17 Jan 20, 00:52
pse: hey, is it possible to reup Los Umbrellos- Flamenco funk? thanks! ;)
5 Jan 20, 03:52
Luís Fernando: Also Sabrina Johnston - Sabrina is not Working... Thanks for the reups.. Happy 2020!!!
5 Jan 20, 03:51
Luís Fernando: Sabrina Johnston - Sabrina.. also is not working... Thanks a lot for your kindness! And a happy New 2020
5 Jan 20, 03:03
Luís Fernando: Would you mind telling me what happened to Music Spectrum? I tried to acess in order to download again Sheree- Miss my love but it seems it is not online
5 Jan 20, 03:00
Luís Fernando: Hi, Nasty.. unfortunately my Hd broke and i am now looking for my old musics.. Would you mind reup Ruby Amanfu - Smoke and Honey? Thanks a lot
2 Jan 20, 15:45
GoldenDark: Hey NastyG, glad to see you're still about! If you were able to reupload Hiroko's album, I'd really appreciate it! I have all her other albums too if you're interested :)
21 Dec 19, 13:32
Chris: Glad to see you, Nasty G! Glad you're ok even if too busy to post. I'd appreciate re-ups for Or-N-More & Francesca Beghe if possible but if not, thanks anyway for all you've shared over the years :)
12 Dec 19, 23:50
Aaron: Do you have Chromium’s Star to Star...early work by the Buggles guys
11 Dec 19, 18:16
Nasty G: Thanks so much for letting me know, Mark! And yes, Rob, would love the Tara album!
9 Dec 19, 22:05
Mark: Thought you might wanna know - someone is reposting a lot of your posts - http://tavasci3-musicrewind.blogspot.com - only problem is that they are in Spanish... but I happen to blogwalk and found this
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