3 Nov 19, 19:32
Cheshire Kat: I think I'll stay home Wednesday LOL
2 Nov 19, 13:38
Bilbo67: This coming Wednesday is apparently MAROONED WITHOUT A COMPASS day. Hallmark had better step on it...
29 Oct 19, 14:29
Cheshire Kat: Happy National Cat Day! :)
20 Oct 19, 18:00
Cheshire Kat: We've lost a lot of good people this year.
12 Oct 19, 10:54
Angel: Diann Carroll and Artie Johnson too, it always goes in three's, so sad.
7 Oct 19, 12:39
Bilbo67: And now this crap year has taken Rip Taylor from us!
1 Oct 19, 21:40
Cheshire Kat: HA HA
28 Sep 19, 09:21
Angel: Hey Chesh, our own 790!
25 Sep 19, 21:20
Cheshire Kat: Thinking about a brain cube Bilbo?
24 Sep 19, 05:27
Angel: Reminds me of that movie 'Beyond' I just watched. That's what they literally did.
22 Sep 19, 15:09
Bilbo67: Lord, the human body is an intolerable nuisance. I long upload my brain into a machine!
8 Sep 19, 12:58
Bilbo67: Bit exotic for my tastes...
26 Aug 19, 14:35
Angel: I thought a Tsunami was next on the menu.
25 Aug 19, 21:41
Bilbo67: Just waiting on a hurricane so I can run the table on my natural disaster BINGO card...
17 Aug 19, 09:53
Angel: Oh Wow! That would be scary, we're used to blizzards, not the ground shaking!
16 Aug 19, 21:52
Bilbo67: We had an earthquake today. I feel as though the Midwest has been selling and re-selling me a bill of goods all these years...
25 Jul 19, 05:50
Angel: I heard yesterday, R.I.P.
24 Jul 19, 13:58
Bilbo67: BOG IS THE KING, NOW AND FOREVER! R.I.P. Rutger Hauer.
18 Jul 19, 23:06
Bilbo67: They probably only come in one lame color, but by God, it's a step in the right direction!
17 Jul 19, 05:56
Angel: Marty McFly is back!
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