16 Feb 08, 12:10
eeshaun: haha. alright happy new year too (: enjoy the hols sarah
11 Feb 08, 22:46
Sarah: hahaa..this blog doesnt end with fyp...theres still photos from past events i havent put up...haha..:P would come soon...:p lil lazy...=P
11 Feb 08, 22:45
Sarah: Happy Chinese New Year!:)
4 Feb 08, 15:32
eeshaun: haha...what's left to update? (:
30 Jan 08, 12:33
Sarah: haven't update this blog in the longest time...will be back to update soon!
5 Jan 08, 16:18
rach: check her out! http://essimar.blogspot.com/
1 Jan 08, 11:26
eeshaun: happy new year people! here's a link to the chinese back dorm boys for comic relief, btw, check out the sculpture of themselves...http://netramblings.wordpress.com/2007/09/03/the-back-dorm-boys-china/
31 Dec 07, 15:17
Liz: muahaha, since i am here, keke, let me advertise my fyp de blog. <http://animix8.blogspot.com/> come visit and sive comments hurr.. hahax
31 Dec 07, 15:14
rach: haha. i didn't notice it until now! julia has miisty popping out from behind the paper punching bags with her. so cuute
31 Dec 07, 15:07
Liz: YOZ! tagg-gggedddd, nice work girls~ jia you jia you~ deadline soon xD haha i aso hv to rush mine liao muahahah cya~ and hurr hurr.. good work again *.*
19 Dec 07, 23:13
eeshaun: haha thanks rach. i love those guys... (:
19 Dec 07, 16:46
rach: i bet all of us has heard of the 2 chinese boys that lip syncs to bsb music. here's their best vm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xm9_9ygolFc&feature=related
18 Dec 07, 18:10
rach: hee hee hee! they are goood riight! it's fun to watch how they had grown ((:
17 Dec 07, 14:44
jace: wow... cool... tat is cool.. i keep goin in and watch their production... x_x
14 Dec 07, 14:26
eeshaun: oh you mean, a groupie? haha.
14 Dec 07, 14:26
eeshaun: one more person??
14 Dec 07, 13:42
rach: wongfuproductions.com here jacelyn. eeshaun, sarah + i has recruited one more person!! hahah~
13 Dec 07, 12:46
rach: miistyfied aunties go go go!!!
13 Dec 07, 11:56
eeshaun: nice pics! i feel tired looking at all of you work into the morning....go get some sleep!! p.s. send me pics of the useless exhibit too!
12 Dec 07, 05:38
rach: haha yes we know. with our little handkerchief (; current status: sarah has fell asleep in front of her comp + julia's shutting down. haha
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