8 Mar 09, 17:04
Tynan: I actually just got into this...dang am I slow.
13 Aug 08, 07:11
Jarkill: This looks good. Pity its D.O.A
9 Feb 08, 19:12
Hogan: Don't worry, we will be around, waiting for updates, haunting you site and dreams until they appear ;)
6 Feb 08, 00:58
Sparrow: Sorry guys. I'm in a slump at the moment... other projects and all that. I'll probably be back to this in a month or so. XD
31 Jan 08, 00:44
Kasaii: Any word on updates (not that I'm one to talk, but I was just getting into this comic.)
1 Jan 08, 04:58
Hogan: Uuuuuuuupdate!
18 Dec 07, 14:46
Hogan: Female Drows.. you love them and fear them... Matron Mothers you just fear :P
18 Dec 07, 10:54
Sparrow: Thanks for the thanks, Kasaii. I don't have the site up to full yet, so it's no surprise the Contact link doesn't work. XD As for the matron... you know it! :3
18 Dec 07, 00:37
Kasaii: (but a glitch rendered my account inactive.) And I like your comic so far! The matron looks rather bored; I think she could use some incompetance in the near future. ;)
18 Dec 07, 00:36
Kasaii: May seem like a weird place for this, but your Contact link appears to be down - this is Kasaii from ComicGenesis. Thanks for the great Secret Santa art! (I would thank you there...
11 Dec 07, 12:05
Hogan: ... and what a small page :P
11 Dec 07, 00:46
Jim North: By the depths! Another page!
28 Nov 07, 14:04
Hogan: Indeed you are... Hoody Hoo!!! :D
26 Nov 07, 17:15
Sparrow: Wooo. I AM capable of updating. See?
18 Nov 07, 14:54
TM: Happy birthday, Sparrow! I hope you enjoyed it! :D
16 Nov 07, 22:18
Komiyan: your art is getting awesomer.
17 Oct 07, 13:46
Hogan: *frontstab* better?
16 Oct 07, 18:02
Sparrow: GAH1 Stop that!
16 Oct 07, 13:20
Jim North: *backstab*
15 Oct 07, 15:39
Sparrow: Got a new tagboard. We'll see how it works out. :p
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