19 Mar 19, 04:55
Sujeet: please upload Deborah Blando - A Different Story (1991)
12 Mar 19, 14:59
Curly Fries: Any chance to reUp Gigi on the Beach? Thx Nasty G!
11 Mar 19, 21:21
Edson: Blog beautiful, but audio in flac format would be better, because only then will we have better audio quality
10 Mar 19, 10:31
Jerrod: THANK YOU NASTYG!!! ❤️🙌🏼
5 Mar 19, 20:51
Shazamm: Hey there Nasty G, thanks all you do with this site and preserving musical history! I was wondering if you could fix the the DL link for the "Oscar - Spotlight (1992)" album? Currently it links to a d
28 Feb 19, 15:54
Nasty G: Denise Lopez has been reupped. And sorry, don't do FLAC.
26 Feb 19, 17:10
Christian: Thanks for the shares. Any chance of re-uploading these in FLAC or Lossless format? I honestly haven't used outdated mp3 format since 2008
22 Feb 19, 07:50
jasa seo: Wonderfull blog
22 Feb 19, 07:49
pakar seo: nice info
21 Feb 19, 23:21
Jerrod: Thank you NastyG!!! Love this blog!! Would it be possible to also upload Denise Lopez’ Every Dog Has Her Day!!
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