12 Jul 10, 11:38 PM
Loveless: So..it has been a month and some weeks since you last updated......................will there be explosions?! :D
31 May 10, 06:18 AM
Katsu Hirugashi: hi amplify
28 Apr 10, 05:49 AM
Loveless: forgive my spelling errors T_T
28 Apr 10, 05:49 AM
Loveless: just letting you know even though it's like 6 something in the morning and i go not sleep :D
28 Apr 10, 05:48 AM
Loveless: *neck
28 Apr 10, 05:48 AM
Loveless: have a nek...
28 Apr 10, 05:48 AM
Loveless: the middle part, rachel doesn
20 Apr 10, 03:05 AM
Loveless: I spotted a contradiction with your character Max. He was not wearing gloves in the last page. Fix it >:[
12 Apr 10, 07:31 PM
Nighteye: Well, it didn't come out correctly, but on the last panel I tried to put some. Just the change in resolution smashed them all together, guess I should make them more evident.
12 Apr 10, 10:25 AM
Loveless: Just a suggestion, give some eyelashes to the girls ._.
11 Apr 10, 02:30 AM
Nighteye: Sorry! I've been busy lately! With very important stuff! *shifty eyes*. I'll get on it today.
11 Apr 10, 01:30 AM
Loveless: When will you update ;A;
15 Mar 10, 11:55 PM
Nighteye: Felt like cleaning it. No real reason for it.
15 Mar 10, 11:28 PM
Loveless: ...what did you do....
15 Mar 10, 11:25 PM
Nighteye: And thus the Cbox is cleared for no apparent reason!