23 Apr 19, 20:13
Poker_Ray: hi Krista you registered the wrong tournament at 9 30 pm hun please register the 11 pm https://www.replaypoker.com/tournaments/2697774
21 Apr 19, 18:49
Krista: ty ty ty hugs
21 Apr 19, 16:08
Poker_Ray: Welcome to lg Krista and I gifted you 2000 Bux ,04/21/19 14:07:03 PST 2,000 krista @ paradise_poker
21 Apr 19, 14:29
pali: hi krista look at your email it shows u what to do to play in our games :ywyw1: :zppb:
21 Apr 19, 14:13
Poker_Ray: https://www.replaypoker.com/leagues/2 <-- this is paridise_poker in replay
21 Apr 19, 00:21
Krista: hi hi ... please can i get on the Paradise league in Relay? my name is Krista Kaiser and on RELAY my name is "kcorbee" thank you !!! hugs
15 Feb 19, 14:48
situs poker online: hello!!
21 Jan 19, 20:18
marvin: pali,i thought you knew, i'll be around forever
21 Jan 19, 02:41
pali: Parablanco, WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE hope to see you play with us soon you have been added to the league list so you should be able to play now :c33: :c60:
21 Jan 19, 02:38
pali: Ammogman, welcome back to the league hope to see you in the tourneys soon I have added you to the league list so u should be able to play now :c65:
21 Jan 19, 02:33
pali: Marvin i sent u an email and have added you to the league list so u should be able to play now hugsss see u in the tourneys
21 Jan 19, 02:32
pali: Marvin :ywyw1: BACK old friend good to see youre still kickin' lol :s066:
19 Jan 19, 22:08
marvin: btw, tell brent i said he's getting lazy in his dotage, lol
19 Jan 19, 22:06
marvin: thanks kitty, sorry about tonight
19 Jan 19, 22:01
19 Jan 19, 21:02
Marvin: Go ahead and play if you can, kitty,it might be a couple of days before i'm listed in the league in replay
19 Jan 19, 20:56
Marvin: Still can't register in replay, kitty
19 Jan 19, 18:48
marvin: i was wrong its an old id i forgotthe password to, someone wiil have to enter me into league in replay
19 Jan 19, 18:45
marvin: but still won't let me register in replay
19 Jan 19, 18:44
marvin: funny, i looked at league membership in replay and i'm on it
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