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melfie: as of now I can confirm I have these
melfie: Getsumen, Ano Hana, Chaos Head, Kimi ni Todoke Season 2, MM!, Working!!
melfie: still super dead here I see. 04062020
melfie: @xess let me know if you decide to renew the domain name. (same day as above)
Toru Koroshi: @melfie if you want get intouch with me directly at the email contact or elberthopes1953 gmail we can talk more about the site etc.
xessy: @melfie yeah, speak to koro about the domain. 2020-04-11
Toru Koroshi: Thanks, would definitely like to give it an overhaul
Jigsy: I still stop in here from time to time.
damee: Been a long time since I stopped by here
melfie: holy hell damee showed up
melfie: hope you have been well.
melfie: @Koro if you guys still plan on using it then probably not needed. Unless you want me to host it on my server. I'll send you an email at some point about it when I actually have time.
damee: Been ages since I've been on irc myself. These days most of my communication happens on discord
damee: Been a while since I did any fansubbing but I still watch plenty of anime every season
Nitcher: weuw 2020 is the year huh? this chat had more action this year compared to a few in a row... ; _ ;
Nitcher: 2020-june-09
T.T: Wow its still here.
T.T: 10 years later
afr22: hello, does any one have the Fighting Beauty Wulong files?
Toru Koroshi: Heya, this is Korokun here. I updated the post, so feel free to lurk and hopefully i'll get things rolling again
Toru Koroshi: No i don't keep up with anime like I should but that still doesn't stop my love to sub older anime.
Toru Koroshi: You'll find me as "Korokun" on discord. Gotta keep up with the kids, and can't be a hipster forever you know!
Marek: Now that's an unexpected but entirely welcome surprise. Comments don't seem to work on the blog, though.
melfie: @Korokun do you want to keep the cbox around or just use discord?
zeron: I'm... Honestly surprised this is still around
zeron: Came by because I was downloading some animu and saw m33w again lol
zeron: I would agree with the idea with a m33w discord server lol. I once thought about paying the cbox to say hi... But I don't want to make someone uncomfortable so I'll just say hi again
zeron: And come back in another 2 years lol
zeron: Nov 13, 2020
melfie: Who would you make uncomfortable by paying the cbox?
melfie: 2020-11-13
Lonk#7523: I just saw one of your fansubs used on another site, and as a man of culture, I went to the site. This community feels like a really wholesome place where skill is cher
Lonk#7523: ished
Lonk#7523: I love how you support subbing all anime
Lonk#7523: because, well, even trash anime can cheer a person up. without you, many of my days would've been much worse
Lonk#7523: I do however disagree that mainstream anime fansubbing is dead
Lonk#7523: fansubs IMO are much better than official subs as the translators better understand the community
Lonk#7523: and my username Lonk#7523 is my discord
Jigsy: A lot of movies these days don't get subbed. Same with OVAs...
Jigsy: It's quite sad, really. :<
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