19 May 19, 14:46
DFG: got sloughy hat on and fingerless gloves. it says it's 68 in my bedroom. don't feel like 68f
19 May 19, 14:45
DFG: same over here, more like autumn then spring. I'm sitting here with long thermal sleeved knighty on and blanket on my knee and wearing my late sisters warm boots slippers, with warm bed socks on.
15 May 19, 04:29
Angel: Old man winter ain't done yet.
13 May 19, 12:00
Bilbo67: Why was there ice on my windshield this morning and what must I sacrifice to ensure it never happens again?
23 Apr 19, 22:35
Bilbo67: I...might have some photographs to burn...
22 Apr 19, 04:50
Angel: You might be wearing a fluffy tail if they had!
21 Apr 19, 10:20
Bilbo67: On a related note, two wild rabbits essentially chased my car as I was pulling up to the gym the other day. I...hesitate to guess what may have happened had they caught me...
21 Apr 19, 06:42
14 Apr 19, 07:50
Angel: It's just a bug's life over there.
11 Apr 19, 22:10
Bilbo67: Things the degenerates at Pixar never told us...
11 Apr 19, 08:41
Angel: I hate when they hide while you're driving.
10 Apr 19, 21:36
Bilbo67: I managed to somehow misplace my keys while I was driving today. Unfortunately, NOT a new low...
12 Mar 19, 05:02
Angel: Whenever we "spring" ahead it always throws me off for a couple of weeks.
10 Mar 19, 20:46
Bilbo67: You know who got along fine without time changes? Most of the people throughout the course of human history...
24 Feb 19, 11:42
Bilbo67: Not altogether sure I can count that high.
16 Feb 19, 07:55
Angel: OMG! You were above zero?
15 Feb 19, 16:51
Bilbo67: It's dropped forty-two degrees in twenty-four hours. That...strikes me as sinister...
31 Jan 19, 04:44
Angel: It has been. Yesterday morning - 28 below air temp, with - 51 below windchills, now it's - 23 below. Just got to get through today, then a bit of a warm up.
30 Jan 19, 17:36
Bilbo67: Ange: the HELL have people in your part of the country been burning to stay alive these past couple days?
23 Jan 19, 13:51
Angel: You keep suspending your freezer in the air upside down. What did you expect?
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