12 Mar 19, 18:54
Salya: That's fine. lol thanks for letting me know.
12 Mar 19, 16:42
Kayla: Cute revamp header!
11 Mar 19, 04:12
Svenja: Thanks for dropping by to give me advice :D I'll wait for your comeback :D <3
10 Mar 19, 13:50
Rach: Hey Tiffany! I sent you an email. At least I hope it's the right person. Oh dear. LOL!
9 Mar 19, 13:26
Brandi: tHANKS FOR HEADS up, I plan on switching names / host during this week, I'll let u know the new link
9 Mar 19, 12:07
9Daily: Thanks for letting me know ^^ good luck with your revamp!
9 Mar 19, 07:34
Rach: Hey Tiffany! Love the revamp header! So pretty!!!