19 Apr 08, 21:29
april: thanks, kaya. ^_^
17 Apr 08, 16:25
Kaya: Oh Happy Birthday to you!^__^
17 Apr 08, 16:25
Kaya: Holly? I'm thinkin to give up on gettin her... hmmmm~
16 Apr 08, 07:55
april: that's a really cool idea. hmmm... i just can't think of a good base doll. how about holly?
15 Apr 08, 18:56
Kaya: Yep Ikki is finally here! :D Right now, my plan is to custom myself(Kayako) and Ruiza out... nid to find a suitable base doll... any suggestions? :P
10 Apr 08, 05:21
april: thanks, yupita. :) thanks for pointing that out. man, i wish i payed more attention to my german class in college. i'll just leave it that way to remind me of that class. :D
9 Apr 08, 13:07
Yupita: Awsome blog ^^ Just a little advice: The name of your blog is written "Mein Puppen Tagebuch"
7 Apr 08, 14:17
april: aww... hopefully you could get him really soon. :) kane already took the wig you wanted for him. but kane looks really good in that wig. ^_^
6 Apr 08, 18:52
Kaya: I dunno when I can get my MJ cuz am super duper broke nw and my boss haven't given me any pay chq... so stressed up~
24 Mar 08, 08:07
april: hehe~ thanks, kaya. i still need to get him a bass guitar. hope you'll get your MJ soon. ^^
24 Mar 08, 08:05
Kaya: Raiden! I want to see more new photos of u!!! :P So handsome~ Can't wait nxt mth to get u manz... haha~
14 Mar 08, 03:49
april: thanks, ichinose. ^^
11 Feb 08, 01:07
ichinose: Train is gorgeous! *_*
24 Dec 07, 09:43
april: merry christmas too, kaya.
24 Dec 07, 05:25
Kaya: Soon soon.... hehehe^^ Merry Xmas! =D
24 Dec 07, 01:46
april: thanks, kaya. ^_^ hope to see your family's group pic too.
23 Dec 07, 21:54
Kaya: Hiya^^ Wow lovely family shot^_^
19 Dec 07, 05:47
april: hiya, kaya!
14 Dec 07, 09:13
Kaya: Peeps^^ :P
14 Dec 07, 04:57
april: sure, chris! i'll add you too. ^^
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