26 May 09, 20:42
THE NASCENTE: GREAT GREAT OFFERS! WHILE STOCK LAST. DO VISIT US. have a great day! ;D if you don't wish to be tag, do inform us(give link)
29 Aug 08, 05:33
David Santos: Great!!! Congratulations.
6 Aug 08, 00:44
PolyTalks: Your site is fun and interesting for us, join Polytalks, a poly forum to share your feelings and thoughts.
29 Jul 08, 12:11
FIQ: to joce: GOT LAH NEH NEH.
26 Jul 08, 16:48
Joce: ur new blog is not found. LOL
11 Jul 08, 11:52
ilyana: kata-katamu sungguh feeling(:
3 Jul 08, 11:55
zahd: syafs why must be jealous? you can apply for driving license (in which i am going to be eligible for in 2 days' time) already what!
1 Jul 08, 11:23
ilyana: yang lesbian tu takmu eh. hahaha!
29 Jun 08, 14:18
mizee: ARGHHH, people will have nightmares!!!
26 Jun 08, 11:49
ilyana: saya dah begerak. relink okeh?(:
22 Jun 08, 21:09
syafs: damnit, if u get permission to take a motorbike license, there's another thing for me to get jealous about!
15 Jun 08, 20:42
mizee: no more ****heads, no more passing clouds. Love you.
4 Jun 08, 22:27
kin: guitar maniac freak! hahaha pro seh. nyeh.
31 May 08, 01:02
mizee: kau tak pernah hilang...dalam mimpiku.
14 May 08, 23:51
melanie: congrats on your black apron!
10 May 08, 22:46
syafs: congratulations love! MUAHHS!
10 May 08, 22:46
syafs: OOOOOHHHHH you're a coffee mistress now! (I still think it sound nicer when we call female coffee masters coffee mistresses)
7 May 08, 01:56
KAZEone: Congrats on getting that black apron, oh Ms Coffee Master! My turn should be coming after a coupla months, still trying to finish my damn coffee passport [FEH!]... oh, yeah, I'm working at SBTP. :)
6 May 08, 19:21
syaf: post gambarzzz leehhh
5 May 08, 02:35
syaf: I'm proud of you!
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