05/26/17 04:06 PM
Jacquie: One of my friends saw Shane A couple of weeks ago here in Michigan thought you and Tommy should now
05/23/17 12:39 PM
Mickey: Did you hear about Rico? He's been suffering from some health problems.
05/23/17 09:41 AM
Trisa: Hey Liz. Though I never say never, I can say it is very unlikely.
05/23/17 09:39 AM
Trisa: Hey Mickey. No. Girls had softball.
05/19/17 07:45 PM
Mickey: Did you go see the Fozzy show, with Tommy?
05/19/17 06:13 PM
Liz: Beulah, Tommy & Shane just had a match this year. Will we ever see you in the ring again? I was hoping that u would come out of the curtain to feud against Shanes valet during the match.
04/30/17 02:02 PM
Lee: Beulah vs Francine in H.D https://youtu.be/iKnOIFidjYM
04/19/17 03:35 PM
Trisa: Hey Tiffany. No one has ever tried to book me for Wrestlecon.
04/17/17 05:23 PM
Tiffany: Beulah will u ever do WRESTLECON?
03/31/17 11:17 AM
Tiffany: Beulah, how did enjoy the Missy vs Lori CatFights in ECW??
03/31/17 10:55 AM
Tiffany: Francine & Beulah CO-EXISTING for a brief time in ECW https://youtu.be/tMZUoAJyr6U
03/31/17 10:51 AM
Tiffany: Hey Beulah, your thoughts on taking bumps from Shane Douglas and Brian Lee after u wacked Francine with a baking sheet?
03/30/17 06:11 PM
Mickey: I'll be your ears, to make sure, even Tommy doesn't say anything off. lol
03/30/17 12:45 PM
Trisa: hahaha! yes! I remember the mattress incident. That was a great one! Nova was an amazing prankster.
03/30/17 12:07 PM
Tiffany: it was actually Nova who was ribbing u and Tommy. He ordered you guys a mattress and also sent mormons to Tommy's parents house during a funeral.
03/30/17 10:11 AM
Trisa: Hey Mickey. Hmm. I dont recall Raven ever doing that. Maybe I blocked it out or they were not anything major. Shane Douglas was the one with all the ribs. Lol.
03/28/17 04:31 PM
Mickey: Link in my name
03/28/17 04:31 PM
Mickey: Raven has a podcast & talked with Nova on his ribs on U & Dreamer. lol
03/28/17 03:58 PM
Mickey: I know your girls are older then his. BTW since he's got Raven his own podcast, I'm keeping tabs on it. Making sure Tommy doesn't say to much.
03/28/17 01:04 PM
Tiffany: The Beulah vs Francine Feud made headlines in ECWhttps://youtu.be/pywOhbmyGog
03/28/17 01:02 PM
harley: pissed that we never got a BEULAH vs JAZZ feud. That **** woulda' been ECW GOLD!
03/28/17 01:00 PM
Tiffany: Oh and u were stiff when u pushe LITA at ONS2006 which i LOVED, You were stiff with Velvet Skye too.. Luved it
03/28/17 12:58 PM
Tiffany: This one in particular, u were super aggressive and i loved it. https://youtu.be/JyKoFfqvdew
03/28/17 12:57 PM
Tiffany: Hey Beulah, why were u so stiff with Chastity during your CatFights? Is that how u ECW GIRLS worked or was that Paul & Tommy's idea? Or were u just used to the stiff ECW style at the time? It was GREAT! All your catfights looked so REAL , that i thought they were all "shoots".
03/28/17 12:16 PM
Trisa: Hey Mickey. No youtube channel for my girls! Lol. They are not old enough yet.
03/21/17 05:00 PM
Mickey: I would love your twins to have a youtube channel. Doing crafts, making food, playing outside, putting on a play, playing with the dogs, and so on. Would be cute
03/21/17 02:20 PM
Mickey: Did you know, Chris Jericho's twins have a youtube channel. I wonder if there could be a feud with your twins and his. lol
02/20/17 05:59 PM
Trisa: Hi Ted. I was very saddened to hear she passed. Too many friends leaving this world before their time.
02/17/17 02:39 AM
Ted: Beulah, your former friend Nicole Bass died today at age 42. She spoke highly of u in her shoot interview. I remember when u were going to wack her with a cookie sheet during a ppv match.
02/14/17 05:11 AM
David: Thanks Beulah...Fan forever!
02/13/17 05:18 PM
Trisa: Thanks David! To you too!
02/13/17 02:03 PM
David: one day early :)
02/13/17 02:02 PM
David: Happy Valentine's Day Beulah! hope u doing well!
02/07/17 04:09 AM
Eddy: My favorite pikedriver was when both Tommy and Shane dumped Beulah and Francine on their heads simulaneously. Also when Beulah cut a promo about how she couldnt wait to see Tommy dump Kimona on her head
02/05/17 03:35 PM
Mickey: She is tough
01/31/17 03:22 PM
sam: i loved watching a tough woman like Teresa take the piledriver!
01/26/17 05:52 PM
Mickey: Opps I meant Negan looks like Tommy
01/26/17 05:48 PM
Mickey: BTW Have you noticed Negan from WD looks like Negan?
01/26/17 01:26 AM
Mickey: Trent the Fonzie link didn't work, so I deleted it.
01/26/17 01:14 AM
Mickey: Yep. Loving the videos. Hope you are doing well Trisa.
01/14/17 11:55 AM
Trent: https://youtu.be/pywOhbmyGog?list=PL2EYMotnGBlWLxvWbbaOzpWH1YMVXom61 the Francine vs Beulah feud gets highlighted in ECW.
12/30/16 01:49 AM
Trent: team up against Alfonzo
12/30/16 01:49 AM
Trent: Hey Beulah this 3 way catfight was AWESOME. Who's idea was it to have you and Francine tehttps://youtu.be/o_zQG4K-7zUam up against Alfonzo?
12/29/16 04:10 PM
Trisa: Hey David. Happy New Year to you too!
12/29/16 04:09 PM
Trisa: Hey Tina. I loved working with all of them, but I had the most fun with Francine.
12/26/16 05:26 AM
David: I haven't been online in a few days. Made my day to see you reply to my message a few days ago. Wish you nothing but the best fo everything in 2017. You will always be my fav!
12/24/16 09:19 PM
Tina: Hey Beulah between Luna Vachon, Francine and Fonzie who was your favorite feud with?
12/19/16 08:41 AM
Trisa: Hey Tina. Thanks for posting! Brings back tons of memories!
12/19/16 08:40 AM
Trisa: Hey David. Merry Christmas to you too!
12/18/16 10:55 PM
Tina: Hey Beulah i found the match where Shane slammed u and knocked the wind out of you. Here it is https://youtu.be/kds6hwlN9vU?list=PL2EYMotnGBlWLxvWbbaOzpWH1YMVXom61
12/17/16 12:17 PM
David: Merry Christmas BREATH TAKING BEAUTIFUL BEULAH sure miss the old ecw days. hope u doing well!!
11/12/16 08:08 PM
Jacquie: Awesome my grandma show me how.How old were you when you started I also use berant baby blanket yarn and red heart and vanna white yarn
11/12/16 01:01 PM
Trisa: Hey Jacquie. Right now I'm using Bernat Baby Blanket yarn because it's thick and soft. I've been crocheting for years!
11/10/16 05:31 PM
Jacquie: You know I have a lot in common I swear what kind of yarn do you use how long you been crocheting
11/08/16 12:10 PM
Trisa: Hey Jacquie. I like to crochet too! Im making a blanket for my daughter right now!
11/08/16 12:08 PM
Trisa: Hey Joe. Halloween was awesome! One of my favorite moments in ECW was when I told Raven I was pregnant with Tommy's baby. Haha! Oh the drama!!!
11/06/16 06:03 PM
Jacquie: and I'm getting ready to do a craft show do you know of anyone who needs any afghans please let me know thank you
11/06/16 06:03 PM
Jacquie: Hi trisa its Jacquie sorry that I message you in awhile I been bussie crocheting and I'm getting ready to do a craft show do you know of anyone who needs any afghans please let me know thank you
11/06/16 12:44 AM
terry: https://youtu.be/JyKoFfqvdew when Beulah low blowed Justin, Catfought Chastity and took a STIFF clothesline from Jason Knight. I wish Paul E would have used Nicole Bass to make Beulah more over. Beulah should have pinned Bass and feuded with her.
11/05/16 11:03 PM
Joe: Hey Trisa, how've you been? How was Halloween with you, Tommy, and the girls? Say just now I finally saw on the WWE Network your last night in ECW in New Orleans. An awesome main event. In my opinion, that made the Dudley Boyz the greatest heel tag team ever! Part of why Heatwave '98 is a top to bottom great PPV, akin to ECW ONS 2006. What would you say is your favorite moment in ECW?
10/11/16 05:37 PM
Trisa: Hey Joe. Things are good!That's awesome that you are able to attend so many wrestling events. Thanks fo your support!
10/02/16 04:25 PM
Joe: Hey Trisa how are things? I actually over the past year have seen some of the old ECW crew in action. I saw RVD at the Big Time Wrestling Anniversary event last year and I saw Sabu at the All Pro Wrestling event last month. Unfortunately due to me being out of town I missed Tommy's BTW event. I hope though Tommy returns to the Bay Area at some point
10/01/16 05:22 AM
Trisa: Hey Lisa. Nope. Sadly there is no action figure planned for me.
09/30/16 09:46 AM
Lisa: Hey Beulah, have you been scanned by WWE/Mattel for a merchandise deal such as a first ever Beulsh action figure?
09/28/16 03:49 PM
Trisa: Hey Ryan. Yes it is. But i have writer's block! I wrote the beginning and end of the book. Now I just have to find a way to connect the two!
09/27/16 07:48 PM
Ryan: Great to hear everything is going well Trisa! Is the book a part of the original series you wrote?
09/19/16 08:27 AM
Trisa: Wow! College already?! Where does the time go?! Things are good here. Tommy is working hard to get his company to the next level. My daughters are in 7th grade and play softball. And I'm trying to write another book. That about sums it up! Life is good! :glad:
09/18/16 08:34 PM
Ryan: I'm doing well thanks. College is taking up a good portion of my time these days, but it will be worth it in the end! How's everything going on your end?
09/18/16 06:50 AM
Trisa: Hey Misty. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Rob did that another time I think maybe in Queens and the FBI didnt catch me and I hit the cement floor at the feet of some very stunned fans!!!
09/18/16 06:47 AM
Trisa: Hey Ryan! How are you?! What's new with you? :biggrin:
09/14/16 04:38 PM
Misty: https://youtu.be/FQ8lvQKtH4k Hey Beulah i bet you will enjoy this match. This is the match where RVD through you out onto the ECW floor. Enjoy.
09/13/16 08:45 PM
Ryan: Hey Trisa! Long time, no talk haha. Hope all is well with the family!
08/30/16 09:07 PM
Trisa: Hey Larry. No regrets! That match gave me some wrestling cred. Lol.
08/27/16 09:05 PM
Larry: https://youtu.be/FlgqndjB6Sg?list=PLHr_KNYCZpo_E2NQ9gi3QhrkSbvH7vXwa
08/27/16 09:05 PM
Larry: Beulah, u gave your ALL during your fight against Fonzie during the Terry Gordy match when you broke your wrist while punchng Fonzie during the inter gender catfight. Looking back on that match, do u regret breaking your wrist? And would u have done the "spot" differently or is that just part of being an ECW GIRL? The match im referring to is below
07/30/16 07:18 PM
Trisa: Hey Larry. I am always amazed that people still want to watch our old matches. It's pretty cool that people still care!
07/30/16 06:53 AM
Larry: Hey Trisa, are u happy to see yourself and other women of ECW finally getting recognition on social media, specifically youtube for your contributions to ECW? How does it feel to be able to surf through youtube and watch some of your classic catfights?
07/21/16 06:11 PM
Trisa: Hey Joe. I don't get a chance to really watch much tv these days, so I can't really give you an educated opinion.
07/21/16 05:23 PM
Larry: https://youtu.be/gc5bMBGWIRY?list=PLHr_KNYCZpo_E2NQ9gi3QhrkSbvH7vXwa All your ECW favorites along with Beulah
06/19/16 06:51 PM
Joe: Trisa, I don't know if you've been keeping track of WWE these days but I remember at Survivor Series 2014, Dolph Ziggler was the hero. Ever since, he's been gradually been buried, what is your theory behind that?
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