18 Apr 11, 00:57
CY: where is chae yeon ?
18 Apr 11, 00:57
CY: where is Chae Yeon :(
17 Jan 11, 12:08
ChaeYeonHyori2ne1VNT: is chae yeon still the ceo of bequem because am trying to order some of her stuff
17 Jan 11, 11:12
ChaeYeonHyori2ne1VNT: Oh my goodness guys i cant believe i find a website about yeonie's clothing line, i even tweeted her if she was still the CEO because i got worried when i read that an actress was the face of bequem
29 Oct 10, 09:38
Popz: ...
10 May 10, 23:23
amura: she is coming back this month =)
22 Jan 10, 13:07
ultraman: OMG theres no info from YeonChae for years.. wheres she?
16 Jan 10, 15:42
blossompink: where is everyone?
9 Dec 09, 21:08
kazaf: would anyone know where i can get my hands on her concert in china?
5 Oct 09, 05:02
blossompink: Does anyone have this in HQ in Avi format? I can't find it anywhere. She's cute in the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZWcAVEdB1o
18 Sep 09, 13:46
ST: haha, is she really a girl?...SUPPORT YEONIEEE! http://chaeyeonlee.blogspot.com
9 Sep 09, 22:45
somebody: may i ask if she is really a girl?
6 Sep 09, 21:48
bulgogi88: Shout out to all the Chae Yeon fans out there! Represent^^
31 Aug 09, 03:40
bh: In the Shake MV, some people think she has a cigarette in her mouth but if you watch closely she is actually putting on lip gloss.
21 Aug 09, 21:52
T: Can someone tell me what episode did Chae Yeon appeared in Non-stop 5? Thank you in advance.
14 Aug 09, 16:58
ST: visit http://chaeyeonlee.blogspot.com/ for the last chae yeon photos and newsss!!
30 Jul 09, 22:38
j_crews: Your awesome...love watchin you on M-Net & KM
25 Jul 09, 02:29
manadononi3: Chae Yeon, please make a new MV for song "Itja"! Love the song!
7 Jul 09, 14:25
vh: please re-open YEON! Oh, miss the old days
22 Jun 09, 03:55
LeeChaeYeon: zyq
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