22 Jan 18, 22:22
rc_crown_royal: :wow1: :c28:
21 Jan 18, 22:47
ben: i would love to join but dont have enough ladder buxs
6 Jan 18, 22:59
pali: HAPPY NEW YEAR MEMBERS AND HOSTS :s066: especially you Brent WE MISS YOU lets see more of u in the new year :c39:
25 Dec 17, 09:01
Brent: :merryxmas: Merry Christmas to all. The Reindeer Feast is tonight :s103:
1 Dec 17, 22:46
pali: :ywyw1: TO ALL THE NEW MEMBERS Hope to see you at the league tables in Replay :c65:
22 Nov 17, 23:55
Ben/bigtanklucas: Sorry I missed it tonight didn't get parked in time was hoping to get to play but ohwell maybe next time
22 Nov 17, 17:48
kittywoman70: Hope you make it.
22 Nov 17, 07:23
Ben/bigtanklucas82: Ok I might try to join tonight if I get done early enough
21 Nov 17, 23:28
kittywoman70: oker_Ray: ofc he can play poker here but his cell must install adobe app there is ur answer ben
21 Nov 17, 20:50
Ben/bigtanklucas: I have no internet access on my laptop I still driving a semi
21 Nov 17, 19:48
kittywoman70: i will ask ray tonight he will know.
21 Nov 17, 18:35
Ben/bigtanklucas: Can I get on replay poker on my cell phone
21 Nov 17, 18:26
kittywoman70: I wish ypu could join us Ben. WE miss you hope all is well with you it seems to be here. Thanks for the shout.
21 Nov 17, 18:22
Ben/bigtanklucas: If I could play off my cell I would join you all miss playing hopefully everyone doing well
21 Nov 17, 18:18
Ben: Just stopping by to say hi
13 Oct 17, 14:02
kittywoman70: YVW and thank you and all the TD's we couldn't do it alone it takes a team and ty to our faithful members.
12 Oct 17, 22:50
pali: :tyty1: kitty for hosting bounty pleasures and CONGRATULATIOINS jeb on you win WTG :c17:
27 Jul 17, 23:54
paligirl35: we play at Replay Poker it is a free online poker site and we have a league there you may join the league on this site and then register to play on Replay Poker hope to see u there :zppb:
27 Jul 17, 08:55
Ultima: What video can you recommend to watch for learning strategy of playing online poker?
27 Jul 17, 08:53
dale: On which site you playing online poker?
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