22 May 13, 17:44
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24 Jan 10, 00:25
susie2shoes: hi
9 May 09, 18:05
Vicki: Just passing through Susie. Hope you are well and you got to enjoy the sunshine we've had recently...
9 Apr 09, 21:39
Lonnie: Hey Groo, I love all your scrap pics that you've made. Love you loads xxx
12 Mar 09, 01:04
June: How did you do those fantastic labels on your header? I need to work out how to do those!!
20 Feb 09, 23:13
Vicki in Texas: Hope you have an absolutely luverly weekend!
17 Feb 09, 00:23
eilajean: :heart: just sending a little love across the pond....
12 Jan 09, 19:03
Vicki: Susie - great to see you in blogland! I've missed your lovely messages. Big hugs xxxx
31 Dec 08, 15:16
eilajean: Hi Susie - I was just passing through and wanted to send a hug your way. I hope you had a very merry Christmas!
16 Dec 08, 00:51
susie2shoes: Hi Tami, Thanks so much for the advice. Yes I've tried Lyrica, plus Nortriptyline, Amytriptilyne, Pregabalin, and many others, all didn't help. I think the only thing I haven't tried is Witchcraft! :nuts:
6 Dec 08, 13:38
Tami: Have you tried Lyrica?
25 Nov 08, 19:19
eilajean: Hi Susie - thought I would throw a hug your way...
25 Nov 08, 18:31
susie2shoes: Thank so much, I've feeling a bit better after a day off my feet Mwah x
25 Nov 08, 16:04
eilajean: Howdy woman, I hope you get the pain management thing figured out! I am thinking about you! hugs!
25 Nov 08, 00:45
Bubbles: Howdy!
23 Nov 08, 15:48
susie2shoes: :mail:
23 Nov 08, 15:48
susie2shoes: Please leave me a hi, if you're passing by!