21 Apr 18, 19:07
TalisX: (I do all the redrawing on one layer, so knowing how to change filters is a great start XD )
21 Apr 18, 19:04
TalisX: work on. If you are ever curious about editing just send an email!
21 Apr 18, 19:02
TalisX: @danielle hahahaha! We're all super fans so it's fun to talk to people who enjoy the series we
21 Apr 18, 04:26
Danielle: But thank you for asking..and patiently answering all my questions. Much appreciated..
21 Apr 18, 04:24
Danielle: I'll be no help at all :( Hopeless at digital art. Changing filters is about all I can manage.
20 Apr 18, 12:46
TalisX: @danielle we're always looking for editors if you are interested.....no experience necessary XDD
20 Apr 18, 11:57
Sanzaki Kojika: I know Watase-sensei has been focusing on Byakko right now, so there hasn't been much else coming ou
20 Apr 18, 10:11
Danielle: messed up in these now remastered versions?
20 Apr 18, 10:10
Danielle: Basically new editor chapters are fine and are ongoing while she fixes whatever the old editor
20 Apr 18, 10:10
Danielle: Or is the change only till a certain point & does not affect the current storyline & that goes on?
20 Apr 18, 10:08
Danielle: Till the remastered volumes catch up to the story in all 24 released volumes?
20 Apr 18, 10:07
Danielle: Does this mean that the manga is on hiatus in the magazine right now?
20 Apr 18, 10:06
Danielle: Oooh looking forward to them then! Hope you get to do them soon.
19 Apr 18, 14:38
TalisX: They are thick. Each one will take a whole day to scan
19 Apr 18, 14:38
TalisX: The books are gorgeous though! I think I have the first five volumes.
19 Apr 18, 14:37
TalisX: @danielle she seriously rewrote entire parts and iirc there are new characters.....
19 Apr 18, 11:13
Danielle: Oh wow. How significant are the changes?
16 Apr 18, 19:09
TalisX: the beginning with the new version We need an editor though!
16 Apr 18, 19:08
TalisX: @danielle Arata is being rewritten - we have the first several volumes and plan to restart it from
10 Apr 18, 06:52
Danielle: Are any more Arata chapters in the pipeline? Been more than a year since the last chapter here..
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