sunny: i blogwalking and followed your blog
Anne: i meant year
Anne: gosh this yeah has been a flurry of ... unusual events, i'm gonna make up for all the dinners and inumans i missed! yo dudes, let's hang out. tell me your free time(s)
Aika: text me text me! :)
luj: oooh me too! (no rounds on me though, sorry. im quite broke)
Anne: holy molly, i'm excited. second round on me. :)
evi: definitely on that weekend. in fact, night of the 10th. first round on me :)
Anne: Hi L and E! i miss you loadssss! let's drink na next week pleassse! i'll be back on the 5th so maybe on the weekend of 9th?
luj: hoy woman! i miss you too! :D
Anne: Hi guys, i missed you! Do let me know when you guys drop in, say hi! Hehe. Aiks, i heard nana is here with the boy. Let's meet up na horayt! :)
Aika: Every time i get patron tickets, Ateneo loses - as in tambak talo. Wahaha :))
Anne: Aiks! you don't get patron tix anymore from tito mar? hahaha! share naman o! when is the next game! gah!
Aika: i think we were seated in the same area -- upper A but almost like lower box seats. HAHA. but we were seated on the mid-left wing, admu side facing the court! woohoo!
Anne: ummm evi, the araneta is so big and we have a tiny tiny chance of seeing each other randomly. saw LA tho! fyi, the people in patron for both ateneo and la salle reached 16,000! that's patron only ah!
Anne: mwahahahaha upper A! but almost like lower box seats so PWEDE! haha! exhilarating!
evi: what? you were there? where? i didnt see you!
Aika: GO ATENEO! Woohoo! :)
luj: bakit?? di ka free?? hindi ka free???
Anne: oh my god. why do good events all fall on the same day? i will text you love! happy birthda you, bitch, you! :)
luj: dude! i think il be feeding on my bday :D pwd k b fri night?
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