20 Oct 13, 16:34
james: just stumbled across this blog while looking this unagi place up in hopes of going tomorrow. was it difficult to get seated there? recommend making reservations? any advice is appreciated!
28 May 12, 05:29
pretty rara: watching ur nice blog :)come to my blog n follow me kay :D
27 Mar 12, 23:14
Hafizh: Hope you are still baking. Im semi-retired
5 Jan 10, 00:03
yy: Hey anon, u can try level 3. It'a a handicrat shop beside the toilet.
25 Nov 09, 20:25
anon: where did you get the victorian cameo from in FEP? (: It's in the 26 july 2009 post (:
3 Nov 09, 17:55
jules: Hi, saw the marble slab used for the challah bread. I'm looking to buy a marble slab. Can recommend where to get one? Thx.
16 Aug 09, 01:07
faire beau: Visit us @ http://fairebeau.livejournal.com
7 Aug 09, 22:32
YH: Ah ji!! u shld get a sewing machine...then i can do quilt stuffs toooo
26 Jul 09, 11:37
Steph: Ehhhh the bikini is so cute. Haha.
15 Jul 09, 00:27
sgbagrental: Like branded bags? Come to www.sgBagRental.com
11 May 09, 13:48
beng: leier... can i go and eat?? :p
11 May 09, 13:37
blood: i go no need flash age, i have frenz there, get staff discount at only 40nett but need them around to sign . shangri-la is jus like my hm.... im always there doin event
30 Apr 09, 12:19
yy: Random~ wish puggy and bearbear Happy 2mths~ If they are still ard.
30 Apr 09, 12:12
yy: But flash ur age, need axact bdae date right?
30 Apr 09, 06:00
blood: go on thur, its seafood day, do tell me if ur are goin n see if i could get discount for ur anot, right now they hav a flash your age discount, i go eat only $40nett
30 Apr 09, 05:59
blood: huh ur wanna go the line.
28 Apr 09, 17:24
yy: I put so many cbox ard ah??..hmm~
28 Apr 09, 02:15
beng: y ur new blog cant chat de :(
8 Apr 09, 21:37
beng: okok.. mi call tmr :)
4 Apr 09, 11:59
yy: beng, i think THE LINE offer doesn't start so soon leh. You go call leh.
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