13 Jan 08, 19:16
Anne: i love you and i hope you'e doing wondefully in your job! :) see you soon!
4 Dec 07, 15:12
Anna D.: Nearly Christmas, meep! 14th!!!
29 Oct 07, 20:21
Anne: my message got flagged. **** HAHA
29 Oct 07, 20:21
Anne: **** it, it's been ages since i blog hopped and now i'm amazed at your posts. damn. i miss writing, lol. better have more updates this time. nice entries! oh and hugs for all the rants. i feel for you
21 Oct 07, 02:37
Ferris: unbelievable video http://themymoviessite.com/movie/white/0/13/557/3/
14 Sep 07, 18:45
luj: nah i didnt mind. he did, but who cares? he lost anyway. butWE WON! WE WON! hahaha
10 Sep 07, 08:12
evi: im sorry but hello, we won! we won we won we won. against la salle! by two magnificent points! ONE BIG FIGHT!
9 Sep 07, 23:40
luj: were you in araneta??? haha i ruined my movie date with my bro cuz sakto before the movie started, you texted me. hahahahaha
7 Sep 07, 19:48
evi: i got dc! no kicking! bad anna!
7 Sep 07, 18:33
Anna: *kick*
7 Aug 07, 16:14
evi: luj jean! i miss you! but im tamad to see the block/organize a reunion
6 Aug 07, 19:48
luj!: eeeee!!!! i miss you!!!!!!
2 Aug 07, 11:49
luj!: oi!!!!!!! you have the like this also!!! hahahahahaha
1 Aug 07, 23:51
anne: weeee!!!! miss you E! love your vdna!
1 Aug 07, 12:33
evi: weee!!! just copied the cbox from anne! :)