16 Jun 19, 16:08
Dj Aliababoa: New mixtape episode: Enjoy the cool RnB, Hip Hop, Pop & Soul musicblog platform. https://djaliababoashome.blogspot.com/2019/06/the-summer-playlist-show-by-disc-jockey.html#Newest%20event
12 Jun 19, 10:41
bibi: HI, Any chance for a reup of the icy blu album? grts
2 Jun 19, 16:21
Tom: Hey, would it be all possible to reup a cleaner version of the "Mens Room" 1984 album? Its super rare the the rip available doesn't have the best sound quality. Lots of pops and clicks. Thanks
30 May 19, 13:38
Rod: Hello. Could please re-up or give me a link for Lina Santiago's "Feel So Good" album? Thanks a lot!
28 May 19, 18:46
Giba: Hi! Searching for an album of former Propaganda vocalist CLAUDIA BRUCKEN LOVE: AND A MILLION OTHER THINGS (EXPANDED VERSION), thx
26 May 19, 12:07
morbidandpink: Hey, could you please reupload Breed by Lauren Christy? Thanks!
21 May 19, 23:32
Jeff: Hey NastyG - Would it be possible to do a post on The Party? Their albums are very hard to find. Thanks.
18 May 19, 09:30
Rob: Any chance of a reup of Sabrina by Sabrina Johnston? I know it's been a few but I love the other two albums posted. Thanks in advance!
14 May 19, 10:19
diego: hey! any chance of a reup of the Kina album? thank you so much!
11 May 19, 08:35
Lynn: NOBODY else reading these blogs. Alex is now on my side, what would he want you to do?
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