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fon: http://m33w.is-fabulo.us/
asa-chan: fon, have you tried our IRC channel?
asa-chan: you can probably pull lists from the bots there
asa-chan: but idk
ilcane87: @druid I know you can find it on streaming websites, but it's only on low quality; I was looking for the original high res files. I contacted Korokun, but he isn't able to reupload them.
darkash: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://m33w-fansubs.com/
darkash: try it
darkash: they have the high res files, but need to go through all their snapshots tho
ilcane87: @darkash Thanks, but I had already found those old torrent links, and unfortunately they aren't seeded anymore.
donkie737: It's been about 10 years since I really started watching anime. Got some fond memories... Must say though, lately it feels like the quality of shows are dropping.
donkie737: It's been a few seasons since a show has really gotten me excited about it.
Satou: woud be nic when somone seed the torrent s from the mitsudomoe picture dramas
FloatingSunfish: Hi, Satou! You can get all Mitsudomoe Picture Drama CDs here:
FloatingSunfish: https://sunfishscans.wordpress.com/anime-drama-audio-cds/
zeron: Man...it's been years and this is still around
zeron: fond memories...memories that just came back to me all the sudden. Some good, some sad.
asa-chan: oh it's zeron
asa-chan: g t f o <3 <3 <3
Asa-chan: Happy new year, xess -- hope you're doing well :)
asa-chan: and happy new year to everyone else as well. May it be a prosperous one for you and your family, full of good health
melfie: @xess well I think I'm like 6+ months late on the reply. No I never found the images. They are likely on one of my archived HDDs
melfie: I'm sad I can't pay for another 3 years at once... they took the option away
melfie: wow this cbox goes back almost 3 years of logs now
melfie: anyways I'll stop in again sometime cya all
asa-chan: beep
yoru-kun: boop
Asa-chan: Braaap
melfie: We live again :)
melfie: We live again :)
melfie: #dead :(
anonymous special a: anyone know where I might find a working torrent for special a? Really like these subs
xess2: how do I get rid of this "This site may be hacked" crap from the google search :(
ash: how about fixing the broken images? i think google crawl those images and meet too much error and it hasnt been fixed for years
cliooo: I'm in a weird mood tonight and found myself here. so, hello cbox. asagao ~ I am only realizing now that I never responded to your email. I'm sorry.
cliooo: Not that it matters, but I did start a reply. The draft reads: "dear friend, imagine"
Chibi: pof
Chibi: omg, it's alive
Chibi: The last time I dropped by I couldn't send a message. Something was wrong with cbox, dunno
Chibi: It's hard to know when the last message was posted. We should have timestamps :<
Asa-chan: Whoa cbox is alive?? 2/13
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