2 Nov 11, 10:41
FunnyCats: blogwalking for today,visit me back
11 Feb 11, 01:49
ThebloggingIdea: Please tell me is that blogwalking is Rock
4 Sep 09, 20:57
*(¯`·.*S*.·´¯)*: awww, I wasnt able to get the 1st haircut. the file name seems to be wrong. It has an 'X' at the end of of it, after the.zip. Could u take a look at it? Thank u so much for all ur hard work!
30 Aug 09, 15:06
Michelle: Hi Melody, Im new to this Blog stuff and am very intersted in learning how to Scrabook. Would you be willing to help me with this and how to get started?
8 Aug 09, 18:16
heidismiles: love your cute frames but your having some trouble here. I have winzip and all opeing programs and the Decompression keeps failing when we load hope things get fixed these are really cute. thank you.
7 Aug 09, 12:40
Lisa: Thanks so much!
7 Aug 09, 10:10
Melody: Sorry you can't open but you have to have winzip or similiar to open. I used winzip and had no problems opening file.
6 Aug 09, 18:54
Suzan: Thank you, these are so cute!
6 Aug 09, 14:56
Beth: I'm like Ann I can't seem to open your work.
6 Aug 09, 14:55
Ann: I love your elements but I don't have winzip to open them
8 Jun 09, 04:30
angel: Visit here again, keep smiling for you...
3 Jun 09, 02:10
amanda: Keep nice content like this.. visiting you again..
28 May 09, 14:20
Judy: Thank You
28 May 09, 14:19
Judy: Thank you
13 Apr 09, 05:23
amanda: Nice content,cool layout, Proud to you..Smile for you..
9 Apr 09, 03:10
*(¯`·.*S*.·´¯)*: thank you for the newest frame. well worth the wait. hugs
1 Mar 09, 15:54
Ruby: Thank you so much for sharing!
22 Dec 08, 08:22
bebopgrandma: thank you for the frames
4 Dec 08, 20:33
QueenBrat: Thanks sweetie!!! Appreciate it!
3 Dec 08, 16:11
Bits N Bobs: Thanks for visiting hun and i'm glad you like my part in the blog trains ;)
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