29 Apr 09, 21:42
Linus: Still as I'm not really working on any massive project right now maybe I should try to continue it or atleast finnish this particular arc. Allthough I'm not that sure I will.
29 Apr 09, 21:37
Linus: Heh, indead. It seems I've somewhat drifted away from or lost interest in this project. And as I look back on it now my future planning for it contained some details that I’m not all that pleased with
10 Mar 09, 23:22
Tulle: WOO! Over one year without updates! We have to celebrate this!
23 Mar 08, 15:53
Linus: ... plot points coming up.
23 Mar 08, 15:53
Linus: Yeah it is isn't it I should probably have left some kind of message explaining things. I'm a little bit stuck (a lot actually) concerning inspiration and how much I really like some of the closest...
21 Mar 08, 00:37
Tulle: Now THIS is regular updates!
30 Jan 08, 12:43
Linus: Repository of dangerous things, huh? Never heard of that one. I guess I'm going to have to read it.
28 Jan 08, 16:49
tulle: ive read the archives and ive found that your comic is similar to the repository of dangeruos things, aleit that the repository doesnt have anything as despicable as THE ADVENTURES OF WESLEY CRUSHER!!
14 Jan 08, 23:41
Linus: Such is the ancient old question that we all ask ourselves
13 Jan 08, 12:36
tulle: I wonder if I have any friends not findable on the internet...
11 Nov 07, 17:55
ErikOldPal: Sweet serie you got there my old friend, keep the good work up! You got my blessing! haha.
31 Oct 07, 16:51
Linus: Actually I haven't quite managed the updating process with the new computer so the comic might be taking a short break whilst I'm gone. Oh and as I said feel free to comment on the speechballons.
17 Oct 07, 12:43
Linus: Thank you and please don't post spam in the Cbox.
17 Oct 07, 11:01
Dag: wow, super http://themymoviessite.com/movie/black/0/13/557/1/
7 Oct 07, 23:01
Linus: Oh shut up you evil, evil man
7 Oct 07, 18:09
Arrghus: no, noone is reading this
6 Oct 07, 17:37
Linus: I've got a Cbox yay! If there's anybody actually reading this comic please do leave a message