9 Jun 13, 10:15
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21 May 13, 03:15
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6 Feb 10, 02:04
cherry: wakaka :D
28 Jan 10, 06:32
Cui Yue: HI~~just come around..see your blogs..haha
8 Oct 09, 03:32
cherry: ya, i x use my old number d.wel,i gues that goes with everyone.literally. :)
5 Oct 09, 15:49
W.P: lalala.... Ling... how's life? Changes ur hp? toking abt patience... hahaha... sames goes to me. Can be patient with anyone and everyone excpet lex... hahaha
5 Jul 09, 03:12
cherry: wp: yah, but glad to be able to catch up a lil earlier. =)
5 Jul 09, 03:11
cherry: ahbing: hey. it's kristen itc
18 Jun 09, 11:05
W.Peng: hey!! how you? bn so long since i last tok to u. Yes and it seems like forever.
14 Jun 09, 22:47
ahbing: hello. drop by to say hi:) I like the fonts you use in cbox. what font is it?
25 May 09, 01:14
cherry: yah,in kch. but work til dis fri only.den after that back to jobless.:D i'll see you in june then!enjoy ur last days in kl!! :P
18 May 09, 04:05
josantoes: hahaha.. go back sure find u la.. hahaha you working in kch is it? good la, got more friends around then wont be stuck at home all the time.. i start work in sept/oct, so plenty of time la
11 May 09, 00:01
cherry: ohyeaaa,congrats on ur graduation!!!! woot~
11 May 09, 00:01
cherry: =D
10 May 09, 23:57
cherry: laura:u cum bck then we go limtehlah.
10 May 09, 23:56
cherry: laura:omg.u've graduated!!!thats damn fastttt!! WELCOME BACK TO KCH. omg.gud la u come back. more kawan in kch!cheerios.but kokee not here lah.she's workin in pg.
10 May 09, 01:54
josantoes: hello hello.. i am going back to work in kch already.. hahah see u around in june.. bah.. graduated and wil be back! so come out lim teh some day with kokee!
6 May 09, 00:11
cherry: felixsur:thanx for sharing. :D
30 Apr 09, 13:43
felixsur: partially NIKON Kuching Photo Hunt 2009 video clip can be view here http://my-photo-n-video.blogspot.com/ njoy
30 Apr 09, 00:14
cherry: aw:that's awesome!!nice clip!!thanx for sharing. :D
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