21 Sep 20, 11:38
Bilbo67: This Bibo person of whom you speak both intrigues and unnerves me...
14 Sep 20, 01:51
MayaX: Hey Bibo, come over to the Dark Zone. 😸
14 Sep 20, 01:50
MayaX: Welcome. This is mostly archive space now, but there's the Lexx Twentieth Anniversary page on Facebook. Also, www.michael-mcmanus.com has tons of pics. 😸
13 Sep 20, 10:16
Denied Dreamer: Hey, I have only just discovered this site while binge watching Lexx
5 Sep 20, 19:29
Bilbo67: I'd have legged out a seventh year, had my 3G unit not taken an impromptu dive into the sink...
23 Aug 20, 08:15
Angel: I got you beat, mine's 7 years old. Technology changes so much nowadays that mine's gotta be considered ancient at this point.
22 Aug 20, 11:15
Bilbo67: Bought a new phone for the first time in six years. Good God, I'm behind the times...
28 Jul 20, 05:34
Angel: It's all downhill from here.
27 Jul 20, 18:38
Bilbo67: Should have frozen myself when I have the chance...
21 Jul 20, 05:14
Angel: Welcome to over 30.
20 Jul 20, 11:20
Bilbo67: No one adequately explained that creaky joints would eventually befall ME too!
29 Jun 20, 17:36
Bilbo67: It's...a power color...
25 Jun 20, 05:19
Angel: Oh I know, and I was wearing red too.
24 Jun 20, 19:59
Bilbo67: You've...no idea how close you veered to the bulls-eye.
3 Jun 20, 05:07
Angel: A duck egg?
2 Jun 20, 19:16
Bilbo67: NO ONE needs to know what my skull is actually shaped like...
26 May 20, 04:38
Angel: Just shave it all off and you'll be good.
25 May 20, 11:09
Bilbo67: So close. So. Very. Close. (I look like a hippie Gary Busey at this point.)
25 May 20, 11:09
Bilbo67: Got a call from my she-barber this morning: she's re-closing her doors for the immediate future because someone who was in the other day is awaiting C-virus test results.
25 May 20, 11:08
Bilbo67: Had a haircut scheduled for later this evening. Tresses untended since January.
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