27 May 17, 16:53
Chris: Could you please reupload Dusty Trails and The Poppies? Thanks a lot!
25 May 17, 17:50
Lazee: could u re-up Doubleplusgood / Subliminal NY / La Casa / Jose & Luis - New Faces (1993) thanks
20 May 17, 23:33
mask off: Thank you for reupping all the requests! Could you please reup Sweetbox - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (1998) & Charlotte - Charlotte (1999)?
20 May 17, 12:27
David: Could you please reup BB Queens both albums? Thnx
18 May 17, 13:55
AJ: thank you for all the re-ups, nasty g. i do hope that you decide to continue writing about it. you bring lots of joy to everybody here and you've certainly help me discover new artists. :heart:
18 May 17, 09:41
Dan Wannahan: Thank you SO much for taking the time to re-up all those requests!
17 May 17, 13:18
Nasty G: Hello all. I have tried to reup everything requested in the CBox and on individual posts, also on Lost Pop Treasures. Let me know if there's anything I missed. ;)
16 May 17, 12:09
scotty: i miss this blog. but you guys can also check out my blog http://retromories.blogspot.ca
16 May 17, 12:03
Tony: Hi! can you please re-up "NightCat" 1991. Thanks
8 May 17, 08:09
aja675: Could you please reupload New School-New School?
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