7 May 08, 20:32
grace: email me at sweetecstacy33@yahoo.com, and I'll reopen the place in case you need something or have questions or propositions.
7 May 08, 20:31
grace: This place, but I thought it was less cruel to let you all know that most likely, PDG will never come back. If you guys want something left from PDG, please
7 May 08, 20:31
grace: that need to be improved and added, but never could because of our time. I'm so sorry for keeping some of your hopes up, we really, really tried! I don't know whether Tiff will ever decide to revive
7 May 08, 20:30
grace: I'm sorry to have kept you all waiting, but unfortunately, this 'project' didn't work out. Tiff and I had a hard time getting together, and although we WERE nearly finished, there were still things
26 Apr 08, 17:42
Joana: same* sorry
26 Apr 08, 17:42
Joana: sam here
24 Apr 08, 18:37
Lexi: Sure, I just hope it's coming back lol
23 Apr 08, 23:21
Joana: :(
5 Apr 08, 02:10
Joana: (:
31 Mar 08, 21:48
grace: it's taking a bit longer than we anticipated. Tiff and I are having a hard time getting together to discuss it. We're almost done though, so if you can a bit longer, that'd be great. :)
29 Mar 08, 23:51
Lexi: is this site coming back online at some point?
28 Mar 08, 00:37
Joana: give up?! i would never! i really cant wait though (: like the anticipation is killing me XD
27 Mar 08, 21:41
grace: thanks for not giving up on us. ^_^
25 Mar 08, 18:04
Joana: omgash!! the header's amazing! can't wait ^^
12 Mar 08, 20:25
Joana: Its offline-- we just have to wait. Don't give up! I'm waiting for the chance to prove I'll be active!
12 Mar 08, 12:31
Alice: I think this place is dead o.O
7 Mar 08, 22:36
kate: I was hoping it could be...
29 Feb 08, 22:08
ash: this place active?
19 Feb 08, 12:55
grace: YES! I MANAGED TO FIND THIS SITE AGAIN! Computer crashed, we ran into some problems. It's a huge project, I hope Tiff can release it soon. :)
17 Feb 08, 12:34
Joana: Don't give up! Oh, and when will the site open again? (:
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