22 Aug 20, 16:00
Alex Raj: Hi Calvin...Sir William George Maxwell was not the Asst Resident of Perak...it was Sir William Edward Maxwell
28 Jul 19, 20:03
Juliet: Hi! I just read your blog on the Nagaoka fireworks and just wanted to ask if you sat in the free zone to tak ephotos. I read something online that said you could not bring tripods into the area ..
13 Oct 17, 13:27
Jim: Hi Calvin, Do you have the recipes of the sambal Belacan to share? I'm planning to make the Kao Jam :)
21 Sep 17, 16:17
TWQ: Hello there, why never update your blog anymore? i am going to Japan again, this time Hokkaido.
13 Jul 17, 16:44
Calvin to Michelle: Thanks Michelle! Might come out with something very soon!
13 Jul 17, 16:43
Calvin to Minah Kiwi: Do you have some kiwis for me? xD
13 Jul 17, 16:43
Calvin to Feewey: Wow! That must have been some time ago. Which year did you spend your time at Cheng Kung? :D
13 Jul 17, 16:42
Calvin to Giang: Haha, which post did you see that quote? xD
13 Jul 17, 16:42
Calvin to vfrois: This may come one year late, but I hope you had a fantastic time in Chiba!
13 Jul 17, 16:41
Calvin to zura: Sama-sama Zura. Is this Cikgu Aura by the way?
4 Feb 17, 11:44
Michelle: Hey Calvin, love the great detailed write-ups! Do keep on blogging :)
2 Nov 16, 09:25
Minah Kiwi: Hi Calvin..how are you
1 Nov 16, 00:43
Feewey: Coincidentally saw your blog during browsing kindergarten for my child. Although this post has been quite some time, what I want to say is "I'm from that kindergarten and same graduation year!!!".
25 Sep 16, 03:21
Giang: " there is always a first time in anything we do" you are so right :)
25 Sep 16, 03:20
Giang: " there is always a first time in anything we do" you are so right :)
28 Jul 16, 11:22
vfrois: Hello Calvin, I just finished reading your post about Chiba. Will be in Choshi this Sept. Anything to reco? What’s yr fav place in Chiba?
12 Jun 16, 01:46
zura: hi kelvin...lama tak merayau blogging. tahniah sebab you masih menulis di sini
12 May 16, 23:20
Calvin to TWQ: Wow, I really miss the onset in Japan. Feels so great especially during the cold season isn't it? Haha, I will try to stop procrastinating and "try" to post something very soon xD
12 May 16, 23:19
Calvin to Katie: I guess it was towards the end of October. The peak season to view the beautiful leaves differs slightly from years year and I'd recommend you to check the local forecast to get the best view out xD
9 May 16, 13:53
TWQ: Hi, it's been so long, i have almost forgotten about u. that's why u should post frequently :). the trip was great, we cycled for first time, in Japan. to Osaka Castle. Went to biggest onsen as well.
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