25 Jun 12, 09:25 PM
gerard: derp
18 May 11, 11:34 PM
Kabawesome: So its beena long time and ABDC is just depressing now, but hopefully heres a video to brighten up your day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq1FuB7X2BA&feature=channel_video_title
28 Apr 11, 10:06 PM
aTrak: WOW i am no longer watching abdc LOL, i said that seasons ago but fuck
19 Apr 11, 09:10 PM
finalheaven7: if the pole dancers aren't kicked out already i hope there are some coochie shots that mtv's fail editing misses and gets shown on air muahaha
19 Apr 11, 09:09 PM
finalheaven7: tapings every week, plus abdc always has to hire judges that are so extra with everything
19 Apr 11, 09:08 PM
finalheaven7: d-trix looks like he would be open for a little p33n a here and a there, and i agree rainen would have made a better choice i think jabba's vegas show would have made it difficult for him to make
19 Apr 11, 09:06 PM
finalheaven7: =^ 3 ^=
17 Apr 11, 01:18 AM
aTrak: there's something about d-trix that sets off my gaydar....
16 Apr 11, 09:46 PM
Kabawesome: annddd am I the only one who is kinda iffy with dtrix as a judge? Iunno, hes over optimism doesnt even feel genuine, I much prefer Rainen as a judge he was level headed and critique'd well
16 Apr 11, 09:45 PM
Kabawesome: Of course fh7 we LOVES U!!!
13 Apr 11, 11:34 PM
aTrak: lol ye geos in it
13 Apr 11, 11:24 AM
13 Apr 11, 11:24 AM
gerard: wtf.. instant noodles is in abdc? is geo in it? lol
11 Apr 11, 08:21 AM
finalheaven7: thank you atrak n kabawesome :) i hope i don't see another quake in a while, but i shouldn't hold my breath >.< i find it weird they split up the groups into 5 teams per episode for the beginning.
11 Apr 11, 07:19 AM
Kabawesome: I agree. Tight Eyez does deserve ththe exposure, its just alil wierd to see it happen. Hopefully though they dont make his team look retarded like Fh7 said.
10 Apr 11, 02:23 AM
aTrak: as for iamme, i WANT to like them but they give nothing so far since like you said everything was alrdy posted online ~_~
10 Apr 11, 02:22 AM
aTrak: and i know SK is already great without the show BUT hey! at least they're getting teh attention their church-loving asses need
10 Apr 11, 02:22 AM
aTrak: on a second night kabawesome you were referring to chachi.. that 15 year old new zealander is one to watch out, you should watch her yt vids pre-debut
10 Apr 11, 02:21 AM
aTrak: first and foremost i am glad you are safe fh7, and i sincerely mean it
9 Apr 11, 11:44 AM
Kabawesome: wait wtf there was ANOTHER earthquake? jeebus fh7. Im glad it wasnt as severe and glad that most people were okay
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