30 Jul 08, 00:32
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5 Mar 08, 21:18
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22 Feb 08, 13:56
hui: Hi!actuali i got come to ur blog and read wan :D
19 Dec 07, 15:18
David: Ros, your babies are beauiful!
11 Dec 07, 22:12
yunbb: soooooo adorable ur twins !!
10 Dec 07, 22:23
kais: hi juz saw ur post on the twins/triplets forum. Ur twins r adorable :) I can't wait for my turn too. You take care
1 Dec 07, 18:01
nafeeza: just posted my birth story and will post up the pics once i get it organised soon!
1 Dec 07, 18:00
nafeeza: hi all, thanks for all your well wishes!
26 Nov 07, 17:16
miorei: glad u applied the prickly heat powder. i've stopped using it completely. hope to see pics of ur twinnies soon. congrats!! :D
26 Nov 07, 09:18
singapore_motherhood user: hope u post some pic of your lovely babies. Ur twins shd be 3 days old now!
26 Nov 07, 09:17
singapore_motherhood user: missed your last few postings. I had itch and pubic symhphsis (After i delivered), but since yours is c-section, it should go away. Ditto for the itch. Itch is due to overstretch/stress skin.
23 Nov 07, 14:19
Sharyn: Hi...Knowing that you are having your c-section today, just wan to drop by and wish you good luck and best wishes....Keep us update of your 2 adorable baby pop out news and pictures. Cheers.
21 Nov 07, 11:28
Dareve: I'm getting so excited for you nafeeza. Take care and all the best. Will be waiting for your updates and baby pics. Congrats once again : )
21 Nov 07, 10:45
nafeeza: miorei, it's definitely due to Palmers cream! I've stopped for a few days and the rashes and itchness had kinda subsided! thank goodness... phew! put the prickly heat snake powder, it helps!
19 Nov 07, 18:25
miorei: i think the palmers cream is the culprit. i'm using both n experienced the itch oni after applying the cream. gotta finish the tube else wasted. :P
18 Nov 07, 21:53
Linda: Ya, bttr monitor closely. I'm doing the same too but don't think will pop out soon yet..
17 Nov 07, 23:19
nafeeza: thanks, linda & miorei! i am looking forward and everyday, am monitoring contractions closely, in case the twinnies decide to pop early! keke....
13 Nov 07, 15:09
Linda: Ros, have a smooth delivery, ya? ping ping an an!!
13 Nov 07, 15:05
miorei: 've a smooth delivery ros! god speed! :D
28 Oct 07, 00:13
nafeeza: thanks, Charlene! ya, i have been sleeping on my left side!
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