24 Oct 14, 20:36
satoshi: http://youtu.be/VfGk2vXhsuE
4 Dec 07, 16:15
syed: hi,today i tried this page again i absolutly ....... loved the TRUTH it speaks ... keep up . wish u all strengths
20 Nov 07, 20:16
supriya: yes, a great blog. Really nice to have something like this. Will also post pics when i can figure it out!
13 Nov 07, 10:28
11 Nov 07, 12:10
Ashok Kapoor: This is amazing. I would like it very much for my dog to be a part of this family. Keep up the love.
3 Oct 07, 16:32
divya: This blog is like a world in itself. And it's a much happier place than the one we live in. The stories, the instances are delightful. Wish I was surrounded by more dogs than humans :-)
1 Oct 07, 22:07
amritika: great blog will write as soon as i figure out how it works ... never blogged before lol
30 Sep 07, 23:23
nikki: aw dog! they have exposed me all over! :/
28 Sep 07, 14:52
madhu: A flood of trubles will vanish the moment the mind of a wise perosn collects itself to face them. "" so never run from the problems challenge them and say ' look i am here to face you' god bless you''
28 Sep 07, 14:40
madhu: amazing! done a fantastic job! try to forward it as many as. good luck
27 Sep 07, 22:32
ginger: wow! our whole tribe is here in abundance...the canine tribe i mean
27 Sep 07, 22:31
subodh: good work
27 Sep 07, 22:31
subodh: good work.keep it up. i will try to tell others too
25 Sep 07, 23:48
soulfree: you just type in the longer box at the bottom and click go, it gets pasted up here. write your name and leave your email incase you dont worry that we would run after you or try biting you :glad:
25 Sep 07, 23:44
soulfree: hello and welcome to this corner. you can leave your footprints, ideas and musing here...