16 May 13, 15:00
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SexyJessyCa: Nice work
6 Dec 07, 12:11
WEna: advice
6 Dec 07, 12:11
WEna: Dude, Benny's mom wants to be your friend on Facebook? Holy cow..I say ignore her and if she persists than do what Izzy and Kat O said...or basically I say do what Rosie said to do...thats sound...
29 Nov 07, 00:52
Siao: C-box?? thats the funniest name ever!
22 Nov 07, 15:52
Daphne: Yah. What can I say? I like Bawls.
21 Nov 07, 10:49
Rowena: haha
21 Nov 07, 10:49
Rowena: I'm rollin'...hehe, I'm so forwarding that to everyone I know
21 Nov 07, 10:49
Rowena: LMAO LMAO LMAO you like bawls, you had bumpy bawls in your mouth, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
20 Nov 07, 18:06
Rowena: So, that tea looks interesting, I wouldn't say gross though...GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAM sweets, I know I told you that yesterday but still, I wanted to tell you again
15 Nov 07, 12:30
Rowena: I think that is so lame when the author makes the hero not able to have sex with the heroine unless another GUY is present...that's so not cute
15 Nov 07, 12:28
Rowena: ohhh and HEY! Justin may be known as a lot of things but he doesn't have threesomes and those kind of things, haha
15 Nov 07, 12:27
Rowena: And that is too cute about your Mom and the lip balm, I'm so rollin' right now, haha
15 Nov 07, 12:26
Rowena: I'm loving the new Carrie Underwood cd though, it's cute.
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