12 Mar 19, 05:02
Angel: Whenever we "spring" ahead it always throws me off for a couple of weeks.
10 Mar 19, 20:46
Bilbo67: You know who got along fine without time changes? Most of the people throughout the course of human history...
24 Feb 19, 11:42
Bilbo67: Not altogether sure I can count that high.
16 Feb 19, 07:55
Angel: OMG! You were above zero?
15 Feb 19, 16:51
Bilbo67: It's dropped forty-two degrees in twenty-four hours. That...strikes me as sinister...
31 Jan 19, 04:44
Angel: It has been. Yesterday morning - 28 below air temp, with - 51 below windchills, now it's - 23 below. Just got to get through today, then a bit of a warm up.
30 Jan 19, 17:36
Bilbo67: Ange: the HELL have people in your part of the country been burning to stay alive these past couple days?
23 Jan 19, 13:51
Angel: You keep suspending your freezer in the air upside down. What did you expect?
22 Jan 19, 23:13
Bilbo67: Ice is falling from the sky. Again. It's because of something I did, isn't it?
17 Jan 19, 00:23
dougan: still on season 2
17 Jan 19, 00:19
dougan: you homies don't like weed though oh well. lexx is a good show though for sure
17 Jan 19, 00:19
dougan: i'm in for some good kush kush i be smokin that ganja all night yo
15 Jan 19, 07:21
Angel: That would probably work. How buried are you, Bilbo? We're in for the deep freeze.
14 Jan 19, 19:12
zul: So nice to see recent messages, rewatching the patter episode right now!
13 Jan 19, 10:21
Bilbo67: Anyone else secretly dream of shoveling snow with a flamethrower?
3 Jan 19, 13:35
Angel: Man that's sad.... I remember super dave and his stunt antics years ago.
2 Jan 19, 19:58
Bilbo67: Mean Gene Okerlund and Super Dave on the same day. 2019 already needs a beatin'.
1 Jan 19, 07:28
31 Dec 18, 19:55
26 Dec 18, 23:09
Maya: Merry Xmas!!
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