24 Sep 17, 10:38
Bilbo67: Consider yourself warned: next time we can't rouse you, we're drawing things on you.
21 Sep 17, 18:20
Angel: I don't think I'm awake yet. Thanks for the Birthday wishes.
21 Sep 17, 05:24
Bilbo67: Happy Awakening To Consciousness Day to the Angeliic One!
9 Sep 17, 09:30
9 Sep 17, 07:41
Angel: But you kept the wig, didn't ya?
8 Sep 17, 16:22
Bilbo67: My Marilyn Monroe costume is.....at the cleaners, else I'd........well, you know the rest...
7 Sep 17, 12:44
7 Sep 17, 05:17
Angel: Hi PE! I was just thinking about you the other day and the Hurricane, ohpe you're in a safe place!
6 Sep 17, 20:33
Peridot: All ready for Hurricane Irma here. What's new, pussycats?
6 Sep 17, 20:32
Peridot: Did you miss me?😎
30 Aug 17, 13:31
DFG: thanks Angel for up date. Glad she is safe but sad other are not.
29 Aug 17, 05:17
Angel: Hi DFG, Maya's fine, I just talked to her last night, she's far enough north of it that it didn't affect her at all.
28 Aug 17, 13:08
DFG: Hi all, does anyone know if Maya is ok, as I've just seen video on the qwful floods and down pours from Friday
26 Aug 17, 06:18
Angel: Did you put them on facebook?
25 Aug 17, 19:04
Cheshire Kat: I got some really cool pics of the eclipse from tree leaf shadows. Went over to a park where some teens had a telescope set up.
22 Aug 17, 05:29
Angel: We never really got to see it, it was very cloudy and rainy all day.
21 Aug 17, 19:27
Bilbo67: Overcast all day. That's...technically an eclipse, right?
11 Aug 17, 03:06
Bilbo67: I'm.......uh......a homunculus made entirely out of cholesterol. I assumed this was common knowledge.
9 Aug 17, 12:43
Angel: Come....join us Bilbo....we won't bite.......much.
9 Aug 17, 12:42
Angel: Maya, here's the bad carrot review http://www.lexxverse.com/view_topic.php?id=575&forum_id=12
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