18 Nov 17, 06:16
Angel: 5 Billion years? I can live with that.
16 Nov 17, 17:55
Bilbo67: You mock me. I shan't forgive this in the universe's lifetime...
16 Nov 17, 06:10
Angel: I rued last Monday, I'm good.
15 Nov 17, 18:39
Bilbo67: Be it known that you shall come to rue this day...
15 Nov 17, 06:07
Angel: Bilbo, this spider will cure your arachnophopbia https://www.boredpanda.com/adorable-animation-lucas-the-spider-joshua-slice/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=BPFacebook
4 Nov 17, 21:50
Bilbo67: I've yet to meet anyone born on February 31st. Damnedest thing, that.
3 Nov 17, 20:33
Cheshire Kat: Devinitely beats being born on April fools day!
1 Nov 17, 19:15
Bilbo67: Wait...he was born on Halloween? Dude is officially 206% cooler than I initially realized.
31 Oct 17, 13:58
27 Oct 17, 06:12
Angel: It'll keep you around as it's the day of your birth. Happy....well you know.
22 Oct 17, 11:26
Bilbo67: It knows that I can help it capture dissidents, right? Provided I stretch beforehand, I can probably carry three at a time! It HAS to keep me around...right?
22 Oct 17, 08:32
Angel: It's the beginning.
21 Oct 17, 20:55
Bilbo67: Something called Sarah B1 just sent me a piece of junk mail. Subject line: "Single 24 y.o. searching for some new emotions." I just got solicited by Skynet, didn't I?
14 Oct 17, 12:23
Bilbo67: On the contrary, "Shirtless" is both the protagonist's name and a key plot point. He also flies a bear-jet.
14 Oct 17, 08:12
Angel: It would have been better if he had left his shirt on, eh?
12 Oct 17, 22:31
Bilbo67: I paid genuine Murican currency for a comic called Shirtless Bear-Fighter. Never have I regretted a financial transaction any less.
6 Oct 17, 20:54
Bilbo67: Let us remember him as he would have wanted: by...TOTALLY JUST READING THE ARTICLES...
29 Sep 17, 06:05
Angel: 91 wow, well he's running around with the bunnies now.
28 Sep 17, 20:10
Bilbo67: Here's to ya, Hef...
25 Sep 17, 06:05
Angel: Just so it isn't a clown face.
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