6 Jan 09, 09:36
Gloria: Happy New Year !
30 Oct 08, 18:55
marge: hi everyone..
18 Oct 08, 18:17
unida again: Hallelujah... how are you my dear bro. and sis in Christ.. missing you all.. I dont know.. when the time w mee again.. Im reallly.. really miss you all with all of my heart... your siste in Christ uni
26 Sep 08, 14:45
unida: hi... to everyone... I miss you so much.. take care always.. in Gods time we will meet at jesus hands.. I love you all...
25 Aug 08, 00:13
Ariel: hey everyone, keep on going what you have done! God bless you. Miss you all :)
19 Aug 08, 15:33
Meien: Hello~are you all ok now?VMT5.
3 Jun 08, 08:47
Gloria: Long time no see, I miss all of you!
22 May 08, 16:44
Dani: Photo4. the Mandarin course. This time, the youths made great provements. thsy even practiced the Mandarin in door to door evangelism at China Town on 18th May.
22 May 08, 16:42
Dani: messagePhoto 3. Group photo on 17th May Saturday morning. We are veery lucky to see Bro Jude Gacumo and Bro. Resty Gacumo again.
22 May 08, 16:39
Dani: Photo1. practiced the dood to door evangelism in Mandarin at China Town. Photo2. English to Tagalog tranlation seminar. The lovely teacher Jane Lopez from Dominican College teaching in calss.
22 May 08, 16:36
Dani: We are in Manila right now. Did you see the new post of Mandarin coursen and divine work training yet? If you like it post your comment too> Don't forgetit.
22 May 08, 16:34
Dani: Hi guys, for a certain period we didn't see you on this web site. How you all guys. Are you still OK? pay us a view and give us a greeting. OK?
11 May 08, 04:15
bro.resty: Shalom in Jesus
25 Apr 08, 18:09
David Wu: Although I am busy sometimes, but I still keep many scenes and words in Manila in mind. Of course you guys
24 Apr 08, 13:38
Lillian: 哈利路亞 我回來看看大家了
5 Apr 08, 08:44
Nicole: 加入守望禱告行列!
21 Mar 08, 00:09
Jacob: 有位在泰北當地的同工被撒旦困擾,我們明晨將禁食禱告。請大家也同心幫助禱告!
20 Mar 08, 21:54
Zara: 收到!!加強禱告!!
19 Mar 08, 23:30
gahocho: 請大家幫忙執事他們在泰國的事工代禱,剛接到消息,當地教會的某工人受到靈的干擾,需要大家的禱告,也願 神伸出大能的手施恩開路,彰顯祂的榮耀
7 Mar 08, 16:54
Jacob: Hello, Eric, Mark, Kelvin, Edwin, James, Ericks, Cecil: I will leave Manila. Hope we can meet again on May. God be with you!
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