27 Dec 07, 17:27
jane{redlight}: My computer died, i miss it and you guys. I hope to get a new one soon. c-ya later. *hugs* - Jane
15 Dec 07, 03:49
Carly [ Cinnamon Spider ]: Jane is brilliant! hehe lovely job
12 Nov 07, 18:24
jane{redlight}: well what d oyou think of the forums?
8 Nov 07, 22:42
vicki! [eits.]: -shimmies-
8 Nov 07, 22:37
Carly: we could add some more fan fiction things to it like the banners for one section the chapter images for another or something
3 Nov 07, 23:20
jane{redlight}: all the forums are done i believe, i just didn't do the "mafia ranks?
3 Nov 07, 23:11
jane{redlight}: i thought maybe we could do more than HP fan-fic? in the fan-fic place? good or bad idea?
3 Nov 07, 22:31
Carly: forums are always good
30 Oct 07, 16:28
jane{redlight}: but i can help make forums if you'd like
30 Oct 07, 16:28
jane{redlight}: i think i was confused with member groups, or i'd help ya out.
28 Oct 07, 21:49
Carly: lol we still don't know what were doing with member groups i don't think... details are going slow
28 Oct 07, 12:27
jane{redlight}: yeah I know, =) i just keep checking in to make sure i didn't miss anything.
28 Oct 07, 00:01
Carly: um a whole lotta nothin... so much to do in real life
24 Oct 07, 17:50
jane{redlight}: so what's up people?
20 Oct 07, 21:37
Carly [Cinnamon Spider]: only to the loser that spam in my cbox
18 Oct 07, 16:48
jane{redlight}: ouch carly brings the pain. XD
17 Oct 07, 00:40
Carly [Cinnamon Spider]: cause spam in my cbox is not cool
17 Oct 07, 00:40
Carly [Cinnamon Spider]: he was also banned
16 Oct 07, 21:04
jane{redlight}: lol. good one carly =)
16 Oct 07, 19:36
Carly [Cinnamon Spider]: Dag's post is about to be deleted by the almighty cbox owner
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