14 Jun 17, 13:09
Angel: I remember him on the simpsons, he did so many Batman voices and appearances years after the fact.
13 Jun 17, 13:25
Bilbo67: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDC78eOFPdM
12 Jun 17, 04:45
Angel: I can't believe he's gone, may a Robin lead your way, R.I.P.
10 Jun 17, 14:35
Bilbo67: R.I.P. Adam West. Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed old chum.
3 Jun 17, 20:55
Bilbo67: On that particular note, does anyone happen to know how the Klingons in The Motion Picture were initially received, since they were quite a departure from the TOS look?
29 May 17, 18:43
DFG: Agree. As far as I'm concern the original trek and next generation are true trek. Even if the new one was free to watch, I'd rather watch paint dry.
29 May 17, 04:34
Angel: That's too bad he changed them so much they are unrecognizable as that species.
28 May 17, 14:49
DFG: Angel the klingons are JJ Abhams versions as he owns the franise now
27 May 17, 10:22
Bilbo67: Put it this way: if you loved Prometheus, prepare to be disappointed. Conversely, if you hated Prometheus...prepare to be disappointed.
27 May 17, 10:22
Bilbo67: So, Alien Covenant...eh. 5.5 or 6/10, maybe. Good look, some good acting, major identity crisis.
21 May 17, 18:12
Bilbo67: In and of itself, that would be awesome...and yet........
21 May 17, 18:12
Bilbo67: Not sure why they felt yet another prequel is the way to go (while we're at it, it might be time to take Ridley Scott's car keys away...), and....those look like Lego Klingons.
20 May 17, 06:56
Angel: I'm excited for a new Star Trek, Bilbo, just not having to pay for it, so I probably won't get to see it. What was up with the Klingons, they look nothing like the ones from other series.
19 May 17, 23:25
DFG: you don't mean this crap do you. It's a rip off of Enterprise series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rj4inzcAKk
19 May 17, 16:39
Bilbo67: Cursed technology! It's the trailer for the new Trek series.
18 May 17, 11:03
DFG: Bilbo67 your link is not avilable
17 May 17, 20:50
Bilbo67: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dxe_ugmIVM
17 May 17, 17:29
Bilbo67: I never learned how to spell T.
17 May 17, 12:43
Angel: You've described me to a T!
16 May 17, 19:16
Bilbo67: And now I can't un-picture a murderous Raggedy-Anne for some reason...
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