20 Jul 17, 05:20
floyd: Hi Nasty...could you please re-up bingoboys best of & beatmasters anywayawanna..many thanks
18 Jul 17, 05:01
KING: Looking for Rosie Gaines would you happened to have any
18 Jul 17, 05:00
KING: Do you have all of sybil album please
14 Jul 17, 12:53
AndyM: Hi Nasty G, do you have the 12" single to Warren Mills' '84 track, "Mickey's Monkey"?? I've seen that you have the album, but I was just wondering if you have it. Thanks!! -AndyM
13 Jul 17, 11:55
prettyguy2: Thanks for Milkaila 's Album!
13 Jul 17, 11:55
prettyguy2: Thank YOU for Mikaila album!
11 Jul 17, 23:53
AJ: Can you please re-upload Rhianna - Get On? Thank you!!
11 Jul 17, 14:59
Rich: @Nasty G: And one more from your wishlist: NEW CHOICE's "At Last": https://www.dropbox.com/s/9dur1h10c7ms0i0/NEW%20CHOICE-At%20Last%20%281988%29.rar?dl=0
11 Jul 17, 11:35
Rich: @Nasty G: Another from your wishlist: EFFCEE's "Perfect": https://www.dropbox.com/s/ythf4lyljszoo2p/EFFCEE-Perfect%20%282004%29.rar?dl=0
11 Jul 17, 11:14
Rich: @Nasty G: And here's DARK FLOWER's "Feed My Soul" from your wishlist: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gfo4cv5eiugdaxn/DARK%20FLOWER-Feed%20My%20Soul%20%282001%29.rar?dl=0
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