03/07/17 11:01
annz24: Hello Nurses! Is someone here taking the CAP at Lonsdale on September 2017? :)
02/01/17 05:48
Beau: Hi Kim, in general CAP nurses find it very hard to find employment and you'll most likely end up working in an aged care facility for the first few years, apply directly to the care homes
01/06/17 10:59
Kim: Hi..anyone here who already took the CAP? Is it easy to find a job after passing thr CAP? Thank you
11/08/16 21:20
11/08/16 21:17
09/21/16 04:48
Daph: Hi any one here na May alam Kung counted ung occupational health nurse as experience for CAP? Working as a nurse n a company po na clinic set up.thanks in advance
09/08/16 15:29
bobby: hi can you guys give me a format of references letter which we should get from the employer. thanks
08/29/16 00:19
gen: hi cnu po lonsdale jan 2017? and paguide naman regarding visa processing thank you
08/16/16 08:11
Jentec: Hi, anyone here who requested verification for registration in sg as an ex RN in sg?
08/11/16 14:26
christian: anu po bang mga papers na i submit to nursing council?
08/11/16 14:26
christian: hi
08/04/16 20:50
Kim: Hi, anyone here an mag take Ng CAP in lonsdale September 2016?
07/28/16 13:32
mariel: ok lang yun tiny. regardless kung ano mauna, they will receive it. wait ka nalang sa reference number mo
07/21/16 21:00
tiny: hi, im on the process of getting approval from nursing council. nauna ma ship yung from prc ko sa stage one. pwede ba yun? or dpt inantay ko muna yung feedback nila sa stage one ko.
07/12/16 00:58
Dinno: Hello. Cno po taking their cap sa nmit dis sept?
07/10/16 17:42
jules: @jules
07/10/16 17:41
jules: hi, I just passed the academic ielts. anyone here who is at the same stage as me?
06/22/16 22:42
jil: hi guys sino dito gttake ng cap this july s EIT? pleas let e know
06/03/16 22:51
Kris: Hi anyone here na 2nd courser? Cal somebody please give me insights and details kun ano or papano naging experience ng isang 2nd courser,nursing as the 2nd degree
05/26/16 06:32
ericka: hi everyone i have 2 yrs experience pero nag work na me hre uae as medicla claims processor macount po kyanun experience kasi friend ko. un currnet job titile nacount sa nclex?
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