for posting/bringing this up Ian. Ralph :( (thoughtless)
2 Jul 17, 11:31
Blue: Ralph, you can post whatever like. There is only the one god you answer to fella, remember that. The long and short of it Ralph is that this world is not run by those who have our best interests in mind. You want to know what really goes in in the world, follow the dollars. With that clown in the white house, anything could happen.r
2 Jul 17, 11:46
Blue: The last thing that those who really know what is going on is for the great unwashed to find out. Whatever it is, you can trust it is not in your best interest.
2 Jul 17, 14:46
Blue: And Ralph, it doesnt take "balls" to be a big mouth bigot, just ego, hubris and a shameless desire for attention. These wannabees can be found in any pentecostal church inausrtalia, trying to be big fish in a little pond. One came to our church throwing his weight around, and after about 8 months of his crap I was out the door. Vile little hitlers are everywhere.
5 Jul 17, 14:01
biblianut: "Free speech" is becoming a rare commodity nowadays just like in the days leading up to WW11 in Germany. People weren't allowed to discuss or say anything unless being accused of espionage. Today we have the left wing do-gooders accusing people of racism, Islamophobia, hate speech, etc. It's all about political correctness to control the populace. We are forced to be silenced by the governing authorities along with the minority groups. Christianity is more rejected. As a side we see nations like China, Korea, building up their war machine, just like the Nazis. Surely something big is going down. No wonder Jesus wept when he saw the darkness of the people.
5 Jul 17, 16:46
Blue: I am not particularly terrified of muslims. I hate the same thing I have always hated, human self interest and stupidity. Doesn't really matter what you dress it in. You could probably paint me a left wing do-gooder, i just like to see people treated fairly. I am not surprised by anything much that humans do Ralph. I think too much time has elapsed since WW2, and we have become too comfortable in our lucky country. We are so isolated and insulated here, we have no idea what many people in the rest of the world have to live with every day. For a long, long time, because of our isolation we have become used to having thing a certain way, and many of us would like it to stay that way. It is a pretty self interested way to look at life. I personally would not want to be a Syrian at the moment, would you? I am happy to share the bounty of my country with people from other places. Yes, that means change, and not everyone is comfortable with that.
5 Jul 17, 18:55
biblianut: Referring to your sharing our bounty, that's fine, we should. It's the aggressor that doesn't appreciate it and are coming in to destroy, not to share a better way of life . Oh yes! one can say we took away the first inhabitants' way of life but isn't it the same thing and want for to protect what freedom we all have now?
5 Jul 17, 22:21
Blue: When we followed america into their stupid invasions we placed ourselves in the firing line. The percentage of muslims who want to cause us harm is very small. The media and idiot politicians like Pauline Hanson have whipped people up into a frenzy with their fear mongering. Trust me, we have bigger problems in Australia than Muslims.
6 Jul 17, 00:55
biblianut: Like the world wars, America and allies sacrificed it's soldiers to stop this sort of aggression so that we can remain free. It's not the number that's significant it's the destruction a minority group can cause. Take 911, it took only 19 people to kill over 3000 people. I don't know what bigger problems for Australia at the moment is, but the ideology of Islam that is coming in like a plague. History records the quest of Islam to take over the world and become one government under It's laws, by force.
6 Jul 17, 01:04
biblianut: As a note: All Muslims live under the teaching of the Quran, whether they profess to be "moderate" or other
6 Jul 17, 08:15
Blue: We will never know the truth of 9/11, but I am pretty sure it did not happen as presented. Ralph do you know how many innocent muslim people are killed by american and australian soldiers? You seem to have the mindset of a victim when it comes to these issues. Neither the american or australian governments are innocent when it comes to the terrible decisions they have made when it comes to the countries they have invaded as punishment for 9/11. Do you really think that all the decisionsnof white "christian" nations are the right ones?
6 Jul 17, 09:10
Blue: As to our problems, look at what is taking australian lives, and it isnt islam. Suicide, the horrific ice epidemic, domestic violence, increasing homelessness. In one of the best countrius in the world around 2.500 people take their own lives every year. That seems a lot more important an issue to me than muslims. Why is it largely ignored? If muslims were killing that many people every year you would never hear the end of it.
6 Jul 17, 16:44
biblianut: Yep, it only confirms to me that we live in a 'fallen world' as the bible indicates. Things have been better and things get worse and the same fate overtakes us all. When does it end? We live life the best we know under the circumstances and what we believe.
7 Jul 17, 15:33
biblianut: Hee hee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ndMZqT6i4I
9 Jul 17, 19:20
biblianut: And to think we have troubles we can't take care of > https://www.facebook.com/thepeoplebox/videos/444894925870008/?pnref=story
11 Jul 17, 11:34
Blue: Ralph, seen the latest on the the defence forces and their good old family values? Charming.
11 Jul 17, 11:50
biblianut: Nope, where can I find that ?
11 Jul 17, 12:35
Blue: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-07-11/killings-of-unarmed-afghans-by-australian-special-forces/8466642
11 Jul 17, 22:13
biblianut: Sorry Tracy, but one cannot comment or judge where / when there is a time and area of war going on. I don't defend nor otherwise but just to say it's only hearsay and don't give much credit to it especially coming from the ABC.
11 Jul 17, 22:40
Blue: What do you have against the ABC?
11 Jul 17, 23:05
Blue: Nothing new about some soldiers acting like assholes
12 Jul 17, 09:14
biblianut: In my opinion the ABC is too far to the left and should be non-political and non-bios against others. I don't believe what is reported is correct and they always interrupt when people try to answer questions when being interviewed.
12 Jul 17, 09:27
biblianut: Again, I wouldn't comment on something I know nothing about what or may not go on behind the lines. One never relies what the media says, it's mostly crap. Where would we be without our soldiers doing the job the pollies stuff up.
12 Jul 17, 13:08
Blue: Sad how a few dickhead soldiers always ruin it for everyone else. As far as the ABC goes, I think most people under 50 are just sick and tired of hearing right wing values which they simply find out of date, I am 56 and I am tired of hearing them, and have been for a long time. Here is an interesting look at what the census picked up regarding religion http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-07-12/australia-religion-census-2016-mapped/8660798
12 Jul 17, 15:06
biblianut: Interesting how the ABC puts it. Waiting on Ian to give census results first hand.
12 Jul 17, 16:10
Blue: Dear me ralph, arent you capable of googling that information yourself? In many ways relying on others for info instead of gleaning it for yoursrlf is so revival.
12 Jul 17, 17:34
biblianut: Googling doesn't always give the correct information. An independent authority can obtain it direct from the proper source sometimes.
18 Jul 17, 12:32
Blue: What is it with men and abuse? http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-07-18/domestic-violence-church-submit-to-husbands/8652028
18 Jul 17, 23:42
biblianut: These articles highlight the misinterpretation of what the bible really means about submission etc. They are misleading and dangerous.The article on Islam though can be taken as correct. Personal witness of abuse in a Muslim family confirms the ideology of Islam, but never compare that with the holy scriptures. Likrwise, it's the mind set of Revival. One can read a lot into the old Testament ways but doesn't alter the fact that God intended for man and women to be made equal. Vis: women made from the rib of man. Symbolic of equality. (My emphasis). As for New Testament meaning is linked to Christ's love of his church.
18 Jul 17, 23:52
biblianut: Julia Baird / Hayley Gleeson both journalists and producer of the ABC. Again, leaves a lot to be desired . :nuts:
19 Jul 17, 07:38
Blue: Is that hecause they are women? Having lived under such abuse, I can attest to how it undermines you as a person. Why is it Ralph that you seem to want to deny the experience of those who have been hurt?
19 Jul 17, 09:41
biblianut: Because they are women has nothing to do with it, I'm just bios against the fake news etc from the ABC. Gosh Tracy have you ever considered that you have brought a lot of the pain and mental abuse upon yourself? This war on men must cease. None is perfect.We all have our dramas in life, you are no Robinson Crusoe. My compassion and caring toward women is next to none, maybe is why I have got myself in so much bother over the years.
19 Jul 17, 09:42
biblianut: https://www.marklathamsoutsiders.com/calls_for_government_to_end_culture_of_denial
19 Jul 17, 12:46
Blue: Ralph, you often misunderstand me. There is no war on men, there is a war on those who abuse power. My experience in revival, like the experiences of all of us came about because of men who had power, and used it to control and manipulate other people. Even in the catholic church, the sexual abuse was bad enough, but the unwillingness of those in power to stop it was even worse. They simply did not care about the suffering they allowed to continue, just like the revival pastors never cared about any of the suffering they caused. The problem is the lack of willingness for either organisation to accept any responsibility for well, anything. Organisations will do or say anything to absolve themselves of responsiblity. It is an utter lack of integrity, and something none of us should be happy about.
19 Jul 17, 12:47
Blue: Oh and Ralph, it isn't fake news, it is just news that the people who are doing it don't want to hear.
20 Jul 17, 20:57
biblianut: https://www.facebook.com/theboltreport/videos/470669869957814/
20 Jul 17, 22:42
Blue: I suspect I have the same opinion of Bolt that you have of The ABC. My life experience and observation of the men most likely to hit women is that they are usually drunk. Asshole christian men tend to be much better at emotional abuse. I am not a part of the hysterical crap going on at the moment that sees the right versus the left as anything even approaching intelligence. Both sides act like bitchy schoolgirls. What I said yesterday stands. Those who abuse power should be called to account.
20 Jul 17, 23:11
biblianut: Just pointing out the ABC do not seem to look at proper sources. Even if they do, they don't seem to publish the full story if it goes against their agenda. Those that abuse power means the whole world needs to be taken into account. And I believe it soon will be.
21 Jul 17, 19:25
Blue: Have you ever abused power Ralph?
21 Jul 17, 21:18
biblianut: When I was a member of Revival my mind set was just that. Probably not to a large extent but it was there :( . I know a lot better now.
25 Jul 17, 23:15
biblianut: Domestic violence is more prominent in Aboriginal Communities than any other, including Christian communities. ABC gives false information. Re: Julia Baird, attack on Christianity. She doesn't even check the proper sources for correct information.
25 Jul 17, 23:18
biblianut: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/blogs/andrew-bolt/abcs-media-watch-says-im-right-about-julia-baird-incredible-scenes/news-story/75d93c4c4693855e9c51014a44486043
26 Jul 17, 11:02
Blue: Violent drunks have always been the worst wife beaters, "christians" are much better at emotional abuse, and using the bible to control women. Obviously Julia Baird didn't have an alcoholic father if that is her take. I think the point is to expose the fact that some christian men use the bible to control their families, and some use physical force. To say they are the worst group for domestic violence tells me this girl doesn't get out much in the real world.
26 Jul 17, 12:07
Blue: Sad truth is tha churches have always let abuse go on, spiritually, psychologically, sexually, physically, and no one bats an eyelid until someone calls them to account for it. They care about their dogma and their reputation. they do not care about their members. Never have, never will.
26 Jul 17, 12:29
biblianut: Drunkenness is a part of man's fallen nature there is no need nor justification for it. It is criminal the Government allow it to be supplied in indigenous communities. Not all Christians use the bible to control women, cults like Revivalists are the most likely to and those that misinterpret the bible. Why just point the finger at Christians? We know your situation but it's only a very small minority of "christian" (I'm not justifying it) that has effected you compared to outside of that. I do not agree that the Churches let abuse go , maybe 30 - 40 years ago but believe they have got it together and have addressed the situation now. Have you heard of any that have been abused these days and the Church hasn't addressed it?
26 Jul 17, 12:37
biblianut: As a side; I have to admit I have found a lot of the Churches are lacking in 'Pastoral-ship' for their members and could be improved.
26 Jul 17, 12:39
biblianut: *'Pastoral care'*
27 Jul 17, 19:16
biblianut: RE: Cardinal Pell topic."For they will deliver you up in councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues. ... 17 But beware of people, for they will hand you over to courts and scourge ... deliver you up to councils, and........" It's not about alleged abuse by the person, It's about persecuting Christianity.
28 Jul 17, 17:50
Blue: Actually it is about persecuting Pell because of the terrible way he treated abuse victims, and because he allowed abuse to happen instead of stopping them being moved around the parishes even after he knew what they had done. People don't like him because he loves the catholic church and his career more than he cares about people, that is why he is now being hounded on what I believe are false charges. Humans love nothing more than to punish and he has brought this on himself by being a dick.
29 Jul 17, 01:32
biblianut: The people that don't like him are the people that are against Christianity.
29 Jul 17, 01:34
biblianut: If it was someone outside the church then it would be no drama. The war is on Christianity.
29 Jul 17, 11:32
Blue: Ralph how can you seriously believe that? Strangely people expect those who claim to speak for god to actually behave with some measure of decency and this love that is meant to be spread abroad in their hearts by supposed holy spirit. When they act directly opposite to that, and treat people in an unloving and uncaring way, allowing abuse to continue, people are angry at their lack of integrity and willingness to stop bad things happening to other people. Not only did he not do that, he actively caused abuse victims some serious strife when instead of wanting fair compensation, he did everything he could to save his beloved church money. The man has a heart like stone, and everyone knows it. Except you apparently.
29 Jul 17, 13:19
biblianut: Tracy, there you go again. You make accusations you have no proof. Don't label everyone by the deeds of a few. If one believes everything the media put up one becomes so wretched in their views. I always give one the benefit of the doubt until at least evidence to the contrary is produced. Let's see what the out come is before making a judgement. People are making these sex accusations mainly to try and get money. I have spoken personally to one that claims sexual abuse from a priest that happened years ago. Something later triggered a "flash back" that he been abused.
29 Jul 17, 13:20
biblianut: That person was involved in the litigation process.
29 Jul 17, 16:28
Blue: Ralph the way Pell behaved is common knowledge.
29 Jul 17, 16:30
Blue: Sounds like you don't care too much either about the people that were abused. I often wonder why christians lack compassion over these things.
29 Jul 17, 17:37
Ian Thomason: Tracey. Still at it, spruiking the same tired old nonsense :)
29 Jul 17, 17:38
Ian Thomason: Ralph. It might be time to cut your losses, Old Bean. Sadly, there are some old dogs who simply can't be taught new tricks ;)
30 Jul 17, 00:22
biblianut: Tracy, Tracy, Tracy, I have more compassion than you realize. Trouble is I don't have a magic wand to wave around except to share that which I have seen is the answer to living this life and beyond, comes from Jesus Christ as the redeemer of sin and saver of souls. More to living life than to carry past burdens we let control us.
30 Jul 17, 00:55
biblianut: Ian, Yes. I have discovered there is so much the same thing as I meet and speak to people at the support services in the hospital. Patients are so set in their ways and don't accept they must change their way of living to obtain a better quality of life (notwithstanding the medical also). It is much frustrating for the Chaplains having to only listen to people's grievances and troubles. Of course there is much comfort and blessing for those that attend the Sunday services at the hospital chapel. But we soldier on. 'care. Ralph.
30 Jul 17, 08:59
Blue: I don't expect you to wave a magic wand Ralph, but neither do I expect a man of your experience in life to defend religion like it does no wrong. Revival should have taught you the lie in that.
1 Aug 17, 01:15
biblianut: My friend Rev Rosemary, one of the hospital Chaplains, filled me in how they cope with the negative aspect of supporting the sick by having firstly prayer at the beginning of the day and knowing that God is beside them all the time in their work. Probably just a bit of trivia for some but an exercise of hope and faith.
3 Aug 17, 18:41
Zubzub: I believe that people were making up stories about the Dunkers. It had its day in court and nothing happened. Be interesting to see what happens to
3 Aug 17, 18:42
Zubzub: Mr Pell
3 Aug 17, 20:53
biblianut: The media never tell the truth anyway. Only those that are effected or involved in the events really know what's going on. It's nobody else's business.
17 Aug 17, 19:12
Zubzub: Good to see this point of view Biblianut. It shows a certain maturity by at least you on this forum. The poor Dukers got toasted on here. Pure media hype. I trust you feel the same way about them.
17 Aug 17, 22:55
biblianut: Thank you Zubzub. In the light of those that are the victims to the alleged accusations or similar events, I wish to offer my understanding, of what may have transpired, has obvious effects and feel there must be some justice forthcoming. The point I'm making is that we need to be careful in making a prejudgment to what we hear from the media only. It is usually "sensationalized" anyway. I am finding this is the case in everything.