13 Feb 08, 15:26
Posh Totty: Just passing so thought Id stop in and say Hi :) .... and no Dan Im not following you ;)
19 Jan 08, 17:20
13 Oct 07, 23:00
melissa: Anyway, MISS YOU! Maybe I can get on here more. LOVE the Wm Tell Mom video--so cute. I like this whimical blog! Going to check out the others. God bless. Love, Melissa
13 Oct 07, 22:58
melissa: Hi, Nancy! I finally had a moment to find you "out here"! I am cheesecake (the dessert quiz): "Rich, sweet, and simply perfect.%D%AYou're not boring - you're just the best!"...I wish the rich was true!
20 Sep 07, 19:15
Mary: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope all went well today at the Hospital. You are in my prayers
20 Jun 07, 07:25
Dan: More hidden than I'd like :nuts:
20 Jun 07, 04:32
Nancy: What hidden blog? All my blogs are on my profile.. even Jessica's! ha!
19 Jun 07, 01:10
Dan: *pokes everyone in the eye and runs* Stupid hidden blogs!
7 May 07, 01:36
Nancy: Hi Debbie, I did get your email with the lyrics. Thanks! :-)
4 May 07, 03:42
debbie: Did you get my e-mail Nancy with the Lyrics on for I hate Mondays
2 May 07, 02:59
debbie: I Nancy just dropping by,,
1 May 07, 00:14
Me: Post more, Esther Felicia Jasmira!
9 Apr 07, 00:15
Nancy: For all interested, our bunny, Mary E. Potter, is a netherland dwarf rabbit. Her ears are only about 2 inches long. :)
6 Apr 07, 17:31
jennyhaha: Hey! I'm just realizing my post isn't working right. I had to cut and paste to get here. I'll go fix it. Also, I can reply to comments if the person has posted their email address in their profile
5 Apr 07, 18:56
Nancy: Why not? More birthday gifts! ;)
5 Apr 07, 03:26
Me: I posted the comment in your comments section! :D Not everyone needs to know my birthday, heh.
2 Apr 07, 21:18
Nancy: Christine, I tagged you... but you haven't done it yet. *tap* *tap*
2 Apr 07, 01:53
Me: Oh.... Oops.... Maybe I meant to tag you and didn't.... Heh.... That never happened.
2 Apr 07, 00:39
Nancy: Oh, and I don't really read books so if you tagged me with that, you may want to tag me with something else, ok?
2 Apr 07, 00:39
Nancy: Christine, what did you tag me with? I looked at the book meme and didn't see my name there. AND I update oftener than some people so I know you weren't talking about me. ;)
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