20 Sep 18, 04:55
Angel: They might play ball, I'll keep you abreast of the situation.
19 Sep 18, 05:34
Bilbo67: Reckon they can be purchased on an installment plan if your insurance carrier is willing to play ball.
16 Sep 18, 07:51
Angel: *sigh* I never had boobs like that.
15 Sep 18, 09:09
Bilbo67: *SIGH*.......I used to have legs like that.
12 Sep 18, 04:18
Angel: They did a really good job with the costumes.
9 Sep 18, 01:00
DFG: wow just came across this. I think they Russian fans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVaCOBkws20
8 Sep 18, 22:25
Bilbo67: I..chased a wasp away the other day. In fairness, the door was already opened and he seemed bored with me.
7 Sep 18, 13:26
Angel: I don't think any one fears you, you're just fearless....err...old and doddy?
5 Sep 18, 18:41
Bilbo67: That's the freaky thing: he did it with excellent form. Mind you, he doesn't fear me--at all--and I'm only getting older and slower.....
29 Aug 18, 05:04
Angel: Whoah, he doesn't need a hernia at his age.
27 Aug 18, 19:38
Bilbo67: Watched a five-year-old pick up A HUNDRED FREAKIN' POUNDS the other day. Need to find a way to travel back in time and subject my kindergarten self to some old fashioned motivational shaming!
9 Aug 18, 21:51
Bilbo67: Valhalla's bound to be a swankier place with an ebil She-Kat guarding the gates.
9 Aug 18, 21:41
Angel: In Memory of Ketana Lioness, a fierce shecat who will be missed by all. She passed away a year ago, I just found out today. God bless her up in heaven, may she be at peace.
6 Aug 18, 04:19
Bilbo67: Yeeeeaaaahhh, none too fond of paywalls myself.
5 Aug 18, 06:30
Angel: That's great, except it says it would be on CBS all access, which means not on the prime time station, which sucks.
4 Aug 18, 21:06
Bilbo67: Oh, HELL yes: https://techcrunch.com/2018/08/04/patrick-stewart-is-returning-to-the-role-of-jean-luc-picard-for-a-new-star-trek-series/
4 Aug 18, 10:54
Bilbo67: Purse porn? It's purse porn, isn't it? Also, I didn't realize that was a sub-genre.
3 Aug 18, 04:59
Angel: hopefully you can see this video.. https://www.facebook.com/itisasouthernthing/videos/2025739971089347/UzpfSTEwODMwNjk5MDk6MTAyMTU2ODUwOTU0NTU0MTI/
2 Aug 18, 20:10
Bilbo67: Just HAD to have one of those fashionably dense neutronium handbags, did we?
2 Aug 18, 04:55
Angel: It will if you use my purse, weighs a ton.
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