18 May 11, 21:39
Haseo Lawliet: would u help me use a icion of yours? i'm also asking if u can let me use it also. I don't use my E-mail but may you plz contact me at ~>http://www.theotaku.com i have the same username Haseo Lawliet
1 Mar 10, 12:13
Crystal: Just dropping by to say hey :D And I hope your doing good. I really miss you around the web I hope you come back
25 Dec 09, 02:26
Crystal: Happy Holidays! http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g160/Blink311/hh-1.jpg
23 Dec 09, 02:44
Akina: such a nce site^^
31 Oct 09, 03:16
Crystal: Happy Halloween! http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g160/Blink311/hh.gif
7 Sep 09, 14:42
Crystal: my site as well...It just takes so long to make one little avatar!!! Whats the deal!
7 Sep 09, 14:42
Crystal: Hey just dropping by! I'm so glad its starting to cool off here ^_^ Sorry to hear things are getting to much. Just try your best and work on the site when you can. I'm having problems getting to
19 Jul 09, 01:49
Crystal: Just dropping by ^^ I hope your doing good I can't wait to see more on the site, but I know your busy. I hope your having a good summer
27 Jun 09, 02:56
Crystal: Yea your back and with a vengeance I see! The site looks great I'll be sure to change the link and your name soon which I love the name by the way :D Good luck!
25 Jun 09, 20:14
Akinori: No kidding? You're back? Sweet!! I can't wait for more updates! Lovin' the new icons! By the way, this is Aki from Everrain. Good luck!
24 Jun 09, 11:59
Kali: Key!! Congrats on getting this place back up!! >w< Looks AMAZING!! You reminded me... I kind of left my site for dead. XDDD *runs off* Love you~~~~!!!! *chu*
8 May 09, 16:02
Crystal: Yea your back ^^ Glad to see you got everything back up and running :D
8 Mar 09, 01:03
Crystal: Just dropping by ^^ Hope your doing good
5 Jan 09, 19:48
Autumn*Sunsets: cute
27 Dec 08, 02:08
Crystal: Happy Holidays!
13 Dec 08, 19:31
Crystal: Great to hear your not going anywhere :D I can't wait to see the new stuff you have planned for your site. Good luck!
23 Oct 08, 15:17
Crystal: Get lots of rest!! I'm off to read what plans you have I can't wait. I'm just now starting to get back in deisgns things its just been so hard... >.<
21 Sep 08, 05:44
Kira: Yohlee! yooooo! when you gonna update??? busy again? well, this site's freakin' awesome, keep it going! don't give up, woo~
10 Sep 08, 14:08
Kali: first try! XDD WITHOUT my help. And she's not even very smart. xP
10 Sep 08, 14:07
Kali: Wooo~! I love the Lavi PNG. x3 And to the person below... No offense, but how dumb are you? o_o Yohlee's layout is simplier than most sites I go to and my five-year-old cousin was able to navigate it
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