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22 Sep 09, 00:09
Brittany: OMG.......I totally forgot about our blog....i miss you guys!!!
21 Mar 09, 21:13
vogieairman: well, nobody's written since '08! I'm bored so I'm writing - if anybody reads this -- I probably won't be on again 'till who knows when...
11 Oct 08, 21:25
elmoluvsyou731: hey everyone! this is geoff mikucki! it's been awhile since i alked to any one of you guys soooo.....yeah
10 Oct 08, 13:39
Livie: Let me further press it by saying heres sthe lyrics to one of the songs... (click on my name again.)
10 Oct 08, 13:36
Livie: Let me try that link again.. just click on my name.
10 Oct 08, 13:35
Livie: That link I just gave was a script fpr the Ken Hill version of Phantom. It's quite a simpeler version and we could actually get ameture production rights... I'm just sayin'...
17 Jul 08, 19:26
Livie: SNOT! That's really stinks! We need to get together soon, you know... Our Moms were talkin'
17 Jul 08, 19:25
broadwaygirl: I just wanted to let everyone who reads this (there are so few of us) know that my email isn't working. :( As soon as it is running again I'll ley you know.
28 Jun 08, 11:07
Nat: Hi! How is everyone? :)
7 Jun 08, 13:27
vogieairman: Okay, I got that out now. Hope to see you all soon
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