17 Sep 19, 11:39
Chris: Seeing a favorite site vanish like this, makes me even more grateful this blog is still around :) And thank you all for keeping the shoutbox active too :)
17 Sep 19, 11:39
Chris: I wonder if anyone could please re-up Or-N-More self-titled 1991? I've also been wondering if anyone knows what happened to the music spectrum blog(ger)? He was so kind & helpful, I hope he's ok!
15 Sep 19, 08:50
Swann Germane: @miguel You're Welcome!
15 Sep 19, 08:41
miguel: @Swann Germane: thank you!
14 Sep 19, 22:10
Swann Germane: @miguel Sure, here's Ruby Amanfu - Smoke & Honey https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&confirm=odKv&id=1qp3CBmzYxFRnK95B-xUk5W-62lbT0cW4
14 Sep 19, 17:16
miguel: @Swann Germane: could you share it, please? :)
14 Sep 19, 10:51
Swann Germane: @miguel I have it!
14 Sep 19, 07:27
miguel: Anyone have Ruby Amanfu's Smoke and Honey, please?
4 Sep 19, 20:47
steve: By the way i can get you soul attorney's 2 albums if you are interest!?
4 Sep 19, 20:22
steve: Thanks alot Swann Germaine as for the second albums i found out elsewhere now only the remixes to look for but Nasty G thanks another Steve for the album m'be he can ask him again!? ;)
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