7 Jun 13, 19:21
Download Albums: sup lets exchange links? www.AlbumFiend.com email us
28 Dec 11, 14:23
Kyle: keep update ^_^
21 Dec 11, 05:13
Kelly: Nice blog. visit here to support u
21 Jan 09, 16:38
Heather: Duh, found it
21 Jan 09, 16:34
Heather: Hey Ya'll Am I blind or why can I not find the Chicken Pot Pie recipe with the cream cheese in it???
20 Jan 09, 12:59
Heidi: Jen, can I get your address to send you $ I owe you?
15 Dec 08, 15:31
Meagan: It is way too cold to run the smoker outside. I am replacing smoked carnitas with crockpot carnitas this month. I have added a link to the recipe. Any objections, let me know asap. thanks!
19 Nov 08, 21:41
Heather: Yup, hubby still on couch. Its a little chilly here, Got down to 28 last night. Doing sticky chicky tomorrow in crock and 2 pork roast tonight to put up for pulled pork. Man I miss you guys.
18 Nov 08, 22:25
Mary: so far i dont see anything extra. i cant see anything in my freezer, my husband went shopping again and i can not even open my freezer. i need to start cooking and i don't knowwhere to put it!
18 Nov 08, 15:26
Salli: I got one.
18 Nov 08, 11:13
Heidi: Did someone get an extra sweet jalapeno ribs? I didn't seam to get any of that....
6 Nov 08, 21:50
Heidi: Hey Heather, you're photos looked like the boys are having a good time! How is it?
6 Nov 08, 21:49
Heidi: Hey girls. I added some fav.'s, are there any others you can think of I should add?
1 Nov 08, 21:27
heidi: Hey Ladies. So sorry I didn't get stuff posted. I will post ASAP.
26 Oct 08, 11:41
Salli: Heather, Last I checked, your husband is STILL laying on the couch!!
25 Oct 08, 11:35
Heather: "Boo" me from Orlando!!
25 Oct 08, 11:35
Heather: Waiting on my sister (probly be a while) as she knows all all peeps interested. Darrel is in Houston building back after Ike soI am doing simple kid meals every night and building up good freezer meal
25 Oct 08, 10:14
Heidi: Wow. Heather, you go girl! When are you starting your group there? We'll be in Orlando for Halloween.
25 Oct 08, 10:14
Heidi: Pepper jelly? hmmmm I have seen it at hyvee, but it was green not red like I was use to.
23 Oct 08, 09:56
Heather: Hey ladies, just popping in to get recipes, put 2 sticky chickies and a big batch of parsley parmesan chx in the freezer plus 5 lbs of twice baked potates!!
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