9 May 13, 13:48
abang gadget: mari singgah abg jual powerbank murah2 ni :)
1 Apr 13, 22:37
doctor tiarra: anorexia meal plan u must know :)
10 Aug 12, 18:20
mr kib: blogwalking :) follow me ya :D
25 Oct 11, 20:52
Thai Girl Online: Coolz New post ha. Can you visit mine to?
25 Oct 11, 15:41
Sexy Korean Girl: hye you site is very nice plese visit my site too and leave comment
30 Sep 11, 09:15
Ozawa Girl: Your Blog is Beautiful. i wish you can visit mine too
21 Aug 11, 14:02
Brad Pitt: hi blogwalking today. i wish you can visit mine too
28 Jul 11, 15:27
Tim Rushent: Hi - trying to get hold of you re the Rave Generator ... do you have an email you can send me please? Thanks! Tim
17 Dec 08, 16:11
DJBrian.D: Just found your HTD style megamix on YT, excellent mate, good to see Darren Ash liked it alos :)
21 Sep 08, 23:37
Shaunio: no idea ajb, I wouldn't have thought so though, sorry :(
21 Sep 08, 01:14
ajb: could you put this on a windows sidebar or on the desktop as a widget? If so, how?
15 Sep 08, 00:26
Shaunio: Thanks Darren, really appreciate the kind words. Inspired of course by the cracking HTD series you put together in the first place. Top stuff and thanks for visiting :)
14 Sep 08, 03:22
Darren Ash: Sorry about my sh*t typing, spelt your name wrong - Shaunio!
14 Sep 08, 03:20
Darren Ash: Shanio heard your 'Hit The Decks' style mix on YouTube. As you know, I did the originals and I thought you did great, so don't listen to the naysayers... keep up the good work!
20 Jan 08, 23:33
Shaunio: Not that I know of, so don't think so, sorry.
20 Jan 08, 22:07
Russ: "all gone a bit quiet on the blogging front " probably a good thing really after last year ay chap! Do you know if Andy has got the latest sunfly stuff in yet matey?
6 Jan 08, 14:02
shaunio: funky, look forward to seeing it :)
6 Jan 08, 13:05
Russ: Ayup!! Thanks for your help on that karaoke producer program,finally got one written and working..woo hoooo!!!! It's a beautiful thing to behold so it is :-)
3 Jan 08, 18:44
Captain Jack: Hm me think a chat is needed
26 Dec 07, 11:22
shaunio: Could be Cleptomaniacs - Positive Feedback which was around that time. It's on my YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRykeZbV7a8
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