18 Apr 17, 22:00
Starclove: And I'm even freer nowadays if you still need help.
18 Apr 17, 21:59
Starclove: Chinese version in English O_O What is the puublisher's name, please? I'll have a look-around.
18 Apr 17, 08:55
Sanzaki Kojika: We do intend to actually do all of reload at some point, but need more time first
18 Apr 17, 08:55
Sanzaki Kojika: Actually, there is a chinese version of R10 in English
12 Apr 17, 10:50
akagami: Thnx for Arata!
10 Apr 17, 19:20
Starclove: Yup exactly. Which is why I'm asking for a scanlation of it.
10 Apr 17, 15:27
Mariku: but I haven't even seen it on Singapore based second hand shops
10 Apr 17, 15:27
Mariku: I've personally only seen a copy ONCE back then, on ebay. The company is Chuang Yi, though,
10 Apr 17, 15:26
Mariku: R10 English? Probably impossible, the Singapore based company that published it went under in 2010
6 Apr 17, 21:23
Starclove: and I'll try to make it worth your time :P
6 Apr 17, 21:23
Starclove: I just need that one volume. I could help if you need me to
6 Apr 17, 21:23
Starclove: Ladies, I need your help. I've looked everywhere but I can't find a single copy of R10.ANYWHERE.
13 Mar 17, 08:45
Sanzaki Kojika: delayed. And as far as the anime, they haven't given us much info
13 Mar 17, 08:44
Sanzaki Kojika: Initially the next chapter was supposed to be out in the Zerosum after it, but I believe it got
9 Mar 17, 11:25
maloose: and do you have any info on how much of the manga is going to be adapted for the new anime? thx
9 Mar 17, 11:23
maloose: thx alot 4 saiyukiB, u'r awesome. Is it mentioned when the next ch will be up?
30 Jan 17, 13:30
TalisX: @starclove sorry! Got busy! I'll respond tonight
29 Jan 17, 15:26
Starclove: Check your email hehe.
29 Jan 17, 15:26
Starclove: If soeone could teach me to typeset, I could do both that and proofing~
29 Jan 17, 14:42
Sanzaki Kojika: I WANT to do them both, especially Reload. It's just an issue of time more than anything
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