4 Feb 17, 11:44
Michelle: Hey Calvin, love the great detailed write-ups! Do keep on blogging :)
2 Nov 16, 09:25
Minah Kiwi: Hi Calvin..how are you
1 Nov 16, 00:43
Feewey: Coincidentally saw your blog during browsing kindergarten for my child. Although this post has been quite some time, what I want to say is "I'm from that kindergarten and same graduation year!!!".
25 Sep 16, 03:21
Giang: " there is always a first time in anything we do" you are so right :)
25 Sep 16, 03:20
Giang: " there is always a first time in anything we do" you are so right :)
28 Jul 16, 11:22
vfrois: Hello Calvin, I just finished reading your post about Chiba. Will be in Choshi this Sept. Anything to reco? What’s yr fav place in Chiba?
12 Jun 16, 01:46
zura: hi kelvin...lama tak merayau blogging. tahniah sebab you masih menulis di sini
12 May 16, 23:20
Calvin to TWQ: Wow, I really miss the onset in Japan. Feels so great especially during the cold season isn't it? Haha, I will try to stop procrastinating and "try" to post something very soon xD
12 May 16, 23:19
Calvin to Katie: I guess it was towards the end of October. The peak season to view the beautiful leaves differs slightly from years year and I'd recommend you to check the local forecast to get the best view out xD
9 May 16, 13:53
TWQ: Hi, it's been so long, i have almost forgotten about u. that's why u should post frequently :). the trip was great, we cycled for first time, in Japan. to Osaka Castle. Went to biggest onsen as well.
8 May 16, 21:36
Katie: Hi Calvin, what month and date did you go to this beautiful Momijien park?
24 Apr 16, 01:22
Calvin to Adhi: You can refer to this link for this year's Wesak celebration in Japan :D http://www.j-theravada.net
19 Apr 16, 17:41
Adhi: Hi, any information about 2016 Vesak Celebration in Japan?
1 Mar 16, 13:40
eLLe: Hi there...Blogwalking... :cool: :happybirthday:
27 Jan 16, 08:50
Calvin to Adi: Hi Adi, you can refer to this link for the access to Shinjuku from Haneda Airport: http://www.haneda-tokyo-access.com/en/sights/shinjuku/
20 Jan 16, 17:13
Adi Hartono: Exactly with your story, and i need your advice about taking Keikyu Line for Destination to Shinjuku JR
20 Jan 16, 17:12
Adi Hartono: I have scheduled on March 4 arrive at Haneda Airport International Terminal
20 Jan 16, 17:12
Adi Hartono: Hi Calvin
4 Jan 16, 22:12
Calvin to TWQ: New post is up, like finally hahahaha! How was your Osaka trip? Got try the takoyaki? :ketchup:
13 Nov 15, 15:36
TWQ: good but then no time to write anything? hahaha.. i am heading to osaka in 2 weeks time.
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