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5 May 19, 01:59 PM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: cacti) A very safe Cinco de Mayo to my classmates !!!
5 May 19, 01:58 PM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽:
Happy Star Wars Day celebration to all my classmates !!!
13 Apr 19, 10:23 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: cacti) Click here for your horoscope
20 Mar 19, 03:50 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: A happy first day of Spring to all my classmates !!!
20 Mar 19, 03:48 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: A happy first day of Spring to all my classmates !!!A happy last day of Winter to all my classmates !!![/big]
19 Mar 19, 02:32 PM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: A happy last day of Winter to all my classmates !!!
18 Mar 19, 04:06 AM
¡¡ Hèy, Yöû ??: cacti) I realize that these colorful posts are a wee bit late.
18 Mar 19, 04:05 AM
¡¡ Hèy, Yöû ??: cacti)
A Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my classmates !
18 Mar 19, 04:05 AM
¡¡ Hèy, Yöû ??:
Happy 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288 Day !!!
12 Mar 19, 02:26 PM
¡¡ Hèy, Yöû ??: @¡¡ Hèy, Yöû ?? That was Plastic Bertrand with their hit Ça Plane Pour Moi.
12 Mar 19, 12:30 PM
Kathy B: C'est un groupe Francais, Chris J ?
28 Feb 19, 12:23 AM
¡¡ Hèy, Yöû ??: Wam! Bam! Mon chat, splatch Gît sur mon lit A bouffé sa langue En buvant dans mon whisky Quant à moi Peu dormi, vidé, brimé J'ai dû dormir dans la gouttière Où j'ai eu un flash Hou! Hou! Hou! Hou! En quatre couleurs Allez hop! Un matin Une louloute est v'nue chez-moi Poupée de Cellophane Cheveux chinois Un sparadrap Une gueule de bois A bu ma bière Dans un grand verre En caoutchouc Hou! Hou! Hou! Hou! Comme un indien dans son igloo Ça plane pour moi Ça plane pour moi Ça plane pour moi moi moi moi moi Ça plane pour moi Hou! Hou! Hou! Hou! Ça plane pour moi
28 Feb 19, 12:23 AM
¡¡ Hèy, Yöû ??: Allez hop! La nana Quel panard! Quelle vibration! De s'envoyer Sur le paillasson Limée, ruinée, vidée, comblée "You are the king of the divan!" Qu'elle me dit en passant houhouhouhou I am the king of the divan Ça plane pour moi Allez hop t'occupes t'inquiètes Touche pas ma planète It's not today que le ciel me tombera Sur la tête Et que l'alcool me manquera Hou hou hou hou Ça plane pour moi Allez hop ma nana s'est tirée, s'est barrée Enfin c'est marre, a tout cassé l'évier, le bar me laissant seul Comme un grand connard, houhouhouhou Le pied dans le plat Ça plane pour moi
11 Feb 19, 02:23 PM
Kathy B: Well, hello there !
10 Feb 19, 09:31 PM
Wes Anderson: Anybody out there ?
6 Feb 19, 05:44 PM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽:
We have been overrun by our animal desire
Addicts of the immediate... keep us obedient and unaware
Feeding this mutation... this Pavlovian despair
We've become... disillusioned
So we run... towards anything glimmering
Willingly been re-wired by clever agents within
Looping our reflections... our obsessions draw us in
Fix and fixation... no sentience beyond
We've become disillusioned
So we dive like crows towards anything glittering
6 Feb 19, 05:24 PM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽:
Time to put the silicon obsession down
Take a look around... find a way in the silence
Lie supine, away, with your back to the ground
Dis- and re-connect to the resonance now
You were never an island
Unique voice among the many in this choir
Tuning into each other...lift all higher
6 Feb 19, 05:08 PM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: My favorite video from A Perfect Circle click here Better experienced with ear buds, than trying to compete with all the noise in the world.
28 Jan 19, 02:00 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: For a happy story... Click Here
28 Jan 19, 01:32 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: And, thank you too, Wes
28 Jan 19, 01:31 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: Well, thank you, Nancy. Here's hoping the word gets out to the other regulars and they start posting again.
24 Jan 19, 01:52 PM
Nancy Rector: Didn't realize the chat box was down for so long! Were supposed to get a notice but didn't. Anyway its back up for anyone who wants to chat. The site was having issues too which I was unaware of. Wes let me know and logins should work fine now too. Ü
22 Aug 17, 10:52 PM
Eric: How's your school year shaping up Christine? dog)
22 Aug 17, 10:51 PM
Eric: Also, this...
22 Aug 17, 10:51 PM
Eric: Well, Amy's and our kids' school started today so I guess that means summer is over. I hope everyone had a good summer. This is how ours ended:
16 Aug 17, 10:11 PM
Christine: Chris J., what are your plans for the eclipse?
24 Jul 17, 10:27 PM
Christine: Also liked your and Amy's kiss and your boys carrying Kjersti. Looks like an amazing day was had by all.
24 Jul 17, 10:26 PM
Christine: Hi, Eric. Thanks for sharing Kjersti's wedding photos. One of my favorites was the bride and her father signing ILY. cheesy)
24 Jul 17, 10:24 PM
Christine: Hi, Chris J. Well, "Parents' Day" came and went and without your post, I wouldn't have known about it. You are especially good at marking days of particular importance.
24 Jul 17, 12:21 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: Happy Parents' Day to all you parents out there !!
24 Jul 17, 12:21 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: Happy Parents' Day to all you parents out there !!
24 Jul 17, 12:20 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: Happy Parents' Day to all you fathers out there !!
24 Jul 17, 12:19 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: [big]Happy Parents' Day to all you fathers out there !![/big
24 Jul 17, 12:18 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: Happy Parents' Day to all you mothers out there !!
21 Jul 17, 11:31 PM
Eric: Also, there was this:
18 Jul 17, 05:30 PM
Christine: Wow, Eric. Those pictures could be the lead-in to a fascinating lecture series, I'm sure. One that I would enthusiastically attend, btw. co)
17 Jul 17, 08:56 PM
Eric: I know somebody (Nancy Rector or Darrel LeSueur) is paying to keep this chat box alive, so here is another token contribution for those dedicated souls that visit:
17 Jul 17, 08:54 PM
Eric: I'm very sorry for Carlin and her family. Thank you for being a friend to her, Christine.
12 Jul 17, 09:18 PM
Christine: Thanks again, Wes, for passing on Facebook news . . . even when it is sad. My prayers have been with Carlin lei) and her family through quite a few months of her father's declining health. God bless them.
9 Jul 17, 07:16 AM
Wes Anderson: WOW ! Why did it post my e-mail address ?
9 Jul 17, 07:15 AM Just wanted to let everyone know that Carlin McCormick's father has passed.
6 Jul 17, 06:57 PM
Christine: How are you folks enjoying your summer? If you are here in the valley, you are battling it out with the desert sun . . . and whimpering for mercy. Take care. co)
22 Jun 17, 02:26 PM
Christine: Hi, Chris J. Boy, it feels like summer has been here for quite a while now. How was your druid-less party the other night?
22 Jun 17, 02:25 PM
Christine: Hey, Wes, hope you had a really great birthday. How ya doing? party)
21 Jun 17, 01:47 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: A happy first day of Summer to all my classmates !!!
20 Jun 17, 06:38 PM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: cacti) Although 119° F seems like one heck of a send-off.
20 Jun 17, 06:36 PM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: A happy last day of Spring to all my classmates !!!
19 Jun 17, 10:13 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: cacti) This druid festival will coincide with the solstice. Please... no druids are invited to the party at my place tomorrow night.
17 Jun 17, 01:56 PM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: cacti) The countdown to Summer 2017
16 Jun 17, 02:22 PM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: cacti)
Happy Birthday to Wes Anderson !!
16 Jun 17, 02:19 PM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: cacti) Here we go!!
9 Jun 17, 01:53 PM
Christine: Hi, all . . . or rather: Hi, same old 10 people. Why didn't Tracy join us so it could be 11?
8 Jun 17, 10:02 PM
Wes Anderson: At the reunion Tracy Jackson said he had recently checked the site and said that it's the same 10 people on it. Where has everybody gone ?
8 Jun 17, 05:05 AM
Nancy Rector: Hey gang! Someone is looking for Jeanette Moffitt. If you know her whereabouts could you email me at I realzied Jeanette was not even listed in our database so I added her. She's never requested to be on the site so I had no idea she was left off. Thanks a bunch!
7 Jun 17, 10:13 PM
Kathy B: Thank you, Christine ! And, also, thanks to you, Eric, Chris J, Wes, Rene and others, for keeping this chatbox alive for over 10 years ! cheesy)
2 Jun 17, 05:48 PM
Christine: Hi, Kathy. It is always nice to see a post from you. Sorry this one was under sad circumstances. Take care.
2 Jun 17, 05:47 PM
Christine: Thanks for posting, Wes. Pam and I have been able to see each other fairly often since we both work at MHS, but I didn't know this. I will get in touch with her right away.
1 Jun 17, 09:45 PM
Kathy B: Hi Pam--- I don't know if you ever get on here, but I am so very sorry to hear about your Dad. I know it is a difficult time, no matter where we are in life. I am thinking of you-
31 May 17, 01:09 AM
Wes Anderson: For those of you not on Facebook or are not friends with Pam Burgess Farnsworth on Facebook. Pam's father Wallace passed away today.
18 May 17, 10:30 PM
Christine: Graduation in a week . . . graduation in a week . . . graduation in a week. bugeye)
14 May 17, 08:59 PM
Christine: Thanks, Chris J. I've had a wonderful day, and I hope the same for all mothers.
14 May 17, 12:42 PM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there !!
9 May 17, 02:19 PM
Eric: Thank you, Kathy! I hope things are going well for and your family. Tell your brother hello from me.
8 May 17, 10:54 PM
Kathy B: Oh, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to and Amy !! (a while back) Yes, these years DO seem to be flying by ! Congrats on your 30th !! cheesy)
8 May 17, 10:17 PM
Kathy B: Fantastic pictures, Eric ! Absolutely beautiful !!! (as per usual)
4 May 17, 03:51 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽:
Happy Star Wars Day celebration to all my classmates !!!
4 May 17, 03:16 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: cacti) Feminists claim that is NOT natural for a woman to breastfeed her baby.
28 Apr 17, 11:45 PM
Christine: The pictures were wonderful. The cherry blossoms, the rock 'garden', the people . . . WOW!
28 Apr 17, 11:42 PM
Christine: You will do great at whatever you do, Eric. High school is a good match for me . . . bet it would be for you, too. It's just more work than most people realize, but with Amy's job, you have a realistic approach.
28 Apr 17, 11:25 PM
Eric: In the meantime, I haven't quit my day job:
28 Apr 17, 11:24 PM
Eric: You should share your wisdom with me, Christine as I am thinking of becoming a high school science and/or math teacher. With that idea in mind, I recently started substituting occasionally, including today when I subbed for a math teacher in our local high school.
27 Apr 17, 08:59 PM
Christine: Thanks, Chris J. cheesy) There have been a few days when I question the wisdom of my choices that lead me to teach high school . . . ha ha, but every single day has its blessings, too. co)
26 Apr 17, 09:34 PM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: Wow!.... there is actually another person currently logged on to the site. Congratulations, Christine, on surviving another year at MHS.
26 Apr 17, 09:27 PM
Christine: There is light at the end of the tunnel . . . one month of school left. Believe me when I say the kiddos are restless!!
22 Apr 17, 08:22 PM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽:
A joyous Earth Day celebration to all my classmates !!!!
16 Apr 17, 10:54 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: A very safe and joyous Easter to all my classmates
16 Apr 17, 10:53 AM
¡ ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽: ¡ Ĥèý, Ýõǚ ‽ ‽ A very safe and joyous Easter to all my classmates
14 Apr 17, 08:19 PM
Christine: Have a Happy & Blessed Easter, '76ers. grouphug)
31 Mar 17, 01:35 PM
René: Having lunch with Becky OBarr, Julie Dastrup and Mary Caufield at Mattas
31 Mar 17, 08:02 AM
Christine: Hi, Rene. So fun seeing you and Carlin the other day. Take care.
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