20 Jun 09, 15:30
The Thuglets: The Thugletsxx
20 Jun 09, 15:30
The Thuglets: Happy 4th Birthday Ludo! Big Nose Pokes
22 Apr 09, 03:14
theBUSTER: wow.. now that looked like fun. -- meeting all the relatives..theBUSTER, Ms. Persephone & Ms.Blue
13 Apr 09, 21:43
Louisette: Greeting from 2 golden retriever of Belgium, lovely blog and fotos
1 Jan 09, 14:24
Finni: Happy New Year Ludo & Otto from Finni & Nelly
7 Dec 08, 18:16
Noah: Matie, D is after your new address. Thanks
2 Dec 08, 12:02
Habca: Hey Ludo, you are so lucky to have such a cute brother. I wish I had one, too!
24 Nov 08, 18:10
Ezzy and Jagger: Poor Jagger never saw snow....Hope we get some this year..Do not eat yellow snow..Airehugs
30 Sep 08, 08:47
Thuglets: Bet you didn't sleep last night Ludo! Paws x'd today goes well. Lots of piccies. TTx
27 Sep 08, 17:02
Mol and Gertrude: Hi Ludo - has Otto arrived yet? Love M and G xxxx
26 Sep 08, 11:16
Maggie & Mitch: We have an award for you, Ludo! Check out our blog! :D
21 Aug 08, 11:44
Habca: Hey Ludo, your news is amazing! A little brother, you will have so much fun!
29 Jul 08, 18:02
Molly and Taffy: Where are youLudo .busy sunbathiing??
23 Jul 08, 13:15
Noah: Got something for you. Come check our blog xx
28 Jun 08, 21:10
Bogart: Hey Ludo, hope you LOVE your new place - I moved too and I love it!!! :) Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
22 Jun 08, 23:41
Noah: Glad all went well with the move Ludo. Happy belated birthday matie xxxx (the kisses are from the girls hee hee)
19 Jun 08, 21:48
Molly and Taffy: Happy Birthday Ludo, hope you have a great day tomorrow. Molly and Taffy xxx
3 Jun 08, 11:29
Noah: How are you going matie???? You must be in the process of moving??
18 May 08, 09:59
Mr. T-Bone Beasley: Come check out mine or Chef's blog!!!! It's up! It's time! The Goody Exchange is on! I'm so excited! Help spread the word! This is gonna be the best event ever!
18 Apr 08, 20:16
The Thuglets: Hope you ahve a great weekend! TT+2x
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