11 Nov 13, 05:25
sofia: hi, cantiknya blog awak, saya suka sangat. jom singgah saya pula :)
29 Oct 13, 09:52
iklankerja.my: iklankan kerja kosong disini.percuma!
4 Jul 09, 10:02
oyy: yo, u hv a blog too..
9 Oct 08, 12:25
via: hi hi...just come to visit here...wishing u a nice day.
1 Sep 08, 21:51
blogflap: Hi~ you can share your blog at www.blogflap.com now~
4 Jul 08, 06:12
Sagitent: bless's hubby here, add me to ur msn if u need maple global old client and instruction on how to install maplevip
25 Jun 08, 14:54
dcyk: oh u mean who refer me to MapleVIP eh, i know bless and asphyxia is playing mapleVIP also
25 Jun 08, 14:53
dcyk: wahaha, can ma, i know 43 year old playing maple also le :P who refer me? nobody because i play with friends that time
21 Jun 08, 23:45
Wizu: Hello, I am from MapleVIP, lol 30 years old wanna play maple? Cool, who refer you?
19 Jun 08, 23:41
sulynq: hey hey hopping by!
30 May 08, 10:52
dcyk: thanks for dropping by too yong :)
16 May 08, 17:56
yongkailoon: Hi there, thanks for dropping by. Great blog you have. :D
16 May 08, 17:31
dcyk: oooo okok will try to go there one day hahah i haven't been to bukit tinggi's juscy yet
15 May 08, 16:28
bl3ssedbe: woof, since u were in klang, u should go banting (bukit tinggi 's jusco) n try the boston steamboat. Will blow ur mind!
14 May 08, 16:18
dcyk: hahah i think i should post them up :)
14 May 08, 14:53
Yozoranitesky: I still had some left so took a photo of them and will send it to you shortly
14 May 08, 14:53
Yozoranitesky: thanks for the lovely pineapple tarts.. they were yummy :)
22 Apr 08, 23:32
dcyk: thanks for dropping by via :)
14 Apr 08, 17:20
via: hi, nice nice blog .....
31 Mar 08, 20:32
twosuperheroes: aiyo kesian...dcyk, don't eat Old Town already oh... bad bad..
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