15 Dec 08, 11:28
kuria: actually i gave up hope on you updating a long time ago. haha! update more lar, everytime i balik here and see the prayer for the stressed i oso naik stress
11 Nov 08, 16:57
alli: bias punya abah..i got read ok..but due to ur lack of update, thats why less frequently visit here these days :p
13 Mar 08, 01:27
kuria: less than 40 days left :(
28 Feb 08, 02:29
lovelace: alli: yaya..as if i really studied for the past few weeks...lol
26 Feb 08, 21:31
alli: haha..don wori..u r studying so hard..u will get paid off..haha
26 Feb 08, 14:52
lovelace: kuria:u 1 2 kill urself with cakes and bread?
25 Feb 08, 23:00
kuria: mia is missing in action!! hehe i wanna take baking if i fail
24 Feb 08, 23:33
lovelace: wat is mia??
30 Jan 08, 21:26
alli: u mia on ur dis blog dy ar?
12 Jan 08, 22:51
huifang: hihi.....just dropped by to say "hi"....long time didnt visit ur blog....just found out tat u have uploaded so many nice video clips...good job!!!
22 Dec 07, 01:05
alli: its the holidays! arent u happy? hahaha
6 Dec 07, 02:44
lovelace: alli:i think he is the one which is paling complex...=.="
6 Dec 07, 02:44
lovelace: eeyin:okok..i'll try to give him some love..anyway i m not a 'very nice' person but a 'nice' person..lol
3 Dec 07, 23:54
allison: haha..i noe who u r talking bout..humans and their complexity..its nv ending..j
2 Dec 07, 20:54
Ee Yin: love lace..haha you funny lar..i read your siu hei..well some ppl i just quite hard to get along with. Just be patient lol and love them for who they are. We ourselves are not very nice ppl arent we:)
5 Nov 07, 23:54
lovelace: kat:u din see my msn nick eh...^^
5 Nov 07, 20:50
Katherine: Finally found ur eng blog... yeah...
27 Oct 07, 22:38
susian: was here long time ago but din leave any messages for ya :P hahaha...kuria rajin bloggin redi now btw.hehe..u must be rajin to blog oso ya..i like to read :P haha..
22 Oct 07, 02:17
allison: abah me here now!
19 Oct 07, 01:29
lovelace: kuria:u long time din blog liao ler
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