30 Dec 13, 07:00
isabel: hi~ just dropping by to greet you a happy new year. it has been 10 years since I ve been a fan of this site,.and a trory fan,
22 Aug 08, 10:40
AppkeMilk: The design is just wonderful ^^ Great Job Cathy =)
27 Jun 08, 08:08
sara: thanks for the link sweet...now i'm in dl mood lol no i'm trying to get all my GG and qaf stuff back.
7 Jun 08, 19:58
Julia: Really great job with the site and the new Jason and Paige video. :) Just a quick question: does the Jason- Paige media site still exist? The link to it doesn't work.
28 May 08, 11:26
Cathy: Hi AppleMilk! Thank you for wathing my videos. I'm glad you like Sam/Lana too. And no prob, your english is fine. :)
28 May 08, 10:03
AppleMilk: Hi Cathy ! I love your jobs, your rock x] And I love your videos with Sam and Lana <3 [Sorry of my very bad english i'm french Yes you have french fan xD]
6 Mar 08, 23:21
dooski: hey your button is up now at the site and website & graphics submission is open to everyone :)
10 Feb 08, 18:19
jayta: hey cathy, you rock, just thought you should know that today!
23 Jan 08, 23:42
dooski: hey Cathy! just noticed this is your site and wanted to say hi. ps you've got awards waiting at the site :) loved your vids
21 Jan 08, 14:21
luvtheheaven: Your sites are awesome, I love these videos, I just found this site a few days ago! In my name you can find my newest GG vid about Dean being jealous of Rory... I hope you see more of my vids soon! :D
17 Nov 07, 15:28
Amy: Thanks Cathy!!! Your site looks awesome!! I never thought of Sam & Lana as a couple but now I am!! :biggrin: lol. Who does your layouts? Cause the look great and I would love to order one in a month.
6 Nov 07, 13:36
Christina: haha, ok then have fun watching! i wont say anything so you wont get spoiled
2 Nov 07, 19:33
Cathy: I'm still on season 1. I haven't had time to watch the show. I caught an episode the other day but was completely lost. Yeah, Hiro is adorable. :D
27 Oct 07, 21:20
Christina: I hope you make one soon :D what ep are you at now? Well my favs are peter and Claire and i do ship them I couldn’t avid it and I def HIRO he is so cute!
23 Oct 07, 01:47
Cathy: I love Heroes but I'm kind of behind on the episodes but I hope I can make a vid for the show some day. Who's your fave character?
17 Oct 07, 05:03
Dag: wow, super http://themymoviessite.com/movie/black/0/13/557/1/
15 Oct 07, 21:13
Christina: i'm a huge of of the show and your work :D
15 Oct 07, 21:11
Christina: that's great well you make vids for heroes ?
8 Oct 07, 14:10
Cathy: Thanks, Christina. Hopefully I can make some more videos soon.
7 Oct 07, 12:58
Christina: keep up the good work :)
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