25 Aug 10, 10:22
Brock: Thanks! Nice to see other people see this even if I don't update much.
15 Aug 10, 19:10
Chore: hey, nice art! would be nice if you updated more often haha
9 Aug 10, 21:21
Brock: Not colored, but I really wanted to put it up. Still working on the color version.
4 Nov 09, 17:59
Brock: Tuuubes.
1 Jul 09, 05:10
Brock: Haven't had much spare time for the last year. Been to busy with navy stuff to have time to sit down and draw.
27 Jun 09, 12:57
Caddie: meh, I'll add it to my list anyway. it's worth it.
27 Jun 09, 12:56
Caddie: Nice comic. Just read it begining to end. Now if only the most recent page wasnt added six months ago...
11 Jun 09, 12:37
Tirition: Just found this link whilst re-reading Beyond Reality. Nice art!
18 Jan 09, 02:49
Brock: Hmm, only took me 4 months to finish that last panel. Really doesn't look like it, huh?
19 Oct 08, 09:28
Brock: Styli are incoming! Woooot!
29 Sep 08, 06:44
Brock: Tablet is up and running, 4th panel nearly inked.
29 Aug 08, 03:07
Brock: Nope, Intuos stylus is not compatible with Graphire4. I think I've got the old one working though.
23 Jun 08, 02:20
Brock: Tablet is broke, I am sad.
16 May 08, 03:44
Brock: 3 of 5 panels drawn. Gonna be a while till I get around to it. Videogames taking up time.
27 Mar 08, 19:15
Brock: Next strip is storyboarded out, probably won't be done till the 15th though.
14 Mar 08, 06:35
Brock: Aaaand done. I freakin' LOVE panel 2. All panels are drawn at 3400x1900 so I've got a giant copy of it.
12 Mar 08, 14:34
Brock: Strip is storyboarded out, 3 out of 5 panels drawn.
4 Mar 08, 19:26
Brock: Internet doesn't seem to want to let me visit your site.
3 Mar 08, 08:55
Johnny Whoa: Heh. Ran out of space. You can also reach me at johnnywhoa@hotmail.com. Looking forward to the reply!
3 Mar 08, 08:54
Johnny Whoa: Just heard about this comic. It's pretty nice, found it on TWCL. Interested in a link exchange? I'm over at www.whoastudios.com. You can most easily get in contact with me on my forums.
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