11 Mar 10, 19:34
LusoVaan: so push him :D cuz he got much more story to put in this site
11 Mar 10, 19:34
LusoVaan: what to do with his comics so literraly he erased our fights ¬¬ but w.e anyway thats all the info i got for u guys he must be in about the 4th story drawn, but just the 3/4 of 1st part in his page xD
11 Mar 10, 19:31
LusoVaan: to fight ¬¬ *jaime´s companions* buuut he decided it was such a drag to make em and how he is a lil bit egomaniac he just decided to keep going with his story... well anyway its his comic he decides
11 Mar 10, 19:29
LusoVaan: and btw i know what was that lighspot door wall however u wanna call it :P, for not runing the story... um lets says it was *an other world gate* kyuudai was going to *summon* some spiritual entitys
11 Mar 10, 19:24
LusoVaan: hmhm u lazy foo, 3 moths of vacations and thats all?, hehe
11 Oct 09, 06:49
*: Swirly effects, thumbs up.
7 Oct 09, 17:26
Al: YAY! Update!
17 Apr 09, 21:42
Mr M: it looks like a spot light to me sorry lol
17 Apr 09, 21:32
RPGgrenade: guess you didn't know that was a door
17 Apr 09, 21:27
Mr M: sorry if i soud like a caveman im not used to write in english
17 Apr 09, 21:26
Mr M: Whwn i saw that part i noticed that kyudai may be thinking, oh why im in the spot light? well whatever ill tell you guys something about my life
17 Apr 09, 21:23
Mr M: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
4 Apr 09, 12:29
RPGgrenade: I decided to change th story a bit to actually continue it at all, so forget the wall thing
31 Mar 09, 23:27
randomdude: o also what withy that thing that saved you from kerai... it really looked alike frante, is it another ferret?? or is he feante twiin??
31 Mar 09, 23:25
randomdude: hmmm so what are these things in the wall? i really want to see em, that thing in the wall look suspicious what does it means??
12 Dec 08, 06:28
RPGgrenade: and thanks
12 Dec 08, 06:28
RPGgrenade: only his three main minions, some broken robots, those things he'll send soon, and his three main baddies
12 Dec 08, 03:29
Quinis: Have fun on the fieldtrip...
12 Dec 08, 03:28
Quinis: How many minions does that guy have?
10 Dec 08, 12:29
RPGgrenade: there's still a character whom we know nothing about, isn't there?
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