30 Jun 13, 11:05
abg superman: jemput la follow ke blog baru saya :) blog lama kena delete :( terima kasih support :D
6 Sep 12, 22:36
amirah: xde keje ke ha?
9 Jul 12, 02:12
Mira: jom ikut mira shopping :)
8 Jul 12, 21:38
Sheila: kita nak kongsi nk bagi unlimited bband nie :D
22 May 12, 06:06
adam: salam ziarah tuan rumah :)
15 Feb 12, 04:48
eryn: Best wishes for u:)follow me:)
16 May 11, 10:05
Lepak: jom lepak di blog saya
6 May 11, 17:30
Benggali: Hi Cookie...been sometime now, dont worry I will still come here although no updates. Sometimes i wonder if you already have anak already that you are so busy. Anyway nevermind i pray that you are oka
27 Apr 11, 11:59
Benggali: What a match in the Champions League against Schalke. It was worth the wait and sacrifice of sleep.. MUtd dominated in both halves. now it got to be against barca in the final. Yahooo
18 Apr 11, 10:50
Benggali: The clash with Arsenal will be the order of the day. i hope this can silence the Arsenal fans once and for all.
18 Apr 11, 10:49
Benggali: What a let down in the FA Cup Semis but I had a premonition on this and did not bank high hopes on the game thus saved me a bundle. Now its the 1st of May match thats is set to enthrall everyone
5 Apr 11, 22:54
Benggali: All set for tomorrows clash with Chelsea in the Champions League. Lets cheer on Man Utd. Must win...Cookie. i am banking big on this
3 Apr 11, 01:16
Benggali: Man Utd 4- West Ham 2. Coming back from 2 down and Rooney hattrick...What else can we ask for. Must say cheers to all these. Hope you are savoring this Cookie.
27 Mar 11, 16:07
Benggali: Who's that Lepak? Simply just post or what?
13 Mar 11, 15:48
Benggali: Cookie are you keeping well...no more gastric and stress I hope. Take care yeah.
25 Feb 11, 09:45
Benggali: Hi Cookie...What's up
18 Jan 11, 22:16
cookie: im here...juz do not know how to update..lol
6 Jan 11, 12:59
Benggali: Cookie where are you? Why no updates? Sian lah ...awaiting pics and news from u. Are you okay? Drop a line akay
3 Nov 09, 18:08
Benggali: Where? :)
22 Oct 09, 07:40
Jenny: Watch Jenny Naked!
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