21 Jul 18, 12:55
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softwaresbox: thanks
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18 Sep 15, 10:53
Melody: ^_^ Okay that should do it. Now you can only spam where you all are meant to spam in the websites board.
17 Sep 15, 11:27
Melody: I have already said not to spam and to use the right board for links to websites. So please use the right board marked website to post any links to websites and stop spamming.
4 Jul 14, 14:13
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11 Feb 14, 20:38
Melody: Okay please guys post your websites in the right place the board called websites.
22 Oct 13, 19:53
15 Aug 12, 12:18
Melody: And anyway there are some parts of this site that is mine. Others that members have asked for and shown me through pm such as layouts ideas they thought would be good for the site.
15 Aug 12, 12:13
Melody: have fun.
15 Aug 12, 12:13
Melody: Oh ok thank you for helping to clear that up. However most rpg sites are like that. Lots of rpg sites out there are beased off things like Naruto or Bleach. I only made this site for my memebers to
15 Aug 12, 05:55
Mr. Def: Plagiarism is taking someone else's ideas and presenting them as your own
28 Jul 12, 12:12
Melody: I shall be away on 1st of Aug until the 10th of Aug.
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