28 Jul 08, 08:12
sim: welcome to blogging
24 Jul 08, 09:30
choon kian ming: this is my email
22 Jul 08, 17:18
sim: kian ming, need you email acc. that u use to open blogspot. Means your Gmail acc. address for me to invite you into B2K.
28 Nov 07, 16:46
sim: msn and yahoo is easy. maybe kenny if u do have skype, u can chit chat with me.
12 Nov 07, 16:46
kenny: apparently some are using friendster but i find it difficult to use.
19 Jun 07, 19:50
KokHong: sim did u visit Geylang ah? got nice food with nice car there
16 Jun 07, 22:24
tuaki: Make a short trip to Geylang, get urself serviced & posted the FR here
12 Jun 07, 16:52
sim: ok, i will be in S'pore on 14 & 15 June 07, stay at Pan Pacific....any good place to go?
27 Apr 07, 16:22
Kenny: whatever-lah. just sleep early
25 Apr 07, 13:48
sim: kekeke... very hard to see his/her leg touch ground or not ler...
25 Apr 07, 11:04
Kenny: Ah Sim ah...if any girl knocking your door.. make sure you peep under the door just to make sure she is a down to earth person
25 Apr 07, 11:03
Kenny: Ally..can you blog one picture of you licking the monitor?
23 Apr 07, 14:44
aruri: Easy... "Click here for free downloads of hot women licking your computer screen"... sure get money
23 Apr 07, 14:23
sim: adsense, so far my blog accumulate USD 12 ++ after a year... it is only accumulate when someone click and view it. however, u cannot ask someone to click it daily, hourly etc...they will detect it.
23 Apr 07, 12:15
Kenny: Sim. Orchard hotel got ayam or hantu?
23 Apr 07, 12:15
Kenny: have anybody succesfully earn a living through Adsense?
23 Apr 07, 11:23
sim: i'll be coming to s'pore june .... might stay at orchard hotel, the so-called haunted hotel, izit?
19 Apr 07, 20:33
KokHong: nvmlah i only need to turn the word like this "kcuf"
19 Apr 07, 20:32
KokHong: soo boon??? if u r soo boon then u won't hv HH already...
19 Apr 07, 20:31
KokHong: TL TL lah. got lots of reasons...
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