14 Jul 11, 02:22
Molly, Taffy, MOnty,Winni: Happy Barkday Kirby. x
6 May 10, 05:50
Noah: Hey matie, hope you're all ok. We havent seen you about in ages.
18 Mar 10, 09:13
Molly, Taffy and Monty: Hi Kirby. Hope you are OK. Miss you.
24 Dec 09, 14:44
Keeley: Happy Howlidays Kirby!
11 Dec 09, 15:48
MOlly, Taffy and Monty: Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card. We receivd it today. Kirby you look so handsome. Merry Christmas xx
5 Oct 09, 12:07
Erin: Thanks for the advice about Teagan's boo-boo. I hope the antibiotics do the trick. Where have you been? Did you quit blogging? Or are you just taking a break?
26 Sep 09, 18:46
Taffy: Thank you for my ecard as well. So very kind of you Kirby.
26 Sep 09, 05:58
Molly: Thank you so much for my lovely birthday card. xx
27 Aug 09, 22:00
Lucia: Kirrrrrrrrrbyyyyy, I, Lucia, miss you!! Hope all is well ... come back soon!! :glad:
18 Aug 09, 09:58
Bogart: Thanks for the birthday card Kirby!!! :heart:
14 Jul 09, 03:54
Maggie & Mitch: Happy birthday, Kirby! We hope you have the best day ever with lots of treats and hugs! :D
6 Jun 09, 08:15
Molly and Taffy: HI Kirby, We are dead chuffed, thanks again for nominating us.
17 May 09, 03:40
Molly and Taffy: Please do pop over to our blog we have award for you. :)
13 May 09, 02:49
Molly and Taffy: Oh wow Kirby thank you ever so much for nominating us.
25 Dec 08, 23:44
Bogart: Hey Kirby - hope you're doing GREAT - Happy Holairedays buddy! :heart:
12 Dec 08, 02:19
Stanley: Hey, Kirbs! Are you getting yourself an Airecut before you head for the beaches of Florida? :nuts:
28 Nov 08, 12:43
Bogart: Happy Thanksgiving pal! :heart:
26 Sep 08, 18:32
Bogart: Hey Kirby! Stopping by to say hi and send you some love :)
25 Sep 08, 18:22
Molly and Taffy: Many thanks for the funny e-card
18 Sep 08, 18:30
Keeley: Kirby! I email you a couple of weeks ago... did you get my message?
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